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5153 kubernetes-dbaas

A Kubernetes database as a service (DBaaS) operator for non-kubernetes managed database management systems.

https://github.com/criscola/kubernetes-dbaas Apache-2.0 Cristiano Colangelo 19% Badge level for project 5153 is 19%
5154 jrsonnet

Rust implementation of Jsonnet language

https://github.com/CertainLach/jrsonnet MIT Yaroslav Bolyukin 15% Badge level for project 5154 is 15%
5155 Mario-Kart-Stream-Analyzer

A program that watches twitch, records each Mario Kart 8 game given, and generates a graph of data over time.

https://github.com/Retkid/Mario-Kart-Stream-Analyzer MIT Retkid 25% Badge level for project 5155 is 25%
5156 pre-commit-hooks

Pre commit hooks

https://github.com/hadenlabs/pre-commit-hooks LGPL-3.0 Luis Mayta 27% Badge level for project 5156 is 27%
5158 dashboard-backend-todo https://github.com/noisersup/dashboard-backend-todo Patryk Kwiatek 10% Badge level for project 5158 is 10%
5159 charlescd

CharlesCD is an open source tool that makes deployments more agile, continuous and safe, which allows development teams to perform hypothesis validations...

https://charlescd.io Apache-2.0 thallesfreitaszup 76% Badge level for project 5159 is 76%
5160 marquez

Collect, aggregate, and visualize a data ecosystem's metadata

https://marquezproject.ai Apache-2.0 Willy Lulciuc 2021-09-07 23:34:24 296% Badge level for project 5160 is 296%
5161 ecom-service https://github.com/bhuvi11/ecom-service bhuvi11 13% Badge level for project 5161 is 13%
5162 SonarTesting https://github.com/bhuvi11/SonarTesting bhuvi11 12% Badge level for project 5162 is 12%
5163 Minecraft-The-Power-Of-Forge

in our mod we are adding 3d blue prints 3d printing machines and space releted stuff some bosses and so one we will also make some tutorial on youtube and...

https://github.com/moddmaker/Minecraft-The-Power-Of-Forge Apache-2.0 Mr Anonymous Multimaster 91% Badge level for project 5163 is 91%
5164 Kubernetes Database-as-a-Service Operator

A unique Kubernetes Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) Operator for declarative, self-service database provisioning in DBMS solutions.

https://bedag.github.io/kubernetes-dbaas Apache-2.0 Cristiano Colangelo 36% Badge level for project 5164 is 36%
5165 go-login-auth https://github.com/t4i5uKE/go-login-auth morero 10% Badge level for project 5165 is 10%
5166 Big Azure-Terraform Showcase

A showcase project demonstrating advanced Azure features using Terraform to build secure, reliable, scalable, and highly-available applications.

https://github.com/epomatti/big-azure-terraform-showcase MIT Evandro Pomatti 24% Badge level for project 5166 is 24%
5167 nova

Math library for graphics and games programming compatible with C++

https://github.com/WaleedYaser/nova Apache-2.0 Waleed Yaser 18% Badge level for project 5167 is 18%

HIASBCH is a dedicated Ethereum Blockchain providing authentication & data integrity functionality to the HIAS Network. HIASBCH is being developed as an...

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/peter-moss-medtech-research-project/hiasbch-hias-private-ethereum-blockchain MIT Leukemia AI Research 27% Badge level for project 5168 is 27%
5169 dependency-injection

Simple Python Dependency Injection Container

https://github.com/mediapills/dependency-injection MIT Andrew Yatskovets 87% Badge level for project 5169 is 87%
5170 modelo

Boilerplate your projects from Github Templates and Gists

https://github.com/ptrkrlsrd/modelo Petter K 10% Badge level for project 5170 is 10%
5171 xyo

C++ library

https://github.com/g-stefan/xyo MIT Grigore Stefan 42% Badge level for project 5171 is 42%
5172 SoundsOfWarr

A collection of sounds for games

https://github.com/MagikEh/SoundsOfWarr MIT Magik Eh 15% Badge level for project 5172 is 15%
5173 markdown-autodocs

✨ A GitHub Action that automatically generates & updates markdown content (like your README.md) from external or remote files.

https://github.com/marketplace/actions/markdown-autodocs MIT Dinesh Sonachalam 16% Badge level for project 5173 is 16%
5174 stopdnsrebind

Coredns plugin that implement --stop-dns-rebind from dnsmasq

https://github.com/4390c336/stopdnsrebind Hamza 10% Badge level for project 5174 is 10%
5175 EMAR-Mini

EMAR Mini is an open-source Emergency Assistance Robot protptype. The project is a proof of concept designed to assist doctors, nurses and hospital staff...

https://github.com/AIIAL/EMAR-Mini MIT Leukemia AI Research 24% Badge level for project 5175 is 24%
5176 requestFieldsSelector

Determine the data you want to get from your client just like GraphQL with easy to plug express middleware!

https://github.com/ShaharEli/requestFieldsSelector MIT Shahar Eliyahu 25% Badge level for project 5176 is 25%
5177 ukexim

The United Khulmi Export Import Private Limited (Ukexim.Pvt.Ltd) is a company of an International Websites Affiliate Marketing since October 2013 and I am...

https://www.ukexim.blogspot.com AGPL-3.0-only Lunkhopao Haokip 15% Badge level for project 5177 is 15%
5178 ms-mint

Python a library for large-cohort metabolomics (MS1) processing.

https://github.com/lewisresearchgroup/ms-mint Apache-2.0 Sören Wacker 91% Badge level for project 5178 is 91%
5179 PermaFlex

Permanently hide elements with FLEXible on iOS.

https://github.com/jakerquinney/PermaFlex GPL-3.0 jakerquinney 18% Badge level for project 5179 is 18%
5180 microservices

First attempt to create a microservice that use users as and endpoint, this use python, flask, jwt, kubernetes

https://github.com/marianojabdala/microservices Apache-2.0 Mariano Jose Abdala 84% Badge level for project 5180 is 84%
5181 AuthPass

AuthPass - Password Manager based on Flutter for all platforms. Keepass 2.x (kdbx 3.x) compatible.

https://authpass.app GPL-3.0 Herbert Poul 34% Badge level for project 5181 is 34%
5182 statsviz

Instant live visualization of your Go application runtime statistics (GC, MemStats, etc.) in the browser

https://github.com/arl/statsviz MIT Aurélien Rainone 18% Badge level for project 5182 is 18%
5183 narrenschiff

Configuration management tool for Kubernetes

https://narrenschiff.xyz Apache-2.0 Petar Nikolovski 64% Badge level for project 5183 is 64%

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