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720 Github-Request

The Java GUI that can management multi github repository in one time

https://github.com/kamontat/Github-Request MIT Kamontat Chantrachirathumrong 18% Badge level for project 720 is 18%
721 node-compiler

Compiling your Node.js application into a single executable.

http://enclose.io MIT Minqi Pan 15% Badge level for project 721 is 15%
724 traph

Transformation graph for JS Objects, a powerful and declarative way to remap one Object in another.

https://github.com/caesarsol/traph GPL-3.0 cesare soldini 15% Badge level for project 724 is 15%
725 Gitano

The Gitano project is a git server which aims to keep everything in Git repositories, rather than using additional database stores.

https://wiki.gitano.org.uk (BSD-3-Clause AND CC-BY-SA-4.0) Daniel Silverstone 2019-02-20 07:57:44 196% Badge level for project 725 is 196%
726 aila https://github.com/phil12d3/aila Phil 13% Badge level for project 726 is 13%
727 SignServer

Server-side application for digital signature creation.

https://www.signserver.org LGPL-2.1+ Markus 90% Badge level for project 727 is 90%
728 object validation with flow types https://github.com/freddi301/flow-validator Frederik Batuna 10% Badge level for project 728 is 10%
729 Indigo HTML

An HTML abstraction layer.

https://github.com/hipnaba/indigo-html MIT Danijel Fabijan 15% Badge level for project 729 is 15%
732 Shoppy.io

Ebay template manager

https://github.com/tomsiwik/shoppy.io OTHER Tom Siwik 16% Badge level for project 732 is 16%
733 google-sign-in

node.js library for integrating with Google sign in

https://github.com/javacoolme/google-sign-in MIT Bennett Somerville 2017-02-26 20:54:23 104% Badge level for project 733 is 104%
734 SPDX Tools

The consolidated SPDX workgroup tool provides translation, comparison, and verification functionality in a single download. The tool is a Java command line...

https://spdx.org/tools Apache-2.0 Gary O'Neall 2019-03-10 01:22:25 109% Badge level for project 734 is 109%
738 EDICT: Enabling Device-level Identification of Compromised Things https://github.com/jameshloving/edict OTHER James Loving 16% Badge level for project 738 is 16%
739 rili

Rili is future oriented C++ library for rapid and prototype programming, which provide tools and constructions based on design patterns and most useful...

https://gitlab.com/rili/rili MIT Tomasz Frydrych 2017-05-16 09:45:16 115% Badge level for project 739 is 115%
740 naxsi

NAXSI is an open-source, high performance, low rules maintenance WAF for NGINX

https://github.com/nbs-system/naxsi GPL-3.0 jvoisin 2017-06-23 13:38:29 120% Badge level for project 740 is 120%
741 radare2

unix-like reverse engineering framework and commandline tools

http://www.radare.org LGPL-3.0 jvoisin 82% Badge level for project 741 is 82%
742 dotworks https://github.com/jeKnowledge/dotworks Miguel Machado 10% Badge level for project 742 is 10%
744 hc

Holiday converter tool which supports: http://www.schulferien.org/ (input); opening_hours.js (input and...

https://gitlab.com/ypid/hc AGPL-3.0 Robin Schneider 2017-02-27 23:53:35 118% Badge level for project 744 is 118%
745 grunt-phonegap-project

Create a new Cordova Application. Extra config: folder, title, bundleId, platforms and plugins.

https://github.com/CoHyper/grunt-phonegap-project MIT Sven Lang 25% Badge level for project 745 is 25%
746 Navit

The open source (GPL v2) turn-by-turn navigation software for many OS

https://www.navit-project.org GPL-2.0-only Pierre GRANDIN 69% Badge level for project 746 is 69%
747 Clone it and be happy! End result looks like: https://material-design-tweets.firebaseapp.com OTHER Iván Sánchez 13% Badge level for project 747 is 13%
748 Uso de hilos en python 3 https://github.com/mazyvan/Python-Threads MIT Iván Sánchez 15% Badge level for project 748 is 15%
749 Dense ;) https://github.com/mazyvan/Proyecto-Web-de-4to-Cuatri Iván Sánchez 10% Badge level for project 749 is 10%
750 Calculadora-Parlante

Calculadora de ayuda a débiles visuales y ciegos. Reproduce sonidos cuando se presiona una tecla.

https://github.com/mazyvan/Calculadora-Parlante MIT Iván Sánchez 15% Badge level for project 750 is 15%
751 unit_testing https://github.com/mazyvan/unit_testing Iván Sánchez 10% Badge level for project 751 is 10%
752 C library for filtering touchscreen events

a filter stack for accessing and manipulating touchscreen events

https://gitlab.com/tslib/tslib LGPL-2.1 Martin Kepplinger 2024-02-18 10:25:46 116% Badge level for project 752 is 116%
754 Doorstop

Doorstop manages the storage of textual requirements alongside source code in version control.

https://doorstop.readthedocs.io LGPL-3.0 Paul Sherwood 97% Badge level for project 754 is 97%
755 InstaLooter: Another API-less Instagram pictures and videos downloader.

InstaLooter is a program that can download any picture or video associated from an Instagram profile, without any API access. It can be seen as a...

https://github.com/althonos/InstaLooter GPL-3.0 Martin Larralde 40% Badge level for project 755 is 40%
757 Shell scripting to automate all the eZ Platform things! https://github.com/DavidLiedle/ez GPL-2.0 David Christian Liedle 15% Badge level for project 757 is 15%
758 collection of minimalistic standalone C++14 utilities https://github.com/dapirian/m UNLICENSE David Apirian 13% Badge level for project 758 is 13%
760 Boilerplate for angular and hapi with typescript. https://github.com/pablocarreraest/AnHa MIT Pablo Carrera Estrada 15% Badge level for project 760 is 15%

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