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3664 zinc

ZincECS is an entity-component-system library for golang

https://github.com/SirMetathyst/zinc MIT Alexander Hunt 75% Badge level for project 3664 is 75%
3665 toolinghq

Neatly organized database of great libraries, projects and information.

https://github.com/viktorbezdek/toolinghq MIT Viktor Bezdek 15% Badge level for project 3665 is 15%
3667 modmail https://samstep.net/bots/modmail Samstep 16% Badge level for project 3667 is 16%
3669 httpretty

Go package httpretty prints your HTTP requests pretty for logging.

https://github.com/henvic/httpretty MIT Henrique Vicente 2020-02-08 12:37:04 113% Badge level for project 3669 is 113%
3671 otus-go-telnet

Learning go with Otus

https://github.com/Lefthander/otus-go-telnet Sergey Olisov 13% Badge level for project 3671 is 13%
3672 ElasticsearchDSL

Query DSL library for Elasticsearch

https://github.com/ongr-io/ElasticsearchDSL MIT Simonas Šerlinskas 2020-02-04 10:11:11 105% Badge level for project 3672 is 105%
3673 Hussar

A small toy programming language.

https://hussar.io MIT kscarlett 93% Badge level for project 3673 is 93%
3674 scaleway-sdk-go

(BETA) Integrate Scaleway with your Go application

https://godoc.org/github.com/scaleway/scaleway-sdk-go Apache-2.0 Rémy Léone 16% Badge level for project 3674 is 16%
3675 netschoolapi

Полностью асинхронный API клиент для "Сетевой Город. Образование" написанный на Python

https://netschoolapi.readthedocs.io/ru/latest MIT Даниил Николаев 90% Badge level for project 3675 is 90%
3676 client

WorksHub's frontend application

https://www.works-hub.com EPL-2.0 Michele Braun 13% Badge level for project 3676 is 13%
3677 ChessGame

I started this project to get back into C++ after a year. I would say it was a very very fulfilling project where i learned a ton, from move generation, to...

https://github.com/Nadben/ChessGame Nadir 13% Badge level for project 3677 is 13%
3678 helloworld


https://github.com/antoine-samaha/helloworld antoine-samaha 10% Badge level for project 3678 is 10%
3679 ebay-developers-program-test-automation

Test Automation scripts for Ebay Developers Program

https://github.com/MDM-General/ebay-developers-program-test-automation Michele Braun 10% Badge level for project 3679 is 10%
3680 chaos-mesh

A Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes

https://chaos-mesh.org Apache-2.0 Calvin Weng 85% Badge level for project 3680 is 85%
3681 backend https://gitlab.com/registres/backend renaud boyer 48% Badge level for project 3681 is 48%
3682 bdn-edition https://www.bdn-edition.de SH 33% Badge level for project 3682 is 33%
3683 gardener-metrics-exporter

A Prometheus exporter for Gardener service-level metrics.

https://github.com/zkdev/gardener-metrics-exporter Apache-2.0 Philipp Heil 18% Badge level for project 3683 is 18%
3684 is-biz-mail-assets https://github.com/salaros/is-biz-mail-assets MIT Yaroslav Zhmayev 15% Badge level for project 3684 is 15%
3685 revit-toolkit

A cross-platform toolkit for reading metadata of .rfa, .rvt etc. Reading / writing hared sparameter and type catalog files WITHOUT Revit

https://codecave.pro/#projects MIT Yaroslav Zhmayev 15% Badge level for project 3685 is 15%
3686 oneinfra

Kubernetes as a Service platform

https://oneinfra.net Apache-2.0 Rafael Fernández López 16% Badge level for project 3686 is 16%
3687 conjurer

R Package

https://github.com/SidharthMacherla/conjurer MIT Sidharth Macherla 93% Badge level for project 3687 is 93%
3688 addons

MMM-AssistantMk2 Plugins embedded with addons.js

https://github.com/bugsounet/addons sergge1 10% Badge level for project 3688 is 10%
3689 fastbeangen

Pseudo Random data generation for Big Data

https://github.com/Arboratum-Open/fastbeangen GPL-3.0 gpicron 16% Badge level for project 3689 is 16%
3690 dask-cassandra-loader

A data loader to load load data from a Cassandra table into a Dask Dataframe.

https://github.com/NLeSC/dask-cassandra-loader Apache-2.0 Stefan Verhoeven 48% Badge level for project 3690 is 48%
3691 bach

BACH is the Behavior Analysis maCHine.

https://github.com/isazi/bach Apache-2.0 Alessio Sclocco 64% Badge level for project 3691 is 64%
3692 xenon

A middleware abstraction library that provides a simple programming interface to various compute and storage resources.

https://xenon-middleware.github.io/xenon Apache-2.0 Jason Maassen 2020-02-10 14:57:19 113% Badge level for project 3692 is 113%
3693 sunsistemo

N-body simulator in the browser, with the solar system, random bodies and choreographies as examples.

https://sunsistemo.js.org GPL-3.0 Jaro Camphuijsen 15% Badge level for project 3693 is 15%
3695 go-mud

Go 语言写的,支持 UTF-8 的中文 MUD 客户端

https://github.com/mudclient/go-mud GPL-3.0 dzp 15% Badge level for project 3695 is 15%
3696 gut

🍱 yet another collection of go utilities & tools

MIT Yulong Bai 18% Badge level for project 3696 is 18%
3697 NOC


Fault Management

Root Cause Analysis, topology correlation, escalation. Active probing and passive alarm condition detection in syslog and...

https://getnoc.com BSD-3-Clause Dmitry Volodin 76% Badge level for project 3697 is 76%

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