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5175 EMAR-Mini

EMAR Mini is an open-source Emergency Assistance Robot protptype. The project is a proof of concept designed to assist doctors, nurses and hospital staff...

https://github.com/AIIAL/EMAR-Mini MIT Leukemia AI Research 24% Badge level for project 5175 is 24%
5176 requestFieldsSelector

Determine the data you want to get from your client just like GraphQL with easy to plug express middleware!

https://github.com/ShaharEli/requestFieldsSelector MIT Shahar Eliyahu 25% Badge level for project 5176 is 25%
5177 ukexim

The United Khulmi Export Import Private Limited (Ukexim.Pvt.Ltd) is a company of an International Websites Affiliate Marketing since October 2013 and I am...

https://www.ukexim.blogspot.com AGPL-3.0-only Lunkhopao Haokip 15% Badge level for project 5177 is 15%
5178 ms-mint

Python a library for large-cohort metabolomics (MS1) processing.

https://github.com/lewisresearchgroup/ms-mint Apache-2.0 Sören Wacker 91% Badge level for project 5178 is 91%
5179 PermaFlex

Permanently hide elements with FLEXible on iOS.

https://github.com/jakerquinney/PermaFlex GPL-3.0 jakerquinney 18% Badge level for project 5179 is 18%
5180 microservices

First attempt to create a microservice that use users as and endpoint, this use python, flask, jwt, kubernetes

https://github.com/marianojabdala/microservices Apache-2.0 Mariano Jose Abdala 84% Badge level for project 5180 is 84%
5181 AuthPass

AuthPass - Password Manager based on Flutter for all platforms. Keepass 2.x (kdbx 3.x) compatible.

https://authpass.app GPL-3.0 Herbert Poul 34% Badge level for project 5181 is 34%
5182 statsviz

Instant live visualization of your Go application runtime statistics (GC, MemStats, etc.) in the browser

https://github.com/arl/statsviz MIT Aurélien Rainone 18% Badge level for project 5182 is 18%
5183 narrenschiff

Configuration management tool for Kubernetes

https://narrenschiff.xyz Apache-2.0 Petar Nikolovski 64% Badge level for project 5183 is 64%
5184 hackermin.py


https://github.com/hackermin991898/hackermin.py Hacker IMA 10% Badge level for project 5184 is 10%
5185 WHATSAPP-BANEO https://github.com/hackermin991898/WHATSAPP-BANEO Hacker IMA 10% Badge level for project 5185 is 10%
5186 BluForce-FB

Brute Force Attack on Facebook Accounts

https://github.com/hackermin991898/BluForce-FB Hacker IMA 10% Badge level for project 5186 is 10%
5187 ngrok_MCS

ngrok Minecraft Server Scanner

https://github.com/moistp1ckle/ngrok_MCS Sango 10% Badge level for project 5187 is 10%
5188 EtherAddressLookup

Adds links to strings that look like Ethereum addresses to your favourite blockchain explorer. Adds protection against private key phishing. Offers custom...

http://harrydenley.com/ethaddresslookup-chrome-extension-release MIT adamlaska 13% Badge level for project 5188 is 13%
5189 bitcore

A full stack for bitcoin and blockchain-based applications

https://bitcore.io MIT adamlaska 16% Badge level for project 5189 is 16%
5190 sex.com https://github.com/sexcom-7/sex.com Sex.com 2021-09-03 06:24:02 105% Badge level for project 5190 is 105%
5191 azure-pipelines-tasks

Tasks for Azure Pipelines

https://aka.ms/tfbuild MIT Sex.com 2021-09-03 06:35:23 104% Badge level for project 5191 is 104%
5192 deepicedrain

Mapping and monitoring deep subglacial water activity in Antarctica using remote sensing and machine learning, with ICESat-2!

https://github.com/weiji14/deepicedrain LGPL-3.0 Wei Ji 15% Badge level for project 5192 is 15%
5193 pygmt

A Python interface for the Generic Mapping Tools

https://www.pygmt.org BSD-3-Clause Wei Ji 19% Badge level for project 5193 is 19%
5194 cloud https://cloud.pronix.org mogx 3% Badge level for project 5194 is 3%
5195 figmagic

Generate design tokens, export graphics, and extract design token-driven React components from your Figma documents.

https://www.figmagic.com MIT Mikael Vesavuori 15% Badge level for project 5195 is 15%
5196 covir2

Combine and visualize international periodically updated estimates of COVID-19 pandemic at the country level, countries without subnational level estimates:...

https://github.com/pourmalek/covir2 Apache-2.0 Farshad Pourmalek 2021-09-06 02:20:14 107% Badge level for project 5196 is 107%
5197 CovidVisualizedCountry

Combine and visualize international periodically updated estimates of COVID-19 pandemic at the country level: Canada, national and subnational

https://github.com/pourmalek/CovidVisualizedCountry Apache-2.0 Farshad Pourmalek 2021-09-06 01:00:27 107% Badge level for project 5197 is 107%
5198 ambianic-edge

The core runtime engine for Ambianic Edge devices.

https://ambianic.ai Apache-2.0 Ivelin Ivanov 2021-09-06 01:59:45 115% Badge level for project 5198 is 115%
5199 CovidVisualizedGlobal

Combine and visualize international periodically updated estimates of COVID-19 pandemic at the global level

https://github.com/pourmalek/CovidVisualizedGlobal Apache-2.0 Farshad Pourmalek 2021-09-06 02:47:54 107% Badge level for project 5199 is 107%
5200 docs

The open-source repo for docs.github.com

https://docs.github.com OTHER trehelpinghands 13% Badge level for project 5200 is 13%
5201 org.ops4j.pax.web

OSGi R4 Http Service and Web Applications (OSGi Enterprise Release chapter 128) implementation using Jetty 9 or Tomcat 8.

https://ops4j1.jira.com/wiki/display/paxweb/Pax+Web OTHER Grzegorz Grzybek 16% Badge level for project 5201 is 16%
5202 owiin

Free & Open Source Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software Alternative to IBM Maximo

https://www.owiin.com OTHER Riad MENNOUR 19% Badge level for project 5202 is 19%
5203 api-umbrella

Open source API management platform

https://api-umbrella.readthedocs.io MIT Stefan Wiedemann 54% Badge level for project 5203 is 54%
5204 biosimulations

Platform for sharing and reusing biomodeling studies including models, simulations, and visualizations of their results

https://biosimulations.org MIT Bilal Shaikh 2021-12-26 18:24:53 109% Badge level for project 5204 is 109%

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