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6195 EFI Boot Guard

A bootloader based on UEFI.

Provides the following functionality: Arm a hardware watchdog prior to loading an OS. Provide a simple update mechanism with...

https://github.com/siemens/efibootguard GPL-2.0-only Jan Kiszka 2022-06-26 15:16:28 120% Badge level for project 6195 is 120%
6196 mageni

Mageni is the Automated All-in-One platform for vulnerability scanning, assessment, and management, compliance testing, system hardening, penetration...

https://www.mageni.net GPL-2.0 Jonathan Jaquez 2022-06-26 14:29:17 104% Badge level for project 6196 is 104%
6197 intro-a-ml

Material dos vídeos de Introdução à Machine Learning

https://github.com/abelsiqueira/intro-a-ml MIT Abel Siqueira 15% Badge level for project 6197 is 15%
6198 algorithm-exercises-js

Algorithms exercises solved in NodeJS. Developed with TDD.

https://github.com/sir-gon/algorithm-exercises-js MIT Gonzalo Diaz 93% Badge level for project 6198 is 93%
6199 Fernet Java

Java implementation of the Fernet authenticated encryption specification

https://github.com/l0s/fernet-java8 Apache-2.0 Carlos Macasaet 2022-11-21 01:36:48 129% Badge level for project 6199 is 129%
6200 Astro Compiler

The Astro v2 compiler. Written in Go, distributed as WASM.

https://astro.build MIT Randall 22% Badge level for project 6200 is 22%
6201 Astro Language Tools

Language tools for Astro

https://astro.build MIT Randall 15% Badge level for project 6201 is 15%
6202 devstream

DevStream: the open-source DevOps toolchain manager (DTM).

https://www.devstream.io Apache-2.0 Daniel Hu 2022-06-27 03:11:21 104% Badge level for project 6202 is 104%
6203 Boorusama

A mobile client for danbooru written with Flutter

https://github.com/khoadng/Boorusama MIT khoadng 15% Badge level for project 6203 is 15%
6204 (Name Unknown) https://t.me/+GHdcKEdErAg2Nzdk Skytoken 3% Badge level for project 6204 is 3%
6205 First1

Check what will output

https://github.com/Skywebb/First1 Skytoken 10% Badge level for project 6205 is 10%
6206 Renovate

Universal dependency update tool that fits into your workflows.

https://github.com/renovatebot/renovate AGPL-3.0-only Jamie Magee 97% Badge level for project 6206 is 97%
6207 go-ex https://github.com/ImSingee/go-ex MIT Bryan 15% Badge level for project 6207 is 15%
6208 csv-rex

🦖 A tiny and fast CSV parser for JavaScript.

https://github.com/willfarrell/csv-rex MIT will Farrell 2022-07-30 05:18:18 104% Badge level for project 6208 is 104%
6209 cmdy

A js cmd argument framework that looks like the docker cli tool.

https://github.com/majo418/cmdy MIT Majo418 22% Badge level for project 6209 is 22%
6210 typenvy

A js&ty environment manager

https://github.com/majo418/typenvy MIT Majo418 22% Badge level for project 6210 is 22%
6211 tictactoo

A tictactoe game as statemachine written in typescript

https://github.com/majo418/tictactoo MIT Majo418 15% Badge level for project 6211 is 15%
6212 ubuntudind

Ubuntu Docker in Docker - a ubuntu 20.04 docker in docker image

https://github.com/majo418/ubuntudind MIT Majo418 15% Badge level for project 6212 is 15%
6213 pathsfilter

A library to filter paths like a .gitignore, .dockerignore or .npmignore file.

https://github.com/majo418/pathsfilter MIT Majo418 21% Badge level for project 6213 is 21%
6214 nginx-ubi

NGINX Docker image based on Red Hat Universal Base Image

https://github.com/lucacome/nginx-ubi MIT Luca Comellini 15% Badge level for project 6214 is 15%
6215 kube-sync

Kube Sync is a simple service that copies data from a target Pod, then commits and pushes to a target GIT repository.

https://github.com/steve-winter/kube-sync MIT Steve Winter 18% Badge level for project 6215 is 18%
6216 zebra

ZEBRA is an open-source incubator project for Zowe. It is a data parsing framework that allows quick and easy access to z/OS performance metrics.

https://zebra.talktothemainframe.com EPL-2.0 Alex KIM 15% Badge level for project 6216 is 15%
6217 jbanking

jbanking is a library of utilities to assist with developing banking functionalities. jbanking is focused on, but not limited to, European banking.

https://github.com/marcwrobel/jbanking Apache-2.0 Marc Wrobel 2022-07-05 14:22:11 165% Badge level for project 6217 is 165%
6218 fetch-undici

Isomorphic fetch with window.fetch and undici.fetch

https://www.npmjs.com/package/fetch-undici MIT Bret Comnes 16% Badge level for project 6218 is 16%
6219 OpenCost

Cost monitoring for Kubernetes workloads and cloud costs

https://opencost.io Apache-2.0 Alex Thilen 93% Badge level for project 6219 is 93%
6220 unordered_dense

A fast & densely stored hashmap and hashset based on robin-hood backward shift deletion

https://github.com/martinus/unordered_dense MIT Martin Ankerl 2022-07-01 11:10:49 107% Badge level for project 6220 is 107%
6221 minimal

What the Package Does Using Title Case

https://github.com/D-Se/minimal Donald Seinen 10% Badge level for project 6221 is 10%
6222 xiangqi

R xiangqi utilities

https://github.com/D-Se/xiangqi OTHER Donald Seinen 13% Badge level for project 6222 is 13%
6223 ML

Enterprise-like Machine Learning Analysis Compendium

https://github.com/D-Se/ML Donald Seinen 12% Badge level for project 6223 is 12%
6225 mocha

HTTP Mocking Tool for Go

https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/vitorsalgado/mocha MIT Vitor Hugo Salgado 22% Badge level for project 6225 is 22%

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