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2472 lxd

Daemon based on liblxc offering a REST API to manage containers

https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd Apache-2.0 Paul Newell 19% Badge level for project 2472 is 19%
2473 neon https://github.com/kenkit/neon MIT ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ Sage 34% Badge level for project 2473 is 34%
2474 chip8rebirth

So, chip8, my old emulator I never finished. Let's try to finish it now. But revamp it with a proper gui (Imgui & SFML), and C++17. Dirty work.

https://github.com/enatheme/chip8rebirth enatheme 13% Badge level for project 2474 is 13%
2475 snakecase

A systematic approach to parse strings and automate the conversion to snake_case, UpperCamelCase or any other case.

https://tazinho.github.io/snakecase GPL-3.0-only Tazinho 2019-05-25 14:38:17 113% Badge level for project 2475 is 113%
2476 drogon

Drogon: A C++11 based HTTP web application framework running on Linux

https://github.com/an-tao/drogon OTHER An Tao 16% Badge level for project 2476 is 16%
2477 rmqctl

kubectl like command line tool for rabbitmq

https://github.com/vsdmars/rmqctl MIT vsdmars 15% Badge level for project 2477 is 15%
2478 air-voice

Air voice app.

https://github.com/renanberto/air-voice Renan Berto 10% Badge level for project 2478 is 10%
2479 fantom-pay https://github.com/fantom-foundation-private/fantom-pay Michael Kong 3% Badge level for project 2479 is 3%
2480 desktop-wallet

Desktop wallet implementation using ElectronJS

https://github.com/Fantom-foundation/desktop-wallet MIT Michael Kong 16% Badge level for project 2480 is 16%
2481 CarND-LaneLines-P1

Lane Finding Project for Self-Driving Car ND

https://github.com/mkram/CarND-LaneLines-P1 mac81 10% Badge level for project 2481 is 10%
2482 gitlab-ci-pipelines-exporter

Export gitlab-ci pipeline status for prometheus (/metrics)

https://github.com/Labbs/gitlab-ci-pipelines-exporter MIT Jeremy Mouton 33% Badge level for project 2482 is 33%
2485 cloudengine

CloudEngine is an easy way to create a social web site for discussing & aggregating ideas & resources. It is ideal for running events & fostering discussion....

https://cloudworks.ac.uk GPL-2.0 Nick Freear 16% Badge level for project 2485 is 16%
2486 our-journey

Our Journey: A student journey representation tool

https://iet-ou.github.io/our-journey GPL-3.0 Nick Freear 18% Badge level for project 2486 is 18%
2488 aspect

A parallel, extensible finite element code to simulate convection in both 2D and 3D models.

https://aspect.geodynamics.org GPL-3.0-or-later Rene Gassmoeller 36% Badge level for project 2488 is 36%
2489 Octave Bundle

Octave CMS Bundle

https://gitlab.com/octv/octave-bundle StanJansen 3% Badge level for project 2489 is 3%
2490 MyLittleProject

A Simple Way To Share Your Projects

https://github.com/Dantcho-BG/MyLittleProject Yordan Hristov 13% Badge level for project 2490 is 13%
2492 warning-shot https://github.com/bernardosecades/warning-shot Bernardo Secades 13% Badge level for project 2492 is 13%
2493 libcalico-go

Golang Calico library functions: https://www.projectcalico.org

https://github.com/briansan/libcalico-go Apache-2.0 briansan 19% Badge level for project 2493 is 19%
2494 PythonLearn

A command-line tool for embARC, packaged as embarc_tools. embARC CLI support for embARC application creation, build and config, use of the embARC Open...

https://github.com/wangnuannuan/PythonLearn wangnuannuan 55% Badge level for project 2494 is 55%
2495 DNSCrypt-Blacklist

Blacklist for use with DNSCrypt (v1 or v2), DNS/HTTPS & DNS/TLS.

https://intr0.com GPL-2.0 intr0 15% Badge level for project 2495 is 15%
2496 DNSCrypt-Blacklist

Blacklist for use with DNSCrypt (v1 or v2), DNS/HTTPS & DNS/TLS.

https://intr0.com GPL-2.0 intr0 15% Badge level for project 2496 is 15%
2497 python-cwlgen

Generation of CWL programmatically. Available types: CommandLineTool, Workflow and Requirements

https://github.com/illusional/python-cwlgen MIT Michael Franklin 16% Badge level for project 2497 is 16%
2499 Quick-Launcher

Python app for mutiple task on single click

https://github.com/raahoolkumeriya/Quick-Launcher GPL-3.0 Rahul Kumeriya 28% Badge level for project 2499 is 28%
2500 box-exec

Box execute is a npm package to compile/run codes (c,cpp,pyhton) in a virtualized environment, Here virtualized environment used is a docker container. This...

https://github.com/akshitgrover/box-exec Apache-2.0 Akshit Grover 16% Badge level for project 2500 is 16%
2501 tslint-config-spartancode

TypeScript coding standards

https://github.com/iarroyo5/tslint-config-spartancode MIT Inaki Arroyo 16% Badge level for project 2501 is 16%
2502 promise-sos

Helpers for using promise.

https://github.com/iarroyo5/promise-sos MIT Inaki Arroyo 15% Badge level for project 2502 is 15%
2503 werf

werf is a GitOps CLI tool designed to simplify and speed up the delivery of applications in your CI/CD pipelines. It makes your Git repo a single source of...

https://werf.io Apache-2.0 Timofey Kirillov 72% Badge level for project 2503 is 72%
2504 newspaper-server

Serves aggregated news from 10+ local news publishers in Hong Kong. Made with ❤

https://github.com/ayltai/newspaper-server Apache-2.0 Alan Tai 2019-02-03 15:34:04 109% Badge level for project 2504 is 109%
2505 ansible-role-butler

ansible role for installing butler for jenkins to import/export plugins, jobs and credentials.

https://github.com/hemanth22/ansible-role-butler Hemanth B 10% Badge level for project 2505 is 10%
2506 Awesome Framework

An awesome list generator.

https://gitlab.com/Ma_124/awesome-framework MIT Ma_124 2019-02-05 16:03:52 115% Badge level for project 2506 is 115%

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