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6362 kubean.git ERIK 3% Badge level for project 6362 is 3%
6363 wasmCloud

Project homepage. wasmCloud allows for simple, secure, distributed application development using WebAssembly actors and capability providers.

https://wasmcloud.com Apache-2.0 Brooks Townsend 99% Badge level for project 6363 is 99%
6364 pybox

pybox is a library including the useful feature I usually use

https://pyboxes.readthedocs.io/en/latest MIT yangliz5 15% Badge level for project 6364 is 15%
6366 VAST

The network telemetry engine for data-driven security investigations.

https://vast.io BSD-3-Clause Dominik Lohmann 2022-08-16 15:17:17 162% Badge level for project 6366 is 162%
6367 Elixir Stellar SDK

Elixir SDK for the Stellar blockchain

https://github.com/kommitters/stellar_sdk MIT Miguel Nieto A 2022-08-16 19:44:26 109% Badge level for project 6367 is 109%
6368 es6-set

Set collection as specified in ECMAScript 6

https://github.com/medikoo/es6-set ISC Mariusz Nowak 2022-08-17 11:10:48 107% Badge level for project 6368 is 107%
6369 lbconfig-operator

A Kubernetes/Openshift Operator to configure external Load Balancers

https://github.com/carlosedp/lbconfig-operator MIT Carlos Eduardo 24% Badge level for project 6369 is 24%
6370 year-progress

An automatic update of year progress supports JS, Golang, Python, and Shell build with GitHub Actions.

https://github.com/shenxianpeng/year-progress MIT shenxianpeng 15% Badge level for project 6370 is 15%
6372 Black Mirror

Blacklists and whitelists that aim to promote security, safety, and sanity across the internet!

https://github.com/T145/black-mirror AGPL-3.0 T145 2022-08-19 14:17:55 175% Badge level for project 6372 is 175%
6373 Flow Framework

The unified repository containing the Flow core packages, used for Flow development.

https://flow.neos.io MIT Karsten Dambekalns 97% Badge level for project 6373 is 97%
6374 openfga

A high performance and flexible authorization/permission engine built for developers and inspired by Google Zanzibar

https://openfga.dev Apache-2.0 Andrés Aguiar 2023-04-14 17:41:32 171% Badge level for project 6374 is 171%
6375 databend

A modern Elasticity and Performance cloud data warehouse, activate your object storage for real-time analytics. Databend Serverless at...

https://databend.rs Apache-2.0 Chojan Shang 2022-08-28 11:05:19 109% Badge level for project 6375 is 109%
6376 django-remote-submission

The django-remote-submission is an asynchronous task/job queue using Celery Distributed Task Queue and Redis in-memory data structure store as message broker.

https://readthedocs.org/projects/django-remote-submission ISC Jose Borreguero 43% Badge level for project 6376 is 43%
6377 fildesh

Fildesh is a scripting language to help pipe data between programs. With elastic buffering, a pipeline can be a DAG or even a digraph with cycles.

https://github.com/fildesh/fildesh ISC Alex Klinkhamer 2022-08-20 12:52:42 105% Badge level for project 6377 is 105%
6378 fugle-go

Go library for accessing the Fugle v0.3 API

https://github.com/miles170/fugle-go BSD-3-Clause miles170 15% Badge level for project 6378 is 15%
6379 jsmetrics

Library of algorithms and metrics used to characterise and/or identify jet-streams, based on xarray.

https://github.com/Thomasjkeel/jsmetrics MIT Thomas Keel 19% Badge level for project 6379 is 19%
6380 gh-poi

✨ Safely clean up your local branches

https://dev.to/seachicken/safely-clean-up-your-local-branches-9i3 MIT Seito Tanaka 2022-09-03 14:28:39 109% Badge level for project 6380 is 109%
6381 FOO

Metasyntactic website ;-)

https://github.com/Madhusuthanan-B/FOO MIT Madhusuthanan 15% Badge level for project 6381 is 15%
6382 merbridge

Use eBPF to speed up your Service Mesh like crossing an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

https://merbridge.io Apache-2.0 Kebe 39% Badge level for project 6382 is 39%
6383 simple-golang-app https://github.com/aiwantaozi/simple-golang-app Apache-2.0 michela feng 12% Badge level for project 6383 is 12%
6384 community

documentation for community members

https://www.konveyor.io Apache-2.0 Savitha Raghunathan 2022-08-31 18:16:09 105% Badge level for project 6384 is 105%
6385 cti-stix-generator

OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) TC: A tool for generating STIX content for prototyping and testing. https://github.com/oasis-open/cti-stix-generator

https://stix2-generator.readthedocs.io BSD-3-Clause Emily Ratliff 61% Badge level for project 6385 is 61%
6386 react-h2qtij

Created with StackBlitz ⚡️

https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-h2qtij Reinhard Oosthuizen 21% Badge level for project 6386 is 21%
6387 BitcartCC

Your self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency all-in-one solution

https://bitcartcc.com GPL-3.0 MrNaif2018 2022-08-23 10:02:25 104% Badge level for project 6387 is 104%
6389 scraper

PHP library to Scrape website into entity easily

https://github.com/rem42/scraper MIT rem42 15% Badge level for project 6389 is 15%
6390 SELinux userspace

SELinux is a flexible and granular Mandatory Access Control (MAC) mechanism built into the Linux Kernel. The SELinux userspace libraries and tools...

https://github.com/SELinuxProject Paul Moore 69% Badge level for project 6390 is 69%
6391 mysql-context-manager

Work with MySQL based databases asynchronously, using a context manager.

https://github.com/IdoKendo/mysql-context-manager MIT IdoKendo 15% Badge level for project 6391 is 15%
6392 Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF

Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) is an automated, all-in-one mobile application (Android/iOS/Windows) pen-testing, malware analysis and security assessment...

https://opensecurity.in GPL-3.0 Ajin Abraham 97% Badge level for project 6392 is 97%
6393 JReleaser

Release projects quickly and easily with JReleaser

https://jreleaser.org Apache-2.0 Andres Almiray 2022-12-11 12:42:35 173% Badge level for project 6393 is 173%
6394 libczh

czh is a simple data serialization format designed by caozhanhao.

https://github.com/caozhanhao/libczh Apache-2.0 caozhanhao 93% Badge level for project 6394 is 93%

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