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6903 SynapseML

Simple and Distributed Machine Learning

https://microsoft.github.io/SynapseML MIT Mark Hamilton 93% Badge level for project 6903 is 93%
6904 apollo

A giant collection of emulators!

https://github.com/apollo-retro/apollo Wyatt Stanke 10% Badge level for project 6904 is 10%
6905 nuclear-power-lighting-electrical-installation-service https://nuclear-power-lighting-electrical-installation-service.business.site Nuclear Power & Lighting Electrical Engineers Ltd 3% Badge level for project 6905 is 3%
6906 config

simple json configuration for server apps

https://github.com/gojini/config Apache-2.0 Ravi Chamarthy 18% Badge level for project 6906 is 18%
6907 import-tracker

Python utility for tracking third party dependencies within a library

https://github.com/IBM/import-tracker MIT Gabe Goodhart 2023-01-12 17:50:09 113% Badge level for project 6907 is 113%
6908 carina

Carina: an high performance and ops-free local storage for kubernetes

https://github.com/carina-io/carina Apache-2.0 edward 94% Badge level for project 6908 is 94%
6909 pySDC

pySDC is a Python implementation of the spectral deferred correction (SDC) approach and its flavors, esp. the multilevel extension MLSDC and PFASST.

https://parallel-in-time.org/pySDC BSD-2-Clause Robert Speck 91% Badge level for project 6909 is 91%
6910 go-upx

Go command-line wrapper for upx utility

https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/alegrey91/go-upx MIT Alessio Greggi 15% Badge level for project 6910 is 15%
6911 ng-libs

Repository to develop angular packages to be published as npm packages

https://ng-libs.chillviking.dev GPL-3.0-or-later Peter Jokumsen 48% Badge level for project 6911 is 48%
6912 cordux

A third-party Discord client that reimplements the Discord API

https://cordux.vercel.app BSD-3-Clause Frolleks 45% Badge level for project 6912 is 45%
6913 OFDS

Online Food Delivery System

https://github.com/micstudent/OFDS micstudent 10% Badge level for project 6913 is 10%
6914 helmfile

Declaratively deploy your Kubernetes manifests, Kustomize configs, and Charts as Helm releases in one shot

https://helmfile.readthedocs.io MIT yxxhero 19% Badge level for project 6914 is 19%
6915 FairMQ

C++ Message Queuing Library and Framework

https://github.com/FairRootGroup/FairMQ LGPL-3.0 Dennis Klein 2023-01-16 11:30:34 109% Badge level for project 6915 is 109%
6916 vir-simd

a simple fallback for users of std::experimental::simd (Parallelism TS 2)

https://github.com/mattkretz/vir-simd LGPL-3.0 Matthias Kretz 76% Badge level for project 6916 is 76%
6917 sys-chef-cookbook

The "sys" cookbook collects all common configuration tasks to integrate a (Debian) node into a site-infrastructure in a single cookbook.

https://github.com/GSI-HPC/sys-chef-cookbook Apache-2.0 Christopher Huhn 19% Badge level for project 6917 is 19%
6918 AzDevOps

PowerShell Module for Managing Azure Devops Organizations

https://github.com/Azure-Devops-PowerShell-Module/AzDevOps Apache-2.0 Jeff Patton 18% Badge level for project 6918 is 18%
6919 JCurl

JSON-aware curl (1) in Java

https://github.com/finos/JCurl Apache-2.0 Łukasz Dróżdż 93% Badge level for project 6919 is 93%
6921 plugins

A set of Gradle plug-ins that greatly simplify project management / 一套极大简化项目管理的Gradle插件集

https://doc.ihub.pub/plugins Apache-2.0 Henry 2023-02-18 04:07:39 105% Badge level for project 6921 is 105%
6922 ng-aquila

Angular UI Component library for the Open Insurance Platform

https://allianz.github.io/ng-aquila/welcome OTHER Christoph Held 15% Badge level for project 6922 is 15%
6923 astro-nannou-starter

A minimal boilerplate for Astro / Vite with the Nannou creative framework (Rust → WASM). Supports multiple sketches + hot-reload.

https://juliancataldo.github.io/astro-nannou-starter ISC Julian Cataldo 15% Badge level for project 6923 is 15%
6924 astro-content

A text based, structured content manager, for edition and consumption — AstroJS integration

https://astro-content.dev ISC Julian Cataldo 16% Badge level for project 6924 is 16%
6925 TEIGarage

EGE RESTful web service. Provides EGE functionality through RESTful web service way.

https://teigarage.tei-c.org GPL-3.0 Anne Ferger 72% Badge level for project 6925 is 72%
6926 MerMEId

Metadata Editor and Repository for MEI Data

https://mermeid.edirom.de Apache-2.0 Peter Stadler 51% Badge level for project 6926 is 51%
6927 build-scripts

Build scripts for open source projects on Linux on POWER LE

https://github.com/ppc64le/build-scripts Apache-2.0 Gerrit Huizenga 15% Badge level for project 6927 is 15%
6928 stix-shifter

This project consists of an open source library allowing software to connect to data repositories using STIX Patterning, and return results as STIX...

https://github.com/JasonKeirstead/stix-shifter OTHER Jason Keirstead 15% Badge level for project 6928 is 15%
6929 tortoise-data-migration

Migrations for data (Tortoise)

https://github.com/Ekumen-OS/tortoise-data-migration MIT Guillermo Manzato 18% Badge level for project 6929 is 18%
6930 Brex SDK for PHP

This is an SDK to allow PHP applications to quickly use the Brex REST API to accomplish all common banking tasks available...

https://github.com/NxSys/library.clients-brex MIT ONXMaintainer 2023-01-20 18:44:50 287% Badge level for project 6930 is 287%
6931 PersonalWeather https://github.com/hype-armor/PersonalWeather MIT Greg Morgan 16% Badge level for project 6931 is 16%
6932 Apache Santuario - XML Security for Java

This library includes the standard JSR-105 (Java XML Digital Signature) API, a mature DOM-based implementation of both XML Signature and XML Encryption, as...

https://github.com/apache/santuario-xml-security-java Apache-2.0 Colm O hEigeartaigh 2023-01-19 06:13:25 105% Badge level for project 6932 is 105%
6933 pyActigraphy

Python-based open source package for actigraphy data analysis

https://ghammad.github.io/pyActigraphy GPL-3.0 Grégory Hammad 64% Badge level for project 6933 is 64%

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