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7790 rsonpath

Blazing fast JSONPath query engine written in Rust.

https://v0ldek.github.io/rsonpath MIT V0ldek 99% Badge level for project 7790 is 99%
7791 JBSqlUtils

JBSqlUtils es un ORM desarrollado en java por José Carlos Alfredo Bran Aguirre, que permite gestionar BD's SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL y SQLServer, de...

https://github.com/Jbranadev/JBSqlUtils Apache-2.0 José Carlos Bran 2023-09-04 17:02:25 107% Badge level for project 7791 is 107%
7792 vsecm https://vsecm.com Volkan Özçelik 9% Badge level for project 7792 is 9%
7793 secrets-manager

VMware Secrets Manager for Cloud-Native Apps is a lightweight secrets manager to protect your sensitive data. It’s perfect for edge deployments where energy...

https://vsecm.com BSD-2-Clause Volkan Özçelik 73% Badge level for project 7793 is 73%
7794 key

KeY Theorem Prover for Deductive Java Verification

https://key-project.org GPL-2.0-only Alexander Weigl 2023-09-10 23:31:03 109% Badge level for project 7794 is 109%
7795 go-aas-proxy

Asset Administration Shell(AAS) proxy for RDBMS backend

https://github.com/hiroyoshii/go-aas-proxy Apache-2.0 hiroyoshii 15% Badge level for project 7795 is 15%
7796 SimplestLoadBalancer

SLB is a UDP load balancer that evenly distributes packets to back-end targets without session affinity, and with low-latency target management (add, remove...

https://github.com/mlhpdx/SimplestLoadBalancer MIT mlhpdx 79% Badge level for project 7796 is 79%
7797 neboa

Type-safe NoSQL with Node & SQLite. 🌫️💽

https://aerotoad.github.io/neboa AGPL-3.0 Samuel Bazaga 18% Badge level for project 7797 is 18%
7798 llm-guard

The Security Toolkit for LLM Interactions

https://laiyer.ai MIT Oleksandr Yaremchuk 24% Badge level for project 7798 is 24%
7799 repository-scanner

The Repository Scanner (RESC) is a tool used to detect secrets in source code management and version control systems (e.g. GitHub, BitBucket, or Azure...

https://github.com/abnamro/repository-scanner MIT Repository-Scanner 2023-09-05 10:32:15 243% Badge level for project 7799 is 243%
7801 election-predictions

A framework for analysing polling data and predicting election outcomes.

https://github.com/edoaltamura/election-predictions Apache-2.0 Edoardo Altamura 60% Badge level for project 7801 is 60%
7802 hdf5

Official HDF5® Library Repository

https://github.com/HDFGroup/hdf5 OTHER Dana Robinson 18% Badge level for project 7802 is 18%
7803 cap-operator

CAP Operator manages and automates the lifecyle of multi-tenant SAP Cloud Application Programming model (CAP) based applications on Kubernetes.

https://sap.github.io/cap-operator Apache-2.0 Pavan 2023-09-06 14:19:11 111% Badge level for project 7803 is 111%
7804 Detect.js

Library to detect browser, os and device based on the UserAgent String

https://github.com/darcyclarke/Detect.js Darcy Clarke 10% Badge level for project 7804 is 10%
7805 flashloanattack.sol


https://github.com/bitcoinfinancier/flashloanattack.sol bitcoinfinancier 10% Badge level for project 7805 is 10%
7806 remix https://github.com/bitcoinfinancier/remix MIT bitcoinfinancier 15% Badge level for project 7806 is 15%
7807 template-ecommerce-webapp-nextjs https://github.com/bitcoinfinancier/template-ecommerce-webapp-nextjs MIT bitcoinfinancier 16% Badge level for project 7807 is 16%
7808 CCF https://github.com/microsoft/CCF Amaury Chamayou 3% Badge level for project 7808 is 3%
7809 CCF https://github.com/microsoft/CCF Amaury Chamayou 3% Badge level for project 7809 is 3%
7810 CCF https://github.com/microsoft/CCF Amaury Chamayou 3% Badge level for project 7810 is 3%
7811 buyerassistent

Rewrite buyerhelper project

https://github.com/TkachenkoVitaliy/buyerassistent Vitaliy 13% Badge level for project 7811 is 13%
7812 LogsJBSupport

LogsJBSupport es una librería java que permite la gestión de registros de un programa en paralelo a la ejecución del programa, lo cual la hace una potente...

https://github.com/Jbranadev/LogsJBSupport OTHER José Carlos Bran 18% Badge level for project 7812 is 18%
7813 skillbox-microservices-course https://github.com/ascjke/skillbox-microservices-course Zakhar Borisov 10% Badge level for project 7813 is 10%
7814 mygarden https://gitlab.com/m9712/mygarden BugProg 3% Badge level for project 7814 is 3%
7815 kustomize-plugin-merger

A Kustomize generator plugin to merge YAML files seamlessly (schemaless merge).

https://github.com/aabouzaid/kustomize-plugin-merger Apache-2.0 Ahmed AbouZaid 2023-09-18 22:28:16 109% Badge level for project 7815 is 109%
7816 Desmond1976577

Config files for my GitHub profile.

https://github.com/Desmond1976577 Desmond1976577 10% Badge level for project 7816 is 10%
7817 google-chat-poll

Absolute Poll - Google Chat Apps

https://absolute-poll.yaskur.com MIT Muhammad Dyas Yaskur 2023-09-11 22:11:40 107% Badge level for project 7817 is 107%
7818 martha

A Conversational AI Bot

https://github.com/mishesbone/martha MIT Fwangshak Mishwatts 99% Badge level for project 7818 is 99%
7820 weave-gitops

Weave GitOps provides insights into your application deployments, and makes continuous delivery with GitOps easier to adopt and scale across your teams.

https://docs.gitops.weave.works MPL-2.0 Weaveworks 87% Badge level for project 7820 is 87%
7821 gif-picker-react

Tenor GIF Picker component for React ⚛️

http://dokurno.dev/gif-picker-react MIT Bartosz Dokurno 13% Badge level for project 7821 is 13%

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