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7822 rebaser

A GitHub Action that can resolve basic version conflicts between Git branches

https://github.com/martincostello/rebaser Apache-2.0 Martin Costello 2023-09-11 12:52:32 105% Badge level for project 7822 is 105%
7823 scorecard

Security Scorecards - Security health metrics for Open Source

https://github.com/raghavkaul/scorecard Apache-2.0 raghavkaul 19% Badge level for project 7823 is 19%
7824 rainforest

Ultra light weight Data Mesh

https://awareness-labs.github.io Apache-2.0 Tachun Wu 18% Badge level for project 7824 is 18%
7825 Awareness-Labs.github.io https://github.com/Awareness-Labs/Awareness-Labs.github.io Tachun Wu 12% Badge level for project 7825 is 12%
7826 firefly

Hyperledger FireFly is the first open source Supernode: a complete stack for enterprises to build and scale secure Web3 applications. The FireFly API for...

Apache-2.0 Nicko Guyer 2023-09-11 20:41:18 105% Badge level for project 7826 is 105%
7827 Marsmonki

Config files for my GitHub profile.

https://github.com/Marsmonki PandaLion 10% Badge level for project 7827 is 10%
7828 spino.js

A robust framework that leverages well-established and industry-compliant algorithms via a user-friendly API, facilitating effortless integration of...

https://www.npmjs.com/package/spino.js AGPL-3.0 Reece Harris 22% Badge level for project 7828 is 22%
7829 flosssearch

Flosssearch.Edu supports the process of choosing open-source projects. GPL-3.0-only Christina von Flach 15% Badge level for project 7829 is 15%
7830 mata61-exercicios

Exercícios para a disciplina de Compiladores.

https://github.com/MATA61-IC-UFBA/mata61-exercicios GPL-3.0 Christina von Flach 18% Badge level for project 7830 is 18%
7831 neuralnetwork

AI lib written in typescript

https://github.com/AugustinMauroy/neuralnetwork MIT Augustin Mauroy 21% Badge level for project 7831 is 21%
7832 sync_gateway

Manages access and synchronization between Couchbase Lite and Couchbase Server

https://github.com/couchbase/sync_gateway OTHER Ben Brooks 18% Badge level for project 7832 is 18%
7833 Todors

CRUD application written in Rust, with HTTP, gRPC and CLI interface.

https://todors.fly.dev/docs MIT Meysam 15% Badge level for project 7833 is 15%
7834 terraform-provider-glesys

Terraform provider for integrating with the GleSYS API.

https://github.com/glesys/terraform-provider-glesys MPL-2.0 Andreas Eriksson 57% Badge level for project 7834 is 57%
7835 tlapack

C++ Template Linear Algebra PACKage

https://github.com/tlapack/tlapack BSD-3-Clause Weslley S. Pereira 88% Badge level for project 7835 is 88%
7836 Kotaro

This project contains the workflow to calculate the german salary tax.

https://github.com/AK2083/Kotaro MIT Adrian Helmchen 15% Badge level for project 7836 is 15%
7837 AlgorithmicCompetition.jl

Computational models of algorithmic competition

https://github.com/jeremiahpslewis/AlgorithmicCompetition.jl MIT Jeremiah 45% Badge level for project 7837 is 45%
7838 explorer

A set of packages which help creating high-quality websites efficiently by combining schema.org for structured content, ContentLayer for content build and...

https://www.galactiks.com MIT Emmanuel Gautier 15% Badge level for project 7838 is 15%
7839 tork

A distributed workflow engine

https://tork.run MIT Arik Cohen 19% Badge level for project 7839 is 19%
7840 go-abnf

Go module to handle Augmented Backus-Naur Form (ABNF), providing a large API. It implements RFC 5234 and 7405, with Errata 2968 and 3076.

https://github.com/pandatix/go-abnf MIT Lucas TESSON 18% Badge level for project 7840 is 18%
7841 moleculer

Progressive microservices framework for Node.js

https://moleculer.services MIT Icebob 18% Badge level for project 7841 is 18%
7842 actions-semver-checker

This action checks the version tags in your repository to ensure correct semantic versioning behavior.

https://github.com/jessehouwing/actions-semver-checker MIT Jesse Houwing 42% Badge level for project 7842 is 42%
7843 genval

Verify, Generate and Validate dockerfile, K8s Manifests, Helm, Timoni, Kustomize, K8s Operators, Tekton, GitOps, K8s Infa YAML files, etc. programmatically.

Apache-2.0 Santosh Kaluskar 15% Badge level for project 7843 is 15%
7844 ent https://github.com/ent/ent Ivan Vanderbyl 3% Badge level for project 7844 is 3%
7845 libjxl

JPEG XL image format reference implementation, including a library for encoding and decoding JPEG XL images as well as command line tools (cjxl, djxl,...

https://github.com/libjxl/libjxl BSD-3-Clause Jon Sneyers 2023-09-19 15:13:34 287% Badge level for project 7845 is 287%
7846 ghactions-manager

A plugin to manage GitHub actions from JetBrains IDEs (intellij, pycharm, etc.)

https://github.com/cunla/ghactions-manager MIT Daniel M 84% Badge level for project 7846 is 84%
7847 Fluent Bit

Fast and Lightweight Logs and Metrics processor for Linux, BSD, OSX and Windows

https://fluentbit.io Apache-2.0 Pat 60% Badge level for project 7847 is 60%
7848 cmomm4fair2023.github.io

Website for the Conceptual Modeling, Ontologies and Metadata Management for FAIR Data workshop

https://github.com/pedropaulofb/cmomm4fair2023.github.io Pedro Paulo Favato Barcelos 10% Badge level for project 7848 is 10%
7849 docs

The open-source repo for docs.github.com

https://docs.github.com CC-BY-4.0 micjohn123 13% Badge level for project 7849 is 13%
7850 kubviz

Visualize Kubernetes & DevSecOps Workflows. Tracks changes/events real-time across your entire K8s clusters, git repos, container registries, SBOM,...

https://github.com/intelops/kubviz Apache-2.0 Chandu Paladugu 15% Badge level for project 7850 is 15%
7851 compage

Compage - Low-Code Framework to develop Rest API, gRPC, dRPC, GraphQL, WebAssembly, microservices, FaaS, Temporal workloads, IoT and edge services, K8s...

https://github.com/intelops/compage Apache-2.0 Chandu Paladugu 15% Badge level for project 7851 is 15%

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