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Id Название Описание Сайт Лицензия Владелец Последнее достижение % по всем уровням Значок
537 ahier/still

collaboration with distinct differentiation

https://github.com/ahier/laurenstill.github.io - 10% Проект 537 выполнил критерии для значка на 10%
538 SOTA Reference Implementation project - Server

SOTA is a complete suite for uploading, managing, queueing, transmitting, validating, and deploying software updates remotely to a fleet of vehicles. It...

https://advancedtelematic.github.io/rvi_sota_server MPL-2.0 Arthur Taylor 46% Проект 538 выполнил критерии для значка на 46%
539 C++ Implementation of SOTA Client

This is an implementation of an OTA download client to the RVI SOTA Server ( https://github.com/advancedtelematic/rvi_sota_server )

https://github.com/advancedtelematic/sota_client_cpp MPL-2.0 Arthur Taylor 61% Проект 539 выполнил критерии для значка на 61%
540 HTTP web applications for Vert.x

Vert.x-Web is a tool-kit for writing sophisticated modern web applications and HTTP microservices.

https://vertx.io Apache-2.0 Paulo Lopes 2023-08-28 10:39:21 109% Проект 540 выполнил критерии для значка на 109%
541 cs-studio

Control System Studio is an Eclipse-based collections of tools to monitor and operate large scale control systems, such as the ones in the accelerator...

http://controlsystemstudio.github.com EPL Eric Berryman 45% Проект 541 выполнил критерии для значка на 45%
542 GitHub Training Kit

This project houses GitHub Professional Services' open sourced training content, including on demand courses and cheat sheets for Git and GitHub.

https://services.github.com/on-demand CC-BY-4.0 Eric Hollenberry 15% Проект 542 выполнил критерии для значка на 15%
543 jabref

Graphical Java application for managing BibTeX and BibLaTeX (.bib) databases

https://www.jabref.org MIT Simon Harrer 16% Проект 543 выполнил критерии для значка на 16%
544 Python bindings to the Compact Language Detector https://github.com/GregBowyer/cld2-cffi Apache-2.0 Greg Bowyer 15% Проект 544 выполнил критерии для значка на 15%
545 Amity Room Allocation System

This is a room allocation system for one of Andela’s facilities called Amity.

https://github.com/andela-akhenda/cp1a MIT Joseph Akhenda 19% Проект 545 выполнил критерии для значка на 19%
546 laravel-google-custom-search-engine

Laravel package to get Google Custom Search results from Google Custom Search Engine API for both free and paid versions.

https://github.com/jdrda/laravel-google-custom-search-engine MIT Jan Drda 15% Проект 546 выполнил критерии для значка на 15%
549 httpie

Modern command line HTTP client — user-friendly curl alternative with intuitive UI, JSON support, syntax highlighting, wget-like downloads, extensions, etc....

https://httpie.org BSD-3-Clause Jakub Roztocil 27% Проект 549 выполнил критерии для значка на 27%
551 The EBA bug finder

EBA is a static bug finder for C that specializes in finding violations of control-dominated API rules (aka "resource manipulation bugs"). EBA is lightweight...

https://github.com/IagoAbal/eba BSD-3-Clause Iago 93% Проект 551 выполнил критерии для значка на 93%
552 Weblate

Web based lozalization tool with tight version control integration.

https://weblate.org GPL-3.0 Michal Čihař 2016-12-12 11:30:50 193% Проект 552 выполнил критерии для значка на 193%
553 mutator

A C code mutator,Misra-C checker and when possible, a Misra-C implementer using the Clang frontend written mostly in C++ and some bash.

https://github.com/bloodstalker/mutator LGPL-3.0 Farzad Sadeghi 2017-01-15 14:47:57 124% Проект 553 выполнил критерии для значка на 124%
556 Omegle-Client https://gitlab.com/tfSheol/Omegle-Client Sheol 15% Проект 556 выполнил критерии для значка на 15%
557 willgo Yuri V 3% Проект 557 выполнил критерии для значка на 3%
558 l3.io https://github.com/laithshadeed/l3.io MIT Laith Shadeed 15% Проект 558 выполнил критерии для значка на 15%
560 The server side of the Karma mobile app.

An online service to save and serve items and pictures users located on a map.

The project features are described in plain english and are ran against our...

https://g2p.give2peer.org GPL-3.0+ Antoine Goutenoir 10% Проект 560 выполнил критерии для значка на 10%
561 NetworkParser

Framework for serialization to Json, XML, Byte and Excel, therefore an oviparous wool milk sow J

https://github.com/fujaba/NetworkParser MIT - 2018-02-09 14:54:26 111% Проект 561 выполнил критерии для значка на 111%
562 Waarp R66 File Transfer Monitor https://github.com/fjudith/WaarpR66 Florian JUDITH 15% Проект 562 выполнил критерии для значка на 15%
563 docker-waarp-r66

Dockerized Waarp R66 file transfer gateway & monotoring solution on top of Centos 6 official image.

https://hub.docker.com/r/fjudith/waarp-r66 GPL-3.0 Florian JUDITH 27% Проект 563 выполнил критерии для значка на 27%
564 Network recon framework. https://ivre.rocks GPL-3.0+ Pierre Lalet 78% Проект 564 выполнил критерии для значка на 78%
565 Pulp

Repository for Pulp platform code, including the server and base admin and consumer clients

http://pulpproject.org GPL-2.0 - 84% Проект 565 выполнил критерии для значка на 84%

Cszcms is a content manager and web application builder or web services. It is developed in PHP based on the CodeIgniter framework and other useful libraries.

http://astian.org ADPL-1.0 Astian Foundation 99% Проект 566 выполнил критерии для значка на 99%
567 cszcms

Open Source CMS (Content Management System) with Codeigniter and Bootstrap.

https://www.cszcms.com OTHER Cskaza Bassist 13% Проект 567 выполнил критерии для значка на 13%
568 SimplaCMS Pro https://github.com/SimplaCMS-PRO/Simpla OTHER Evgen 13% Проект 568 выполнил критерии для значка на 13%
569 Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

It groups containers that make up an...

https://kubernetes.io Apache-2.0 - 2017-08-16 14:52:28 111% Проект 569 выполнил критерии для значка на 111%
570 Crate Robot

Code for the 2014 FRC 4571 Robot. Reimagined.

https://github.com/frc4571/CrateRobot MIT - 25% Проект 570 выполнил критерии для значка на 25%
571 Taecocc.com https://github.com/pawatzaza5/taecocc - 10% Проект 571 выполнил критерии для значка на 10%
572 Turkish-Ottoman Makam (M)usic Analysis TOolbox

tomato is a comprehensive and easy-to-use toolbox in Python for the analysis of audio recordings and music scores of Turkish-Ottoman makam music. The toolbox...

https://github.com/sertansenturk/tomato AGPL-3.0 Sertan Senturk 40% Проект 572 выполнил критерии для значка на 40%

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