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7040 catalyst_flutter

🗳️ A collection of Catalyst plugins for Flutter and Dart.

https://github.com/input-output-hk/catalyst_flutter MIT Sasha Prokhorenko 16% Badge level for project 7040 is 16%
7041 apexcharts.js

📊 Interactive JavaScript Charts built on SVG

https://apexcharts.com MIT Capitalfxtrading8642 15% Badge level for project 7041 is 15%
7042 ZnTrack

Create, visualize, run & benchmark DVC pipelines in Python & Jupyter notebooks.

https://zntrack.readthedocs.io Apache-2.0 Fabian Zills 16% Badge level for project 7042 is 16%
7043 megamol

MegaMol project repository.

https://github.com/braunms/megamol BSD-3-Clause Matthias Braun 19% Badge level for project 7043 is 19%
7045 lilio

Calendar generator for machine learning with timeseries data

https://lilio.readthedocs.io/en/latest Apache-2.0 Bart Schilperoort 18% Badge level for project 7045 is 18%
7046 PedPy

PedPy is a Python module for pedestrian movement analysis.

https://readthedocs.pedpy.io MIT schroedtert 66% Badge level for project 7046 is 66%
7047 kwok

Kubernetes WithOut Kubelet - Simulates thousands of Nodes and Clusters.

https://github.com/wzshiming/kwok Apache-2.0 Shiming Zhang 18% Badge level for project 7047 is 18%
7048 kwok

Kubernetes WithOut Kubelet - Simulates thousands of Nodes and Clusters.

https://kwok.sigs.k8s.io Apache-2.0 Shiming Zhang 87% Badge level for project 7048 is 87%
7049 LeetCode-Challenges

LeetCode Challenges

https://github.com/shortthirdman/LeetCode-Challenges Apache-2.0 Swetank Mohanty 18% Badge level for project 7049 is 18%
7050 usa.gov


https://github.com/github-chief-owner/usa.gov CC0-1.0 Gitlab 22% Badge level for project 7050 is 22%
7051 discuit-project https://github.com/doerte/discuit-project Apache-2.0 Dörte de Kok 18% Badge level for project 7051 is 18%
7084 ClifyCoin https://github.com/ClifyCoin/ClifyCoin MIT Pronabjyoti borgohain 15% Badge level for project 7084 is 15%
7085 ada

WHATWG-compliant URL parser written in modern C++

https://ada-url.github.io/ada MIT Yagiz Nizipli 2023-02-25 22:51:42 122% Badge level for project 7085 is 122%
7086 pillow_heif

Python library for working with HEIF images and plugin for Pillow.

https://github.com/bigcat88/pillow_heif Apache-2.0 Alexander Piskun 18% Badge level for project 7086 is 18%
7087 Microservices-Java https://github.com/ShivanshChopra12/Microservices-Java NA ShivanshChopra12 16% Badge level for project 7087 is 16%
7088 cessda.cmv.server

Web interface and REST API for the CESSDA Metadata Validator

https://cmv.cessda.eu Apache-2.0 John Shepherdson 28% Badge level for project 7088 is 28%
7089 bosh-agent

BOSH Agent runs on each BOSH deployed VM

https://github.com/cloudfoundry/bosh-agent Apache-2.0 Ruben Koster 16% Badge level for project 7089 is 16%
7090 cloudagent

The simple and easy-to-use program designed to watch user activity for Cloud Providers.

https://github.com/pPrecel/cloudagent MIT Filip Strózik 19% Badge level for project 7090 is 19%
7092 Dunya Corp Website

Dunya Corp is a 100% Free and Open Source Linux, Devops and Cloud Engineer training portal.

https://www.dunyacorp.com MIT Shea 85% Badge level for project 7092 is 85%
7093 AutoMLPipeline.jl

A package that makes it trivial to create and evaluate machine learning pipeline architectures.

https://github.com/IBM/AutoMLPipeline.jl MIT Paulito Palmes 94% Badge level for project 7093 is 94%
7094 TSML.jl

A package for time series data processing, classification, clustering, and prediction.

https://github.com/IBM/TSML.jl MIT Paulito Palmes 94% Badge level for project 7094 is 94%
7095 rl-testbed-for-energyplus

Reinforcement Learning Testbed for Power Consumption Optimization using EnergyPlus

https://github.com/IBM/rl-testbed-for-energyplus MIT Takao Moriyama 24% Badge level for project 7095 is 24%
7096 bark

Bayesian Additive Regresssion Kernels for Bayesian Nonparametric estimation of functions in arbitrary dimensions for continuous and binary response variables.

https://github.com/merliseclyde/bark (GPL-3.0-or-later WITH Bison-Exception) Merlise Clyde 2023-03-02 18:39:29 300% Badge level for project 7096 is 300%
7097 ODC

Controller for FairMQ devices

https://github.com/FairRootGroup/ODC LGPL-3.0 Alexey Rybalchenko 96% Badge level for project 7097 is 96%
7098 dns-operator

help you manage DNS records in various DNS providers

https://github.com/Revolution1/dns-operator Renjie Cai 10% Badge level for project 7098 is 10%
7099 epss-api

EPSS(Exploit Prediction Scoring System) API client

https://pypi.org/project/epss-api MIT kannkyo 15% Badge level for project 7099 is 15%
7100 kisskh-dl

Simple downloaded for https://kisskh.me/

https://github.com/Dibakarroy1997/kisskh-dl Debakar Roy 10% Badge level for project 7100 is 10%
7101 cndoit18


https://github.com/cndoit18/cndoit18 cndoit18 10% Badge level for project 7101 is 10%
7102 ping

ICMP Ping library for Go

https://github.com/gaius-qi/ping MIT Gaius 18% Badge level for project 7102 is 18%
7103 Dragonfly2

Dragonfly is an open source P2P-based file distribution and image acceleration system. It is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as an...

https://github.com/dragonflyoss/Dragonfly2 Apache-2.0 Gaius 2023-03-06 07:55:12 105% Badge level for project 7103 is 105%

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