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5556 animated-tailwindcss

A configuration to use Animate.css with Tailwind CSS.

https://ikcb.org/animated-tailwindcss MIT Divyansh Singh 18% Badge level for project 5556 is 18%
5557 GoPlan-app

An intuitive portfolio mangaer !

https://github.com/GoPlan-Finance/GoPlan-app GPL-3.0 Samuel Denis-D'Ortun 90% Badge level for project 5557 is 90%
5558 impactr

{impactr} Mechanical loading prediction through accelerometer data

https://lveras.com/impactr OTHER Lucas Veras 16% Badge level for project 5558 is 16%
5559 cobol-check

A unit testing framework for Cobol applications

https://github.com/openmainframeproject/cobol-check Apache-2.0 Dave Nicolette 97% Badge level for project 5559 is 97%
5560 testkube

Kubernetes-native framework for test definition and execution

https://kubeshop.github.io/testkube MIT Taras 30% Badge level for project 5560 is 30%
5561 artigraph

Declarative data production

https://github.com/artigraph/artigraph Apache-2.0 Jacob Hayes 2022-03-10 15:03:20 195% Badge level for project 5561 is 195%
5562 ORAS

ORAS project provides a way to push and pull OCI Artifacts to and from OCI Registries.

https://oras.land Apache-2.0 Steve Lasker 94% Badge level for project 5562 is 94%
5563 Pa11y CI CLI Summary Reporter

A pa11y-ci reporter that outputs the URL and a summary of the errors/warning/issues for each page to stdout.

https://gitlab.com/gitlab-ci-utils/pa11y-ci-reporter-cli-summary MIT Aaron Goldenthal 2022-01-26 02:14:56 115% Badge level for project 5563 is 115%
5564 kestrel-lang

Kestrel threat hunting language: building reusable, composable, and shareable huntflows across different data sources and threat intel.

https://github.com/opencybersecurityalliance/kestrel-lang Apache-2.0 Xiaokui Shu 94% Badge level for project 5564 is 94%
5566 kvdk

Key Value Development Kit

https://github.com/KVKIT/kvdk OTHER peifeng si 18% Badge level for project 5566 is 18%
5567 golang-hellowolrd

personal exercise project

https://github.com/yankay/golang-hellowolrd Apache-2.0 Kay Yan 19% Badge level for project 5567 is 19%
5568 desktop-app

Official IVPN Desktop app

GPL-3.0 Alexandr Stelnykovych 16% Badge level for project 5568 is 16%
5569 wyvern

A deno implementation of DraMa Spy backend server.

AGPL-3.0 Thejus Paul 21% Badge level for project 5569 is 21%
5570 Block Specimen Producer Agent

Decodes, packs, encodes, proves, stores and uploads block-replicas (primarily "block-specimens") produced by EVM or non-EVM byte code based blockchains.

https://www.covalenthq.com/network MIT Pranay Valson 84% Badge level for project 5570 is 84%
5571 public.locman.io https://github.com/ProductOfAmerica/public.locman.io Apache-2.0 ProductOfAmerica 15% Badge level for project 5571 is 15%
5572 iter8

Kubernetes release optimizer

https://iter8.tools Apache-2.0 Srinivasan Parthasarathy 58% Badge level for project 5572 is 58%
5574 dockerfiles

Dockerfiles for various things

https://hub.docker.com/r/jauderho BSD-3-Clause Jauder Ho 15% Badge level for project 5574 is 15%
5575 rekor-sidekick

🔍 Rekor transparency log monitoring and alerting

https://github.com/nsmith5/rekor-sidekick MIT Nathan Smith 16% Badge level for project 5575 is 16%
5576 kuma

🐻 The Universal Service Mesh. CNCF Sandbox Project.

https://kuma.io Apache-2.0 Charly Molter 2024-01-10 12:08:11 118% Badge level for project 5576 is 118%
5577 lowkey-vault

Lowkey Vault is a small test double for Azure Key Vault

https://github.com/nagyesta/lowkey-vault MIT Esta Nagy 2022-01-29 17:45:24 185% Badge level for project 5577 is 185%
5579 dotfiles

🦩 My overly complicated dotfiles

https://github.com/mr-mustash/dotfiles Patrick 13% Badge level for project 5579 is 13%
5580 taste-setup

The bootstrapping TASTE repository (see https://taste.tools)

https://github.com/ThibFrgsGmz/taste-setup Thibault 10% Badge level for project 5580 is 10%
5581 cFS

The Core Flight System (cFS)

https://github.com/ThibFrgsGmz/cFS Apache-2.0 Thibault 30% Badge level for project 5581 is 30%
5582 gng

GNG experiment

https://github.com/hunger/gng GPL-3.0-or-later Tobias Hunger 87% Badge level for project 5582 is 87%
5583 zoofs

zoofs is a Python library for performing feature selection using a variety of nature-inspired wrapper algorithms. The algorithms range from...

https://jaswinder9051998.github.io/zoofs Apache-2.0 Jaswinder Singh 84% Badge level for project 5583 is 84%
5584 caffeine

A high performance caching library for Java

https://github.com/ben-manes/caffeine Apache-2.0 Ben Manes 2022-01-31 05:43:59 300% Badge level for project 5584 is 300%
5585 OpenSTEF

OpenSTEF provides automated machine learning pipelines to deliver accurate, self-correcting and explainable forecasts of the load on the grid for the next 48...

https://github.com/OpenSTEF MPL-2.0 Jonas van den Bogaard 2022-04-15 12:45:07 105% Badge level for project 5585 is 105%
5586 environment-variable-settings-summary-intellij-plugin

A JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA plugin which provides a Settings Summary listing all Environment Variables

https://github.com/ChrisCarini/environment-variable-settings-summary-intellij-plugin Apache-2.0 Chris Carini 31% Badge level for project 5586 is 31%
5587 covid-19-dz

Covid-19 Cases in Algeria

https://github.com/Amine27/covid-19-dz MIT Amine Roukh 76% Badge level for project 5587 is 76%
5588 mco-mao


https://github.com/PinkJohnOfUs/kangoroo-cavity MIT kiki 15% Badge level for project 5588 is 15%

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