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3493 android.batdemir.library

My Library

https://github.com/batdemirorg/android.batdemir.library Apache-2.0 Batuhan Demir 15% Badge level for project 3493 is 15%
3494 Module-API-TFM

Recreation of transformice module API for testing and other purposes

https://github.com/Seniru/Module-API-TFM MIT Seniru Pasan Indira 15% Badge level for project 3494 is 15%
3495 Timers4TFM

A library which provides easy and advanced timers for module developers

https://seniru.github.io/Timers4TFM MIT Seniru Pasan Indira 18% Badge level for project 3495 is 18%
3498 flipt

A feature flag solution that runs in your existing infrastructure

https://flipt.io GPL-3.0 Mark Phelps 2022-03-30 00:10:47 105% Badge level for project 3498 is 105%
3500 terraform-docs

Generate documentation from Terraform modules in various output formats

https://terraform-docs.io MIT Khosrow Moossavi 43% Badge level for project 3500 is 43%
3501 yaml2go

Converts YAML specs into Go Lang type definitions

https://yaml2go.prasadg.dev MIT Prasad Ghangal 16% Badge level for project 3501 is 16%
3502 botkube

App that helps you monitor your Kubernetes cluster, debug critical deployments & gives recommendations for standard practices

https://botkube.io MIT Prasad Ghangal 19% Badge level for project 3502 is 19%
3503 DBItest

Testing DBI drivers

https://dbitest.r-dbi.org LGPL-2.1 Kirill Müller 2019-12-15 19:50:16 115% Badge level for project 3503 is 115%
3504 squzy

Squzy - is a high-performance open-source monitoring system written in Golang with Bazel and love.

https://github.com/squzy/squzy BSD-3-Clause Yuriy Panarin 18% Badge level for project 3504 is 18%
3505 happy-diwali https://github.com/mahendrabagul/happy-diwali Mahendra Hiraman Bagul 10% Badge level for project 3505 is 10%
3510 ShortLink

Shortlink service (Microservice example)

https://shortlink.best MIT Victor Login 2020-08-24 08:25:12 105% Badge level for project 3510 is 105%
3511 YAtiML

Python library for YAML type inference, schema checking and syntactic sugar

https://github.com/yatiml/yatiml Apache-2.0 Lourens Veen 67% Badge level for project 3511 is 67%
3512 apnian.go

Wrapper around the APNS2 Apple Push Notification Service library.

MIT Christoph 18% Badge level for project 3512 is 18%
3514 buckinbuds

Helping Maine Grow Medical & Recreation Marijuana Database

https://buckinbuds.io Buckin Buds 2019-12-18 04:31:03 105% Badge level for project 3514 is 105%
3515 liquid-linter-cli

Command-line wrapper for the Liquid template language linter.

https://pother.ca/liquid-linter-cli MIT Ben Peachey 72% Badge level for project 3515 is 72%
3516 crie

Dead simple meta-linter and formatter

https://github.com/tyhal/crie MIT Tyler Hale 60% Badge level for project 3516 is 60%
3517 0-to-hero

Azerbaijani TechMentors living across the world: promising people with unpromising ideas!

https://github.com/sakomws/0-to-hero sakomws 10% Badge level for project 3517 is 10%
3519 vue-gl

Vue.js components rendering 3D graphics reactively via three.js

https://vue-gl.github.io MIT IKEDA Hiroki 16% Badge level for project 3519 is 16%
3520 phpcodesniffer-composer-installer

Composer installer for PHP_CodeSniffer coding standards

https://github.com/Dealerdirect/phpcodesniffer-composer-installer MIT Ben Peachey 93% Badge level for project 3520 is 93%
3521 0-to-hero

Azerbaijani TechMentors living across the world: promising people with unpromising ideas!

https://github.com/goupaz/0-to-hero Arlington1985 10% Badge level for project 3521 is 10%
3522 mollie-api-go

Golang wrapper for Mollie's REST API with full resource coverage.

https://github.com/VictorAvelar/mollie-api-go MIT Victor Hugo Avelar Ossorio 2023-02-08 20:24:53 107% Badge level for project 3522 is 107%
3523 zfs-localpv

CSI Driver for ZFS based Persistent Volumes for Kubernetes.

https://github.com/openebs/zfs-localpv Apache-2.0 Pawan Prakash Sharma 19% Badge level for project 3523 is 19%
3524 scrooge-api

Expenses management

https://github.com/waryss/scrooge-api OTHER waryss 16% Badge level for project 3524 is 16%
3525 uia-message

A Java serialization/deserialization library to convert Objects into binary and back depending on structure defined by XML.

https://github.com/uia4j/uia-message Apache-2.0 Kyle K. Lin 15% Badge level for project 3525 is 15%
3526 m00n

Discord Entertainment bot written in NodeJS

https://hernikplays.cz/m00n AGPL-3.0 hernikplays 93% Badge level for project 3526 is 93%
3527 rgee

R bindings for calling the Earth Engine API

https://csaybar.github.io/rgee Apache-2.0 Cesar Luis Aybar Camacho 90% Badge level for project 3527 is 90%
3528 awsctrl https://awsctrl.io Chris Hein 3% Badge level for project 3528 is 3%
3529 react-md-components https://github.com/xNicklaj/react-md-components MIT Simone Aronica 16% Badge level for project 3529 is 16%
3530 docs-travis-ci-com

The Travis CI Documentation

http://docs.travis-ci.com Q1 Blue 12% Badge level for project 3530 is 12%
3531 Discuss Data

Open Platform for the Interactive Discussion of Research Data Quality (on the example of area studies on the post-Soviet region)

https://gitlab.gwdg.de/discuss-data/discuss-data AGPL-3.0-or-later SH 96% Badge level for project 3531 is 96%

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