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4494 npm-registry-couchapp

couchapp bits of registry.npmjs.org

https://www.npmjs.org OTHER orbit88 16% Badge level for project 4494 is 16%
4495 starter-workflows

Accelerating new GitHub Actions workflows

https://github.com/features/actions OTHER orbit88 13% Badge level for project 4495 is 13%
4496 cube.js

📊 Cube.js — Open-Source Analytical API Platform

https://cube.dev OTHER orbit88 16% Badge level for project 4496 is 16%
4497 npm

This repository is moving to: https://github.com/npm/cli

http://npm.community orbit88 9% Badge level for project 4497 is 9%
4498 jsdom

A JavaScript implementation of various web standards, for use with Node.js

https://github.com/orbit88/jsdom MIT orbit88 16% Badge level for project 4498 is 16%
4499 node

Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

https://nodejs.org OTHER orbit88 19% Badge level for project 4499 is 19%
4500 express

Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node.

https://expressjs.com MIT orbit88 15% Badge level for project 4500 is 15%
4501 bundler-audit

Patch-level verification for Bundler

https://github.com/rubysec/bundler-audit GPL-3.0 Reed Loden 19% Badge level for project 4501 is 19%
4502 rosaenlg-java

Contains a Java Wrapper (lib) around RosaeNLG and a Java Server.

https://github.com/RosaeNLG/rosaenlg-java Apache-2.0 Ludan Stoecklé 2020-12-06 15:08:09 113% Badge level for project 4502 is 113%
4503 xlsx2csv.rs

Excel-like Worksheets (eg. .xlsx/.xls/.ods) to CSV Format Converter in Rust

https://github.com/zitsen/xlsx2csv.rs OTHER Huo Linhe 13% Badge level for project 4503 is 13%
4504 spark-lucenerdd

Spark RDD with Lucene's query and entity linkage capabilities

https://github.com/zouzias/spark-lucenerdd Apache-2.0 Anastasios Zouzias 18% Badge level for project 4504 is 18%
4505 shonenjump

A faster way to change directory and improve command line productivity.

https://github.com/suzaku/shonenjump OTHER satoru 13% Badge level for project 4505 is 13%
4506 ical2vdir

Convert single iCalendar .ics file into vdir directory 📅

https://github.com/fphammerle/ical2vdir GPL-3.0 Fabian Peter Hammerle 93% Badge level for project 4506 is 93%
4507 MCBES

A proxy and packet translator for bridging Minecraft pi and Minecraft pocket edition.

https://mcpi.tk GPL-3.0 nobody5050 15% Badge level for project 4507 is 15%
4508 Auto https://github.com/yuanliya/Auto Liya 10% Badge level for project 4508 is 10%
4509 adviser

The recommendation engine for Python software stacks and Dependency Monkey in project Thoth.

https://thoth-station.ninja/docs/developers/adviser/index.html GPL-3.0 Christoph Görn 30% Badge level for project 4509 is 30%
4510 Ebrains interactive atlas viewer https://ebrains.eu/services/atlases fsdavid 61% Badge level for project 4510 is 61%
4511 docker-java


https://github.com/iceopen/docker-java iceinto 10% Badge level for project 4511 is 10%
4512 tink

A workflow engine for provisioning bare metal.

https://tinkerbell.org Apache-2.0 Gaurav Gahlot 93% Badge level for project 4512 is 93%
4513 Adlik

Adlik: Toolkit for Accelerating Deep Learning Inference

https://github.com/Adlik/Adlik Apache-2.0 EFanZh 2020-12-19 06:59:41 105% Badge level for project 4513 is 105%
4514 Python SDK for Data Attribute Recommendation

A client SDK for the Data Attribute Recommendation service on SAP Cloud Platform. Part of SAP AI Business Services.

https://github.com/SAP/data-attribute-recommendation-python-sdk Apache-2.0 Michael Haas 2020-12-15 16:33:16 147% Badge level for project 4514 is 147%
4515 shadowsocks-android

A shadowsocks client for Android

https://github.com/shadowsocks/shadowsocks-android OTHER Max Lv 13% Badge level for project 4515 is 13%
4516 geosardine

Spatial operations extend fiona and rasterio

https://github.com/sahitono/geosardine BSD-3-Clause Sahit Tuntas Sadono 18% Badge level for project 4516 is 18%
4517 my_curl https://zig-i2p.github.io/my_curl easy5q 3% Badge level for project 4517 is 3%
4518 HedgeDoc

HedgeDoc - The best platform to write and share markdown.

Note that these best practices only apply to HedgeDoc 2 and later.

https://hedgedoc.org AGPL-3.0 David Mehren 2021-12-06 08:40:38 109% Badge level for project 4518 is 109%
4519 clean-react

ReactJS, Typescript, DDD, Clean Architecture, SOLID, DRY, KISS, YAGNI and TDD

https://github.com/nsrau/clean-react Newton Samin Urbanetz 10% Badge level for project 4519 is 10%
4520 Orion Context Broker

The Orion Context Broker is an implementation of the Publish/Subscribe Context Broker GE, providing an NGSI interface. Using this interface, clients can do...

https://github.com/telefonicaid/fiware-orion AGPL-3.0 mapedraza 2021-02-08 17:37:24 115% Badge level for project 4520 is 115%
4521 inaccel

InAccel is a product for you to build, ship and run hardware accelerated applications

https://docs.inaccel.com Apache-2.0 InAccel Bot 25% Badge level for project 4521 is 25%
4522 grafana-infinity-datasource

CSV, JSON, GraphQL, XML and HTML datasource for grafana.

https://yesoreyeram.github.io/grafana-infinity-datasource Apache-2.0 Sriram 18% Badge level for project 4522 is 18%
4523 Laserfarm

Laserchicken Framework for Applications in Research in Macro-ecology

https://github.com/eEcoLiDAR/Laserfarm Apache-2.0 Francesco Nattino 60% Badge level for project 4523 is 60%

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