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8387 cff2pages

This package should create a generic page based on your cff.

https://university-of-potsdam-mm.github.io/cff2pages MIT Jan Bernoth 40% Badge level for project 8387 is 40%
8388 SecObserve

SecObserve is an open source vulnerability management system for software development teams that supports a variety of open source vulnerability scanners and...

https://github.com/MaibornWolff/SecObserve BSD-3-Clause Stefan Fleckenstein 2024-02-10 14:03:09 115% Badge level for project 8388 is 115%
8389 rez

An integrated package configuration, build and deployment system for software.

https://rez.readthedocs.io Apache-2.0 Jean-Christophe Morin 94% Badge level for project 8389 is 94%
8390 prodexplora

ProdExplora: Connecting two dimensions

https://github.com/shravan20/prodexplora MIT S K B 19% Badge level for project 8390 is 19%
8391 kapparmor

AppArmor profiles loader to deploy and update them through a Kubernetes daemonset

https://github.com/tuxerrante/kapparmor Apache-2.0 Affinito Alessandro 72% Badge level for project 8391 is 72%
8392 QField

A simplified touch optimized interface for QGIS

https://qfield.org GPL-2.0 Marco Bernasocchi 99% Badge level for project 8392 is 99%
8393 improv wifi

CLI to provision wifi using bluetooth

https://github.com/MrMarble/improv-wifi GPL-3.0 Alvaro Tinoco 15% Badge level for project 8393 is 15%
8395 zabbix-docker

Official Zabbix Dockerfiles

https://github.com/zabbix/zabbix-docker GPL-2.0 Alexey Pustovalov 2024-02-13 13:25:51 109% Badge level for project 8395 is 109%
8396 ts-graphviz

Simple Graphviz library for TypeScript.

https://ts-graphviz.github.io/ts-graphviz MIT Yuki Yamazaki 2024-02-12 14:41:57 105% Badge level for project 8396 is 105%
8397 mazesoba-continent

A Bluesky client with minimum window and miscellaneous toppings.

https://github.com/kakakaya/mazesoba-continent MIT kakakaya 43% Badge level for project 8397 is 43%
8398 ruter-reiseplanlegger

Reiseplanlegger som tar deg fra et sted til et annet sted

https://github.com/alsta017/ruter-reiseplanlegger alsta017 10% Badge level for project 8398 is 10%
8399 s2d2

structuring Sentinel-2 metadata and level 1C imagery for advanced remote sensing processing

https://s2d2.readthedocs.io/en/latest Apache-2.0 Bas Altena 93% Badge level for project 8399 is 93%
8400 Normalized_VisDrone

This is the main repository for REU application on drone offloading and more

https://github.com/CaesarQu/Normalized_VisDrone CaesarQu 27% Badge level for project 8400 is 27%
8402 .github

Stripe uses the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct for our open-source community.

https://stripe.com MIT Adawntoremember 15% Badge level for project 8402 is 15%
8403 tutorial-1

A project for my Advanced Programming Course on My 2024 Spring Semester

https://github.com/KronosDP/tutorial-1 KronosDP 10% Badge level for project 8403 is 10%
8404 OpenTelemetry Collector

OpenTelemetry is not an observability backend like Jaeger, Prometheus, or other commercial vendors. OpenTelemetry is focused on the generation, collection,...

https://opentelemetry.io Apache 2.0 Carter Socha 2024-02-22 23:10:34 113% Badge level for project 8404 is 113%
8405 waywiserrr

waywiseR, Rewritten in Rust

https://docs.ropensci.org/waywiser OTHER Michael Mahoney 15% Badge level for project 8405 is 15%
8406 sentryflow

API Observability and Security

https://github.com/boanlab/sentryflow Apache-2.0 Isu Kim 16% Badge level for project 8406 is 16%
8407 auto-data-version.git

This repository contains all the necessary source code to assign the "minor" term from the standard data versioning framework.

https://github.com/albagc/auto-data-version.git MIT Alba GC 76% Badge level for project 8407 is 76%
8408 llvm-snapshots

Everything to build LLVM snapshots

https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/g/fedora-llvm-team/llvm-snapshots Konrad Kleine 13% Badge level for project 8408 is 13%
8409 repository-template

A repository template for common AI/ML projects

https://github.com/justinthelaw/repository-template Apache-2.0 Justin Law 19% Badge level for project 8409 is 19%
8410 Application-bundle

App bundle

https://github.com/CEEANPROJEC/Application-bundle Apache-2.0 CEEANPROJEC 15% Badge level for project 8410 is 15%
8411 caesarqu.github.io

Chengyi Qu personal website.

https://caesarqu.github.io MIT CaesarQu 2024-02-16 02:12:40 105% Badge level for project 8411 is 105%
8413 trustmark-initiative https://openvoicenetwork.org/trustmark-initiative Nathan Southern 3% Badge level for project 8413 is 3%
8414 java-spiffe

Java client library implementation for SPIFFE.

https://github.com/spiffe/java-spiffe Apache-2.0 Max Lambrecht 16% Badge level for project 8414 is 16%
8415 喵哩喵哩

跨平台的 Swift 原生B站客户端

https://github.com/Darock-Studio/Darock-Bili GPL-3.0 Mark Chan 2024-02-17 22:05:21 193% Badge level for project 8415 is 193%
8416 BigDL

Fast, distributed, secure AI for Big Data

https://bigdl.readthedocs.io Apache-2.0 Shaojun Liu 16% Badge level for project 8416 is 16%
8417 EasyEnum

Using enum everywhere!!

https://github.com/luo-zhan/EasyEnum Apache-2.0 Robot.L 99% Badge level for project 8417 is 99%
8418 TokenScript-Examples

A repo full of complete TokenScripts which you can use for your own tokens that run natively on AlphaWallet iOS and Android

https://tokenscript.org MIT shingtzu 33% Badge level for project 8418 is 33%
8419 OWASP IoT Security Testing Guide

The OWASP IoT Security Testing Guide provides a comprehensive methodology for penetration tests in the IoT field offering flexibility to adapt innovations...

https://owasp.org/www-project-iot-security-testing-guide CC-BY-SA-4.0 Aaron G 88% Badge level for project 8419 is 88%

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