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6948 brasil_datetime

Extensões para DateTime em pt_BR

https://pub.dev/packages/brasil_datetime OTHER Rubens de Melo 15% Badge level for project 6948 is 15%
6949 brasil_fields

O jeito mais fácil de utilizar padrões e formatos brasileiros em seu projeto

https://flutterbootcamp.github.io/brasil_fields/# OTHER Rubens de Melo 15% Badge level for project 6949 is 15%
6950 hogwarts-mystery-script-auto-clicker

hogwarts mystery script auto clicker Automatic Mouse and Keyboard v6.3.8.6

https://github.com/JoDylan404/hogwarts-mystery-script-auto-clicker GPL-3.0 Dylan 2023-01-23 18:00:28 105% Badge level for project 6950 is 105%
6951 galadriel

SPIFFE Federation the easy way

https://github.com/HewlettPackard/galadriel Apache-2.0 Victor Vieira Barros Leal da Silveira 19% Badge level for project 6951 is 19%
6952 Apache Log4j 2

Apache Log4j 2 is an upgrade to Log4j that provides significant improvements over its predecessor, Log4j 1.x, and provides many of the improvements available...

https://logging.apache.org/log4j/2.x Apache-2.0 Piotr P. Karwasz 96% Badge level for project 6952 is 96%
6953 scindx

[WIP] Prepare scientific documents for indexing

https://tom65536.github.io/scindx AGPL-3.0 Thomas Reiter 15% Badge level for project 6953 is 15%
6954 sizeof

Get size of a JavaScript object

https://github.com/miktam/sizeof MIT Andrei Karpushonak 15% Badge level for project 6954 is 15%
6955 PerfectFit

PerfectFit virtual coach system main repository

This is a virtual coach system that will coach users into being more physically active and stop...

https://github.com/PerfectFit-project Apache-2.0 Walter Baccinelli 21% Badge level for project 6955 is 21%
6956 Individual-Game

All of the code used in my individual game

https://github.com/omidiran52/Individual-Game omidiran52 18% Badge level for project 6956 is 18%
6957 testcontainers-go

Testcontainers for Go is a Golang library that provides a friendly API to run Docker containers. It is designed to create a runtime testing environment to...

https://golang.testcontainers.org MIT Manuel de la Peña 88% Badge level for project 6957 is 88%
6958 betterscan-ce

Code Scanning/SAST/Static Analysis/Linting using many tools/Scanners with One Report (Code, IaC) - Betterscan Community Edition (CE)

https://www.betterscan.io OTHER Marcin Kozlowski 2023-01-25 12:28:39 104% Badge level for project 6958 is 104%
6959 ikarus https://ikarus-project.github.io OTHER Alex_Mueller 22% Badge level for project 6959 is 22%
6960 MasterThesis https://github.com/IsaFoster/MasterThesis IsaFoster 10% Badge level for project 6960 is 10%
6961 mlconjug3

A Command Line application and a Python library to conjugate verbs in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian (more soon) using Machine...

https://github.com/SekouDiaoNlp/mlconjug3 MIT Sekou Diao 2023-01-26 19:55:51 113% Badge level for project 6961 is 113%
6962 mStats

🟩 Discord bot with a variety of Minecraft-related commands, powered by Discord.js 14

https://github.com/TNT10128/mStats GPL-3.0 TNT10128 15% Badge level for project 6962 is 15%
6963 HWIDKit

🖥 Lightweight Java library that generates unique identifiers for user devices.

https://github.com/TNT10128/HWIDKit LGPL-3.0-or-later TNT10128 43% Badge level for project 6963 is 43%
6964 ruby-magic

Simple interface to libmagic for Ruby Programming Language

https://rubygems.org/gems/ruby-magic Apache-2.0 Krzysztof Wilczyński 30% Badge level for project 6964 is 30%
6965 FairSECO https://github.com/QDUNI/FairSECO AGPL-3.0 Quinn Donkers 16% Badge level for project 6965 is 16%
6966 knawd-deployer

This project configures a Kubernetes with or without knative to make it easier to build WASI type applications.

https://knawd.dev Apache-2.0 Anton Whalley 2023-02-01 19:58:09 109% Badge level for project 6966 is 109%
6967 art-of-control https://github.com/kirillin/art-of-control Kirill Artemov 10% Badge level for project 6967 is 10%
6968 cvss-rescore

A rules-based, tool-agnostic approach to adding temporal and environmental scoring to SCA vulnerabilities

https://github.com/bp4151/cvss-rescore MIT BP 84% Badge level for project 6968 is 84%
6969 selinon

An advanced distributed task flow management on top of Celery

https://selinon.readthedocs.io OTHER Fridolín Pokorný 18% Badge level for project 6969 is 18%
6970 Ascii-Draw

An Tool to create ascii images

https://github.com/tobiasctrl/Ascii-Draw Tobias CTRL 13% Badge level for project 6970 is 13%
6971 suitcasectl https://gitlab.oit.duke.edu/devil-ops/suitcasectl Drew Stinnett 3% Badge level for project 6971 is 3%
6972 terraform-provider-coralogix https://github.com/coralogix/terraform-provider-coralogix Or Novogroder 3% Badge level for project 6972 is 3%
6973 poeticmetric

PoeticMetric is a free as in freedom, open source, privacy-first, regulation-compliant, and blazingly fast alternative to Google Analytics.

https://www.poeticmetric.com AGPL-3.0 Gokhan Sari 18% Badge level for project 6973 is 18%
6974 dockerfileparser

A dockerfile parsing packag(一个dockerfile解析包)

https://github.com/eust-w/dockerfileparser Apache-2.0 longtao wu 16% Badge level for project 6974 is 16%
6975 carbondesignsystem https://carbondesignsystem.com Linda Carotenuto 3% Badge level for project 6975 is 3%
6976 WebSphere Configuration Comparison Tool

The WebSphere Application Server Traditional Configuration Comparison Tool compares configurations of servers and resources. Comparisons can be used for...

https://github.com/IBM/websphere-cct Apache-2.0 riddlemo 24% Badge level for project 6976 is 24%
6977 lstmcpipe

Scripts to analyse MC files on LST cluster at La Palma

https://github.com/cta-observatory/lstmcpipe MIT Thomas Vuillaume 15% Badge level for project 6977 is 15%

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