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4874 disques https://disqu.es MIT Canarduck 82% Badge level for project 4874 is 82%
4875 SpaceApps2020

Nasa SpaceApps 2020.

https://aida-india.herokuapp.com Arkaprabha Chakraborty 10% Badge level for project 4875 is 10%
4876 cloud-sdk-ios-cai

Module for interfacing with SAP Conversational AI in native iOS apps.

https://github.com/SAP/cloud-sdk-ios-cai Apache-2.0 MarcoEidinger 24% Badge level for project 4876 is 24%
4877 Pervasive Healthcare

Project for university course of Pervasive Computing and Sistema and Software Laboratory

https://github.com/enrignagna/PervasiveHealthcare Apache-2.0 enrignagna 2021-05-28 11:36:16 105% Badge level for project 4877 is 105%
4878 FIWARE Short Time Historic (STH) - Comet

A component of the FIWARE ecosystem in charge of managing historical and aggregated time series context information

https://github.com/telefonicaid/fiware-sth-comet AGPL-3.0 mapedraza 2021-05-18 12:49:07 115% Badge level for project 4878 is 115%
4879 django-ampa https://github.com/jordiprats/django-ampa Apache-2.0 Jordi Prats 15% Badge level for project 4879 is 15%
4880 micropython-utelegram

Telegram API wrapper for microPython

https://github.com/jordiprats/micropython-utelegram Apache-2.0 Jordi Prats 15% Badge level for project 4880 is 15%
4881 service-mw2

Node.js 全栈开发之 Midway.js 2.x 最佳实践

https://github.com/fsd-nodejs/service-mw2 MIT Vern Brandl 2021-05-19 04:13:38 107% Badge level for project 4881 is 107%
4882 HWFlexCell https://github.com/ramp-eu/HWFlexCell pv-factobotics 10% Badge level for project 4882 is 10%
4883 STAR

A system that uses cobot to pick up and stitch insulation parts using industrial stitcher

https://github.com/ramp-eu/STAR MIT Ivanov Ivan 84% Badge level for project 4883 is 84%
4884 clifm

CliFM is a CLI-based, shell-like, and non-curses terminal file manager written in C: simple, fast, extensible, and lightweight as hell

https://github.com/leo-arch/clifm GPL-2.0 leo-arch 88% Badge level for project 4884 is 88%

This ROSE-AP is a bridge that connects M-DUINO PLCs with NGSI Context Brokers.

https://github.com/ramp-eu/AGILPLAS MIT Jaime Clavijo 99% Badge level for project 4885 is 99%
4886 fluid

Fluid, elastic data abstraction and acceleration for BigData/AI applications in cloud. (Project under CNCF)

https://fluid-cloudnative.github.io Apache-2.0 Rong Gu 2023-04-03 12:09:16 105% Badge level for project 4886 is 105%
4887 DPsim

Real-time power system simulator (powerflow, dynamic phasors, EMT)

https://dpsim.fein-aachen.org/docs MPL-2.0 Markus Mirz 73% Badge level for project 4887 is 73%
4888 OpenLineage

OpenLineage is an Open standard for metadata and lineage collection designed to instrument jobs as they are running. It defines a generic model of run, job,...

https://github.com/OpenLineage/OpenLineage Apache-2.0 Julien Le Dem 2022-07-19 16:28:34 300% Badge level for project 4888 is 300%
4889 go-data-gov-gr-sdk

A go SDK for the data available via data.gov.gr

https://github.com/ppapapetrou76/go-data-gov-gr-sdk Apache-2.0 Papapetrou Patroklos 18% Badge level for project 4889 is 18%
4890 ecctl https://github.com/elastic/ecctl Papapetrou Patroklos 3% Badge level for project 4890 is 3%
4891 ecctl

Elastic Cloud Control, the official ESS and ECE command line interface

Apache-2.0 Papapetrou Patroklos 19% Badge level for project 4891 is 19%
4892 jsql-injection

jSQL Injection is a Java application for automatic SQL database injection.

https://github.com/ron190/jsql-injection GPL-2.0 ron190 16% Badge level for project 4892 is 16%
4893 cli-lionC.

Rep. Actualized

https://github.com/lioncorpo/cli-lionC. MIT lioncorpo 19% Badge level for project 4893 is 19%
4894 DynAdjust

DynAdjust is a rigorous, high performance least squares adjustment application. It has been designed to estimate 3D station coordinates and uncertainties for...

https://github.com/icsm-au/DynAdjust Apache-2.0 Roger Fraser 2021-05-24 06:15:59 113% Badge level for project 4894 is 113%
4895 access-controller https://github.com/authorizer-tech/access-controller Jonathan Whitaker 10% Badge level for project 4895 is 10%
4896 Nearby-Shops-Rest-Api-backend https://github.com/Morojs/Nearby-Shops-Rest-Api-backend Hicham Moro 13% Badge level for project 4896 is 13%
4897 Spring-Boot-Rest-API

a simple api for whos looking for seamless access to COVID-19 news content

https://github.com/Morojs/Spring-Boot-Rest-API Hicham Moro 13% Badge level for project 4897 is 13%
4898 gradle

Adaptable, fast automation for all

https://gradle.org Apache-2.0 Jonathan Leitschuh 91% Badge level for project 4898 is 91%
4899 depalletization-agent-rose-ap

This is the ROSE-AP implementation of the depalletization IoT agent for the Contra2.0 project, as per the DIH2 project requirements.

The Depalletization...

https://github.com/itti-pl/depalletization-agent-rose-ap Apache-2.0 tomasz-springer 64% Badge level for project 4899 is 64%

Yet An Other DAQ

https://github.com/flagarde/YAODAQ MIT flagarde 19% Badge level for project 4900 is 19%
4901 go-bencode

Package bencode implements encoding and decoding of bencoded values as defined in BEP 3.

https://godoc.org/github.com/wwalexander/go-bencode BSD-3-Clause William Alexander 15% Badge level for project 4901 is 15%
4902 v6d

vineyard (v6d): an in-memory immutable data manager. (Project under CNCF)

https://v6d.io Apache-2.0 Tao He 2021-05-27 06:26:36 107% Badge level for project 4902 is 107%
4903 CAPACITY-mapping https://github.com/FAIR-data-for-CAPACITY/CAPACITY-mapping Apache-2.0 dsmits 15% Badge level for project 4903 is 15%

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