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5642 spot

Try the demo

https://nlesc-spot.netlify.com Apache-2.0 Faruk D. 15% Badge level for project 5642 is 15%
5643 k8sdb-controller

Kubernetes Controller for managing databases and users

https://github.com/DoodleScheduling/k8sdb-controller Apache-2.0 raffis 19% Badge level for project 5643 is 19%
5644 bsp-geth

Ethereum client written in Go, modified for full-hierarchy data exports and block specimen production

https://github.com/covalenthq/bsp-geth OTHER Pranay Valson 18% Badge level for project 5644 is 18%
5645 sfpowerkit

A Salesforce DX Plugin with multiple functionalities aimed at improving development and operational workflows

https://dxatscale.io MIT Azlam 15% Badge level for project 5645 is 15%
5646 mitum

mitum is general purpose blockchain factory.

https://mitum-doc.readthedocs.io/en/proto2 GPL-3.0 Spike^ekipS 2022-02-25 03:40:10 104% Badge level for project 5646 is 104%
5647 fido-device-onboard-rs

An implementation of the FIDO Device Onboard (FDO) spec written in Rust.

https://github.com/fedora-iot/fido-device-onboard-rs BSD-3-Clause Patrick Uiterwijk 90% Badge level for project 5647 is 90%
5648 TLDR.jl

A package for fast help and snippets

https://github.com/abelsiqueira/TLDR.jl MPL-2.0 Abel Siqueira 16% Badge level for project 5648 is 16%
5681 script-maven-plugin


https://github.com/alexec/script-maven-plugin Alex Collins 13% Badge level for project 5681 is 13%
5682 cluster-api-provider-hetzner

Kubernetes Cluster API Provider Hetzner provides a consistent deployment and day 2 operations of "self-managed" Kubernetes clusters on Hetzner.

https://github.com/syself/cluster-api-provider-hetzner Apache-2.0 Sven Batista Steinbach 2022-02-27 12:33:41 105% Badge level for project 5682 is 105%
5683 go-hubspot https://github.com/faetools/go-hubspot Apache-2.0 Mark Rosemaker 15% Badge level for project 5683 is 15%
5685 HwameiStor

HwameiStor Local Storage System is a cloud native storage system. It manages the free disks of each node and provision high performance persistent volume...

https://hwameistor.io Apache-2.0 niulechuan 2022-03-22 06:36:48 102% Badge level for project 5685 is 102%
5686 cudawrappers

C++ wrapper for the Nvidia C libraries (e.g. CUDA driver, nvrtc, cuFFT etc.)

https://github.com/nlesc-recruit/cudawrappers Apache-2.0 Jurriaan H. Spaaks 19% Badge level for project 5686 is 19%
5687 cluster-api-provider-aws

Kubernetes Cluster API Provider AWS provides consistent deployment and day 2 operations of "self-managed" and EKS Kubernetes clusters on AWS.

http://cluster-api-aws.sigs.k8s.io Apache-2.0 Ankita Swamy 18% Badge level for project 5687 is 18%
5688 cluster-api-provider-aws

Kubernetes Cluster API Provider AWS provides consistent deployment and day 2 operations of "self-managed" and EKS Kubernetes clusters on AWS.

https://github.com/kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws Apache-2.0 Ankita Swamy 2022-02-28 14:35:48 107% Badge level for project 5688 is 107%
5689 linphone-sdk

Mirror for linphone-sdk (https://gitlab.linphone.org/BC/public/linphone-sdk.git)

https://github.com/BelledonneCommunications/linphone-sdk GPL-3.0 BelledonneComm 34% Badge level for project 5689 is 34%
5690 ACV-BR

Config files for my GitHub profile.

https://github.com/ACV-BR ACV-BR 10% Badge level for project 5690 is 10%
5691 ingress-nginx

NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

https://github.com/kubernetes/ingress-nginx Apache-2.0 James Strong 96% Badge level for project 5691 is 96%
5692 8051simulation https://github.com/vijayganesh/8051simulation MIT vijayganesh 16% Badge level for project 5692 is 16%
5693 disco3-react

disco3 - well typed and performant web3 react library

https://manifoldfinance.github.io/disco3-react Apache-2.0 sam bacha 52% Badge level for project 5693 is 52%
5694 juice-shop

OWASP Juice Shop: Probably the most modern and sophisticated insecure web application

http://owasp-juice.shop MIT TuncerYukler 88% Badge level for project 5694 is 88%
5695 releng-builder

Mirror of the OpenDaylight releng/builder gerrit project

https://github.com/opendaylight/releng-builder EPL-1.0 askb 24% Badge level for project 5695 is 24%
5696 tls-redirector

TLS Redirector is a tiny HTTP server written in Go that is designed to run on port 80 and redirect all incoming traffic to HTTPS. It does this by emitting a...

https://sr.ht/~ancarda/tls-redirector AGPL-3.0-or-later Mark Dain 75% Badge level for project 5696 is 75%
5697 psa_car_controller

control a psa car with connected_car v4 api. Using android app to retrieve credentials.

https://github.com/flobz/psa_car_controller GPL-3.0 Florian BEZANNIER 16% Badge level for project 5697 is 16%
5698 pylogics

A Python library for logic formalisms representation and manipulation.

https://whitemech.github.io/pylogics LGPL-3.0 Marco Favorito 19% Badge level for project 5698 is 19%
5699 gufo_loader

Gufo Loader - the robust Python plugin infrastructure

https://github.com/gufolabs/gufo_loader BSD-3-Clause Dmitry Volodin 30% Badge level for project 5699 is 30%
5700 scoop-it

Some interesting and useful scoop apps

https://github.com/younger-1/scoop-it UNLICENSE Xavier Young 13% Badge level for project 5700 is 13%
5701 dgoss https://github.com/tcwlab/dgoss Apache-2.0 Sascha-Willomitzer 15% Badge level for project 5701 is 15%
5703 Makes

A DevSecOps framework powered by Nix.

https://github.com/fluidattacks/makes MIT John Perez 2022-03-10 19:49:27 300% Badge level for project 5703 is 300%
5704 microML

a library for numerical crunching and machine learning on microcontrollers

https://github.com/microML/microML Apache-2.0 Jean Michel Sellier 2022-03-10 21:07:21 111% Badge level for project 5704 is 111%
5705 cmake-easyinstall

cmake-easyinstall git+https://github.com/org/repo.git

https://github.com/ax3l/cmake-easyinstall BSD-2-Clause Axel Huebl 15% Badge level for project 5705 is 15%

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