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4463 AUAR-server

Server for AUAR

https://github.com/shambu2k/AUAR-server Sidharth Shambu 10% Badge level for project 4463 is 10%
4464 arbor

The Arbor multi-compartment neural network simulation library.

https://github.com/thorstenhater/arbor BSD-3-Clause thorstenhater 19% Badge level for project 4464 is 19%
4465 SpiNNFrontEndCommon

Common support code for user-facing front end systems.

https://github.com/SpiNNakerManchester/SpiNNFrontEndCommon GPL-3.0-only Alan Stokes 81% Badge level for project 4465 is 81%
4466 go-algorithms

Algorithms written in golang

https://github.com/amitbasuri/go-algorithms MIT Amit Basuri 15% Badge level for project 4466 is 15%
4467 nmodl

Code Generation Framework For NEURON MODeling Language

https://bluebrain.github.io/nmodl OTHER Omar Awile 84% Badge level for project 4467 is 84%
4468 tmds11-exporter

Prometheus Exporter for Deep Security 11

https://github.com/ari-neto/tmds11-exporter Apache-2.0 Ari Neto 15% Badge level for project 4468 is 15%
4469 go-proxy-cache

Simple Reverse Proxy with Caching, written in Go, using Redis.

https://github.com/fabiocicerchia/go-proxy-cache MIT Fabio Cicerchia 2020-11-26 15:46:07 104% Badge level for project 4469 is 104%
4470 MVDTool

Parser and command line tool for MVD file format

https://github.com/BlueBrain/MVDTool OTHER Matthias Wolf 18% Badge level for project 4470 is 18%
4471 apprentus https://www.apprentus.fr claud saille 3% Badge level for project 4471 is 3%
4472 apprentus https://www.apprentus.com claud saille 3% Badge level for project 4472 is 3%
4473 MDX-Micro-Debugger

A CLI Assembly Debugger for Atmel AVR Microcontrollers.

https://github.com/Milo-D/MDX-Micro-Debugger BSD-3-Clause Milo-D 19% Badge level for project 4473 is 19%
4474 nextcloud https://sagaciousd.com/nextcloud michael-tct 3% Badge level for project 4474 is 3%
4475 AD https://github.com/debarghyapandit/AD OTHER Debarghya Pandit 13% Badge level for project 4475 is 13%
4476 Arbor

The Arbor multi-compartment neural network simulation library.

https://arbor-sim.github.io BSD-3-Clause Arbor Sim 97% Badge level for project 4476 is 97%
4477 evothings-examples

Examples for Evothings Studio.

http://www.evothings.com Apache-2.0 Cyprien Pezeril 13% Badge level for project 4477 is 13%
4478 embeded-os

os based ros for embedded systems

https://github.com/1Aze23/embeded-os MIT Cyprien Pezeril 18% Badge level for project 4478 is 18%
4479 WireCloud

Widgets Container and Mashup edition tools. Reference implementation of the FIWARE Application Mashup GE

https://wirecloud.rtfd.io AGPL-3.0-or-later Álvaro Arranz 2020-12-14 15:49:44 115% Badge level for project 4479 is 115%
4480 zigmod

A package manager for the Zig programming language.

https://github.com/nektro/zigmod MIT Meghan Denny 15% Badge level for project 4480 is 15%
4481 demo


https://github.com/Rumimur/demo Apache-2.0 Rumi 16% Badge level for project 4481 is 16%
4482 RosaeNLG

RosaeNLG is a Natural Language Generation library for node.js and browser rendering, based on the Pug template engine.

https://rosaenlg.org Apache-2.0 Ludan Stoecklé 2020-12-01 08:26:17 230% Badge level for project 4482 is 230%
4483 FullStackCourse https://github.com/Ahmed-Radi/FullStackCourse Ahmed Radi 10% Badge level for project 4483 is 10%
4485 my-website

Source code for my personal website

https://www.seanmcn.com MIT Sean McNamara 15% Badge level for project 4485 is 15%
4486 argo-cd

Declarative continuous deployment for Kubernetes.

https://argoproj.io Apache-2.0 wanghong230 2021-02-16 17:43:03 107% Badge level for project 4486 is 107%
4487 nowa

A fast, command-line weather app that uses the NOAA API.

https://github.com/sramsay/nowa GPL-3.0 Stephen Ramsay 96% Badge level for project 4487 is 96%
4488 teonet

Mesh network library

https://github.com/teonet-co/teonet LGPL-3.0 MAXIM PONKA 16% Badge level for project 4488 is 16%
4489 cardiac-activation

Modeling active force generation in the cardiac tissue

https://github.com/FrancescoRegazzoni/cardiac-activation MIT Francesco Regazzoni 15% Badge level for project 4489 is 15%
4490 whylogs-python

Profile and monitor your ML data pipeline end-to-end

https://github.com/whylabs/whylogs-python Apache-2.0 Leandro G. Almeida 2020-12-03 21:14:15 107% Badge level for project 4490 is 107%
4491 nanopub

Python client for searching, publishing and modifying nanopublications.

https://github.com/fair-workflows/nanopub Apache-2.0 Sven van der Burg 94% Badge level for project 4491 is 94%
4492 certificate-generator

PHP script to generate certificates for participation in events.

https://github.com/nitro2010/certificate-generator GPL-3.0 Jarosław Maciejewski 15% Badge level for project 4492 is 15%
4493 Monado

Monado is an open source XR runtime delivering immersive experiences such as VR and AR on mobile, PC/desktop, and any other device. Monado aims to be a...

https://monado.freedesktop.org BSL-1.0 Ryan A. Pavlik 88% Badge level for project 4493 is 88%

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