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5918 asap-clap

C++ command line arguments parser with the popular features of other command line parsers, while keeping an intuitive interface and avoiding unnecessary bloat.

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-clap BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 24% Badge level for project 5918 is 24%
5919 asap-common

A header only C++ library offering the most basic toolkit for multi-platform and multi-compiler development, including macros and compiler definitions for...

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-common BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 24% Badge level for project 5919 is 24%
5920 asap-contract

Lightweight implementation of contract checking in C++ and helpers for unit testing contracts without the need for death tests.

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-contract BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 21% Badge level for project 5920 is 21%
5921 asap-mixin

A header-only library to facilitate implementation of mixins in C++.

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-mixin BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 27% Badge level for project 5921 is 27%
5922 asap-fsm

Template-based framework for implementing finite state machines in C++.

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-fsm BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 21% Badge level for project 5922 is 21%
5923 asap-textwrap

Text wrapper and column formatter for C++.

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-textwrap BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 2023-04-17 08:55:52 107% Badge level for project 5923 is 107%
5925 com-pas

The primary goal of the CoMPAS project is to develop open source software components related to IEC 61850 model implementation, specifically for profile...

https://github.com/com-pas Apache-2.0 Frédéric FOUSSERET 2022-05-10 07:58:21 187% Badge level for project 5925 is 187%
5926 LNN

A Neural = Symbolic framework for sound and complete weighted real-value logic

https://IBM.github.io/LNN Apache-2.0 Naweed Khan 36% Badge level for project 5926 is 36%
5927 userli

Web application to (self-) manage email users and encrypt their mailboxes.

AGPL-3.0 t2d 19% Badge level for project 5927 is 19%
5928 ov

🎑Feature-rich terminal-based text viewer. It is a so-called terminal pager.

https://noborus.github.io/ov MIT Noboru Saito 18% Badge level for project 5928 is 18%
5929 SnykVulnCheck

Snyk Vulnerability Checking tool

https://github.com/Andrii-Grytsenko-OWASP/SnykVulnCheck Andrii-Grytsenko-OWASP 93% Badge level for project 5929 is 93%
5930 .github

Template files and descriptions for the while-true-do.io organization.

https://github.com/whiletruedoio/.github BSD-3-Clause Daniel Schier 18% Badge level for project 5930 is 18%
5931 jira_cli

A little CLI for Jira using the REST API

https://sycured.com/jira-cli GPL-2.0 sycured 15% Badge level for project 5931 is 15%
5932 wm-extension

🍉 Highlight a piece of code to see its historical context. Receive helpful responses in plain English with our open-source tool.

https://github.com/watermelontools/wm-extension Apache-2.0 Esteban Vargas 25% Badge level for project 5932 is 25%
5933 learning-to-combine-grammatical-error-corrections

Code from the "Learning to combine Grammatical Error Corrections" paper. Proceedings of the Fourteenth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building...

https://github.com/IBM/learning-to-combine-grammatical-error-corrections Apache-2.0 Yoav Katz 15% Badge level for project 5933 is 15%
5934 htmlutils

Module supporting search and comparison of HTML using trees

https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/iwdgo/htmlutils GPL-3.0 Constantin Konstantinidis 15% Badge level for project 5934 is 15%
5935 Le Mot Diplomatique https://mot-diplomatique.fr MIT Canarduck 90% Badge level for project 5935 is 90%
5936 go-tautulli

Go library for accessing the Tautulli API

https://github.com/cinehouse/go-tautulli MIT Andrew Kochura 15% Badge level for project 5936 is 15%
5937 beacon-for-ibm-dotcom

Beacon for IBM.com is an audit tool for various compliance checks for IBM.com pages.

https://github.com/IBM/beacon-for-ibm-dotcom Apache-2.0 Jeff Chew 16% Badge level for project 5937 is 16%
5938 paketo-buildpacks

Cloud Native Buildpack implementations for popular programming language ecosystems

https://paketo.io David Espejo 2022-09-22 18:58:01 105% Badge level for project 5938 is 105%
5939 argopy

A python library for Argo data beginners and experts

https://argopy.readthedocs.io Apache-2.0 Guillaume Maze 24% Badge level for project 5939 is 24%
5940 ceph-csi

Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver for Ceph. Commonly used together with the Rook Ceph operator to manage a Ceph storage cluster for Kubernetes and...

https://github.com/ceph/ceph-csi Apache-2.0 Niels de Vos 84% Badge level for project 5940 is 84%
5941 LinearOperators.jl

Linear Operators for Julia

https://github.com/JuliaSmoothOptimizers/LinearOperators.jl OTHER Abel Siqueira 15% Badge level for project 5941 is 15%
5942 z-and-cloud-modernization-stack-community

Z and Cloud Modernization Stack community repo

https://github.com/IBM/z-and-cloud-modernization-stack-community Apache-2.0 Ivan Dovgan 15% Badge level for project 5942 is 15%
5943 klts http://klts.io Paco Xu 1% Badge level for project 5943 is 1%
5944 FastLink

FastLink. A lightweight, memory-efficient Lavalink wrapper using Node.js.

https://github.com/ThePedroo/FastLink Apache-2.0 ThePedro 90% Badge level for project 5944 is 90%
5945 concord

A Discord API wrapper library written in C

https://cogmasters.github.io/concord MIT Lucas Müller 70% Badge level for project 5945 is 70%
5946 iorek

Library for checking public (or private) breached credential data to determine if a password is appropriately secure for usage

https://github.com/sebeard/iorek MIT Stuart Beard 58% Badge level for project 5946 is 58%
5947 external-secrets

External Secrets Operator reads information from a third-party service like AWS Secrets Manager and automatically injects the values as Kubernetes Secrets.

https://external-secrets.io Apache-2.0 Moritz Johner 2022-04-13 21:01:35 104% Badge level for project 5947 is 104%
5948 spring-bot

Spring Boot + Java Integration for Symphony/Teams Chat Platform Bots and Apps

https://springbot.finos.org Apache-2.0 Rob Moffat 2022-04-14 12:41:01 111% Badge level for project 5948 is 111%

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