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5737 test https://github.com/jiawulin001/test 50 10% Badge level for project 5737 is 10%
5738 k8svault-controller

Sync kubernetes secrets with hashicorp vault and mirror vault to vault

https://github.com/DoodleScheduling/k8svault-controller Apache-2.0 raffis 19% Badge level for project 5738 is 19%
5739 ldddns

Local Docker Development DNS

https://ldddns.arnested.dk MIT Arne Jørgensen 97% Badge level for project 5739 is 97%
5740 cloud-native-python-example-app

A simple app to help play and demo Cloud Native things

OTHER JJ Asghar 12% Badge level for project 5740 is 12%
5741 vin

vin is the Vinyl Linux package manager

https://github.com/vinyl-linux/vin BSD-3-Clause jspc 18% Badge level for project 5741 is 18%
5742 eBPF for Windows

eBPF runtime implementation that runs on top of Windows

https://github.com/microsoft/ebpf-for-windows MIT Dave Thaler 2022-07-09 14:08:45 182% Badge level for project 5742 is 182%
5743 projects https://bestpractices.coreinfrastructure.org/ru/projects YVS37 3% Badge level for project 5743 is 3%
5744 orderpage-frontend


https://github.com/BigeYoung/orderpage-frontend BigeYoung 10% Badge level for project 5744 is 10%
5746 conventional-commits

Gradle plugin to check is commits are Conventional Commits compliant

https://github.com/nicolasfara/conventional-commits Apache-2.0 Nicolas Farabegoli 18% Badge level for project 5746 is 18%
5747 GitLab Releaser

GitLab Releaser takes a JSON file with details for a release and generates a shell script to leverage GitLab's release-cli application to create the release....

https://gitlab.com/gitlab-ci-utils/gitlab-releaser MIT Aaron Goldenthal 2022-03-27 17:40:06 115% Badge level for project 5747 is 115%
5748 sayiwont65

Take it as it comes

https://github.com/sayiwont65/sayiwont65 MPL-2.0 sayiwont65 15% Badge level for project 5748 is 15%
5749 APE (Automated Pipeline Explorer)

APE is a command line tool and Java API for the automated exploration of possible computational pipelines (scientific workflows) from large collections of...

https://github.com/sanctuuary/APE Apache-2.0 Vedran Kasalica 2023-11-16 10:53:37 160% Badge level for project 5749 is 160%
5750 song-ci-app https://github.com/hfudev/song-ci-app GPL-3.0 Fu Hanxi 15% Badge level for project 5750 is 15%
5751 QUnit

JavaScript unit testing framework.

https://qunitjs.com MIT Timo Tijhof 2022-06-28 01:13:01 109% Badge level for project 5751 is 109%
5752 vite-plugin-federation

Module Federation for vite & rollup

https://originjs.org MulanPSL-2.0 Joe Zhang 2022-06-18 07:48:13 107% Badge level for project 5752 is 107%
5753 tfmdcli

A NodeJS CLI to convert Terraform code into Markdown formatted tables

https://github.com/IBM/tfmdcli Apache-2.0 Jennifer Valle 15% Badge level for project 5753 is 15%
5756 cp4s-car-connectors

Connected Asset/Risk (CAR) reference connector documentation

https://github.com/IBM/cp4s-car-connectors Danny Elliott 10% Badge level for project 5756 is 10%
5757 firepit

Firepit - STIX Columnar Storage

https://github.com/opencybersecurityalliance/firepit Apache-2.0 Paul Coccoli 52% Badge level for project 5757 is 52%
5758 auto-kubeflow

automate the Kubeflow deployment process by using IBM Cloud Schematics

https://github.com/IBM/auto-kubeflow Apache-2.0 Yihong Wang 16% Badge level for project 5758 is 16%
5759 go-security-plugs


https://github.com/IBM/go-security-plugs Apache-2.0 David Hadas 82% Badge level for project 5759 is 82%
5760 CodeEngine

Samples for using Code Engine

https://ibm.com/cloud/code-engine Apache-2.0 Enrico Regge 81% Badge level for project 5760 is 81%
5761 Elyra

Elyra extends JupyterLab with an AI centric approach.

https://elyra.readthedocs.io/en/stable Apache-2.0 Patrick Titzler 2022-11-15 21:10:12 182% Badge level for project 5761 is 182%
5762 powervs-actions

An user friendly set of PowerVS actions. That's all.

https://github.com/rpsene/powervs-actions Apache-2.0 Rafael Sene 15% Badge level for project 5762 is 15%
5763 packer-plugin-ibmcloud

Automate customizing Image Template: The IBM Packer Plugin can be used to create custom Images on IBM Cloud.

https://github.com/IBM/packer-plugin-ibmcloud Apache-2.0 Evelyn 2022-04-11 07:50:11 115% Badge level for project 5763 is 115%
5764 aspera-connect-sdk-js

Official Aspera Connect SDK for Javascript

https://github.com/IBM/aspera-connect-sdk-js Apache-2.0 David Wosk 2022-03-28 22:44:15 111% Badge level for project 5764 is 111%
5765 watson-stt-wer-python

Utilities for transcribing a set of audio files with IBM Watson Speech to Text (STT), then analyzing the error rate of the STT transcription against a...

https://github.com/IBM/watson-stt-wer-python Apache-2.0 Marco Noel 67% Badge level for project 5765 is 67%
5766 watson-tts-python

TTS Python tools to assist customers in experimentation and configuration

https://github.com/IBM/watson-tts-python Apache-2.0 Marco Noel 15% Badge level for project 5766 is 15%
5767 pylspack

A lightweight, multithreaded Python package for sketching, column selection, leverage scores and related computations.

https://github.com/IBM/pylspack MIT Aleksandros Sobczyk 15% Badge level for project 5767 is 15%
5768 spatial-lstm

Repo related to our AAAI 2021 paper "A spatio-temporal LSTM model to forecast across multiple temporal and spatial scales"

https://github.com/IBM/spatial-lstm Apache-2.0 Fearghal O'Donncha 15% Badge level for project 5768 is 15%
5769 PrecisionAquaculture.jl

machine learning interrogation of aquaculture datasets

https://github.com/IBM/PrecisionAquaculture.jl Apache-2.0 Fearghal O'Donncha 15% Badge level for project 5769 is 15%

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