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5897 ibm-z-oss-hub

Open source software hub for IBM Z

https://github.com/IBM/ibm-z-oss-hub Apache-2.0 zacburns 15% Badge level for project 5897 is 15%
5898 Ansible-OpenShift-Provisioning https://github.com/IBM/Ansible-OpenShift-Provisioning Jacob Emery 3% Badge level for project 5898 is 3%
5899 wntrac-data-analysis

Descriptive analytics of WNTRAC NPIs with focus on 4 study locations as an example.

https://github.com/IBM/wntrac-data-analysis Apache-2.0 cwachira 15% Badge level for project 5899 is 15%
5900 diem

DIEM Data Integration Engine Multipurpose

https://diem.mybluemix.net/diem-help Apache-2.0 Guy Huinen 94% Badge level for project 5900 is 94%
5901 eac

This tool helps managing apps on the local machine.

https://github.com/thetillhoff/eac Apache-2.0 Till Hoffmann 16% Badge level for project 5901 is 16%
5902 uni-resolver-driver-did-ibmdc https://github.com/IBM/uni-resolver-driver-did-ibmdc Marek 3% Badge level for project 5902 is 3%
5903 CSM-Rexx-Collection

Collection of z/OS Rexx scripts and tools for automation of IBM Copy Services Manager

https://github.com/IBM/CSM-Rexx-Collection Apache-2.0 blearandy 88% Badge level for project 5903 is 88%
5904 iot-cloud-ai-tutorial

Integration of Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

https://nicedoc.io/IBM/iot-cloud-ai-tutorial MIT Rodrigo Neumann 15% Badge level for project 5904 is 15%
5905 cloudpak-platform-paper https://github.com/IBM/cloudpak-platform-paper pamandrejko 3% Badge level for project 5905 is 3%
5906 incubator-seatunnel

SeaTunnel is a distributed, high-performance data integration platform for the synchronization and transformation of massive data (offline & real-time).

https://seatunnel.apache.org Apache-2.0 lifeng 19% Badge level for project 5906 is 19%
5907 we-hate-stalking https://we-hate-stalking.com barman2004 3% Badge level for project 5907 is 3%
5908 IBM Developer Recipes

The repo holds Recipes from IBM Developer for user access to the information.

https://github.com/IBM/IBMDeveloper-recipes Apache-2.0 porben 81% Badge level for project 5908 is 81%
5909 spot-core

Selenium Page Object Testing (aka SPOT) framework

https://github.com/IBM/spot-core EPL-2.0 Fusier Frederic 22% Badge level for project 5909 is 22%
5910 blockchain-enabled-crowdfunding

Demonstrate the use of Hyperledger Fabric for building a collaboration platform for Crowdfunding

https://github.com/IBM/blockchain-enabled-crowdfunding Apache-2.0 Muralidhar Chavan 15% Badge level for project 5910 is 15%
5911 kafka-connect-splunk-transformer

This repository contains a custom Kafka Connect transformers which support a transformation of JSON formatted Kafka records into a structure supported by...

https://github.com/IBM/kafka-connect-splunk-transformer Apache-2.0 Jiri Petnik 39% Badge level for project 5911 is 39%
5912 cc-codechecker

Facilities to manage coding challenges.

https://github.com/Daniele-Tentoni/cc-codechecker OTHER Daniele Tentoni 24% Badge level for project 5912 is 24%
5913 Knative

Knative is an Open-Source Enterprise-level solution to build Serverless and Event Driven Applications Serverless Containers in Kubernetes environments.

https://knative.dev Apache-2.0 Carlos Santana 2022-04-28 21:48:16 138% Badge level for project 5913 is 138%
5914 ngo-collaboration-using-blockchain

Demonstrate the use of Hyperledger Fabric for building a collaboration platform for NGOs.

https://github.com/IBM/ngo-collaboration-using-blockchain Apache-2.0 Muralidhar Chavan 15% Badge level for project 5914 is 15%
5915 horusec-operator

Horusec Kubernetes Operator

https://github.com/ZupIT/horusec-operator OTHER barbararochazup 16% Badge level for project 5915 is 16%
5916 charlescd-operator

An operator that enables Hypothesis-Driven Testing

https://charlescd.io Apache-2.0 barbararochazup 58% Badge level for project 5916 is 58%
5917 asap

A modern cmake starter project for C++ with a complete build lifecycle, testing, dependency management, etc. Portable across Linux, OS X and Windows.

https://github.com/abdes/asap BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 2022-04-07 19:52:15 105% Badge level for project 5917 is 105%
5918 asap-clap

C++ command line arguments parser with the popular features of other command line parsers, while keeping an intuitive interface and avoiding unnecessary bloat.

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-clap BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 24% Badge level for project 5918 is 24%
5919 asap-common

A header only C++ library offering the most basic toolkit for multi-platform and multi-compiler development, including macros and compiler definitions for...

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-common BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 24% Badge level for project 5919 is 24%
5920 asap-contract

Lightweight implementation of contract checking in C++ and helpers for unit testing contracts without the need for death tests.

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-contract BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 21% Badge level for project 5920 is 21%
5921 asap-mixin

A header-only library to facilitate implementation of mixins in C++.

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-mixin BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 27% Badge level for project 5921 is 27%
5922 asap-fsm

Template-based framework for implementing finite state machines in C++.

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-fsm BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 21% Badge level for project 5922 is 21%
5923 asap-textwrap

Text wrapper and column formatter for C++.

https://github.com/asap-projects/asap-textwrap BSD-3-Clause Abdessattar Sassi 2023-04-17 08:55:52 107% Badge level for project 5923 is 107%
5925 com-pas

The primary goal of the CoMPAS project is to develop open source software components related to IEC 61850 model implementation, specifically for profile...

https://github.com/com-pas Apache-2.0 Aliou DIAITE 2022-05-10 07:58:21 193% Badge level for project 5925 is 193%
5926 LNN

A Neural = Symbolic framework for sound and complete weighted real-value logic

https://IBM.github.io/LNN Apache-2.0 Naweed Khan 36% Badge level for project 5926 is 36%
5927 userli

Web application to (self-) manage email users and encrypt their mailboxes.

AGPL-3.0 t2d 19% Badge level for project 5927 is 19%

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