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4789 image-automation-controller

GitOps Toolkit controller that patches container image tags in Git

https://toolkit.fluxcd.io Apache-2.0 Daniel Holbach 2021-04-08 10:21:04 109% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4789 ist 109%
4790 image-reflector-controller

GitOps Toolkit controller that scans container registries

https://toolkit.fluxcd.io Apache-2.0 Daniel Holbach 2021-04-08 10:25:12 109% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4790 ist 109%
4791 notification-controller

The GitOps Toolkit event forwarded and notification dispatcher

https://toolkit.fluxcd.io Apache-2.0 Daniel Holbach 2021-04-08 10:28:55 109% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4791 ist 109%
4792 github3api

An advanced REST client for the GitHub API.

https://github.com/soda480/github3api Apache-2.0 Emilio Reyes 61% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4792 ist 61%
4793 sample-service

Sample service is a basic hello-world application that is used by the EdgeX DevOps working group for build automation / validation of Jenkins Pipelines.

https://github.com/edgexfoundry/sample-service Apache-2.0 Emilio Reyes 42% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4793 ist 42%
4794 go-amplitude

Golang client for the Amplitude analytics application.

https://github.com/pghq/go-amplitude MIT Percee Goings 2021-04-09 05:43:31 107% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4794 ist 107%
4795 Powsybl

PowSyBl (Power System Blocks) is an open source library written in Java, dedicated to electrical grid modelling, simulation and visualisation. The power...

https://www.powsybl.org MPL-2.0 Anne Tilloy 2021-04-21 06:28:11 243% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4795 ist 243%
4796 sprockets-statsd

Asynchronous StatsD reporter

https://github.com/sprockets/sprockets-statsd BSD-3-Clause dave-shawley 79% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4796 ist 79%
4797 ilke

Ilkilabs Kubernetes Engine(ILKE) is an open-source Kubernetes lightweight Distribution built on top of CNCF ecosystem that provides an enterprise grade...

https://github.com/ilkilabs/ilke Apache-2.0 pierre 91% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4797 ist 91%
4798 FogFlow

FogFlow is a standard-based IoT fog computing framework that supports serverless computing and edge computing with advanced programming models. It...

https://github.com/smartfog/fogflow BSD-3-Clause smartfog 2021-04-19 07:46:59 109% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4798 ist 109%
4799 RedisTree

Redis Tree (Ploytree) Structure Module

https://github.com/OhBonsai/RedisTree MIT Bonsai 18% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4799 ist 18%
4800 context.Orion-LD

An NGSI-LD Context Broker

https://github.com/FIWARE/context.Orion-LD AGPL-3.0 Ken Zangelin 2021-04-12 11:09:45 109% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4800 ist 109%
4801 bubbly

Bubbly is an open-source platform that gives you confidence in your continuous release process.

https://docs.bubbly.dev MPL-2.0 Jacob Lärfors 19% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4801 ist 19%
4802 iotmaker.docker.util.install.container https://github.com/helmutkemper/iotmaker.docker.util.install.container Apache-2.0 helmut Kemper 15% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4802 ist 15%
4803 contactmail-support https://www.contactmail-support.com Mark Ethan 3% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4803 ist 3%
4804 fairworkflows

A python library for constructing, modifying and publishing scientific workflows described using semantic technologies.

https://github.com/fair-workflows/fairworkflows Apache-2.0 Robin Richardson 45% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4804 ist 45%
4805 bazelisk

A user-friendly launcher for Bazel.

https://github.com/invictus80/bazelisk Apache-2.0 ssgovind 15% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4805 ist 15%
4806 OperatorFabric Core

OperatorFabric is a modular, extensible, industrial-strength platform for use in electricity, water, and other utility operations. It aims to facilitate...

https://opfab.github.io MPL-2.0 Alexandra Guironnet 2023-11-29 14:32:24 160% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4806 ist 160%
4807 DataStructures-Algorithms

Data-structures and algorithms implemented in typescript with explanation docs

https://surjitsahoo.github.io/DataStructures-Algorithms MIT Surjit Sahoo 15% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4807 ist 15%
4808 pokeapi

This is a full RESTful API linked to an extensive database detailing everything about the Pokémon main game series.

https://pokeapi.co BSD-3-Clause Alessandro Pezzè 88% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4808 ist 88%
4810 openmw

OpenMW is an open-source open-world RPG game engine that supports playing Morrowind.

https://openmw.org GPL-3.0-only jvoisin 2021-04-17 15:25:17 105% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4810 ist 105%
4812 racklet

Open source scale-model of Data Centers using commodity compute like Raspberry Pis

https://racklet.io Apache-2.0 Lucas Käldström 31% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4812 ist 31%
4813 DARP

GUI - Divide Areas Algorithm for Optimal Multi-Robot Coverage Path Planning

http://kapoutsis.info/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/j3.pdf OTHER Thanasis Kapoutsis 12% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4813 ist 12%
4814 A-distributed-plug-n-play-algorithm-for-multi-robot-applications-with-a-priori-non-computable-objec

A distributed, plug-n-play algorithm for multi-robot applications with a priori non-computable objective functions

http://kapoutsis.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/j4.pdf GPL-3.0 Thanasis Kapoutsis 16% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4814 ist 16%
4815 Continuously-Informed-Heuristic-A---Optimal-path-retrieval-inside-an-unknown-environment

Continusously Informed Heuristic A* - Optimal path retrieval inside an unknown environment

http://kapoutsis.info/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/ssrr2017Final.pdf Thanasis Kapoutsis 9% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4815 ist 9%
4816 Connectivity kit for kuka Robot

This Rose-AP is an “Open Source” component which has a generic basis. A predefined set of robot-data is extracted from the robot and piped to a context...

https://github.com/ramp-eu/JS2SF Apache-2.0 Optidrive 2021-05-31 14:03:10 107% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4816 ist 107%
4817 inspr

Inspr is an application mesh for simple, fast and secure development of distributed applications.

https://inspr.com MIT Breno Jesus 16% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4817 ist 16%
4818 cmusrp-rust

External Discord Rich Presence provider for cmus, written in Rust

https://github.com/MineClashTV/cmusrp-rust GPL-3.0 Pascal Puffke 61% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4818 ist 61%
4819 OpenSSH

OpenSSH is the premier connectivity tool for remote login with the SSH protocol. It encrypts all traffic to eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking,...

https://openssh.com BSD-2-Clause Theo de Raadt 93% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4819 ist 93%
4820 img


https://github.com/tomoncle/img 佚名 10% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4820 ist 10%

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