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5976 git-queue

A GitHub Action that implements a job queue with a concurrency lock by using Git empty commits

MIT Jose Celano 15% Badge level for project 5976 is 15%
5977 artifactory-snyk-security-plugin

Allow Artifactory users to test their applications against the Snyk vulnerability database

https://docs.snyk.io/features/integrations/private-registry-gatekeeper-plugins/artifactory-gatekeeper-plugin-overview Apache-2.0 The string 18% Badge level for project 5977 is 18%
5978 spawner

Mulit-Cloud infrastructure orchestrator for kubernetes first development.

https://netbook-2.gitbook.io/netbook-docs/opensource/docs/spawner GPL-3.0 R Manikandan 18% Badge level for project 5978 is 18%
5979 project-mognet

Mognet is a fast, simple framework to build distributed applications using task queues.

https://ibm.github.io/project-mognet MIT Michele Dolfi 39% Badge level for project 5979 is 39%
5980 metadata-api

API for listing dataset metadata and license info

https://github.com/dataset-license/metadata-api Apache-2.0 Clement Li 15% Badge level for project 5980 is 15%
5981 test https://github.com/ZichengQu/test Zicheng Qu 10% Badge level for project 5981 is 10%
5982 satcon-client-go

Golang API client for Satellite Config/Razee

https://github.com/IBM/satcon-client-go MIT Steven Collins 19% Badge level for project 5982 is 19%
5983 gitlab-ci-env

GitLab CI Env returns an object containing all of the predefined environment variables provided by GitLab CI.

https://gitlab.com/gitlab-ci-utils/gitlab-ci-env MIT Aaron Goldenthal 2022-04-23 00:47:52 111% Badge level for project 5983 is 111%
5984 PixelCraft

A Pixel Art Editor

https://github.com/rgab1508/PixelCraft MIT Abhishek Chaudhary 15% Badge level for project 5984 is 15%
5985 PopCritic

Movies Reviewed by people, for people

https://popcritic.web.app MIT Abhishek Chaudhary 94% Badge level for project 5985 is 94%
5986 software-patterns

Reusable Software Design Patterns with types, in Python.

https://software-patterns.readthedocs.io AGPL-3.0 Konstantinos Lampridis 16% Badge level for project 5986 is 16%
5987 neural-style-transfer

Re-paint any image with the style of another image using a neural style transfer algorithm accessible through an easy-to-use cli.

https://github.com/boromir674/neural-style-transfer OTHER Konstantinos Lampridis 13% Badge level for project 5987 is 13%
5988 cookiecutter-python-package

Create Python Packages, with emphasis on CI/CD and automation, from a template.

https://github.com/boromir674/cookiecutter-python-package AGPL-3.0 Konstantinos Lampridis 2022-04-30 11:32:24 151% Badge level for project 5988 is 151%
5989 doer

Automatically open one or more terminal applications and run arbitrary bash commands in them.

https://github.com/boromir674/doer GPL-3.0 Konstantinos Lampridis 15% Badge level for project 5989 is 15%
5990 biskotaki

Python Package generated from the https://github.com/boromir674/cookiecutter-python-package/tree/master/src/cookiecutter_python cookiecutter

https://github.com/boromir674/biskotaki AGPL-3.0 Konstantinos Lampridis 15% Badge level for project 5990 is 15%
5991 so-magic

A python library to infer models of the Self-Organising Maps family, based on structured data.

https://so-magic.readthedocs.io GPL-3.0 Konstantinos Lampridis 16% Badge level for project 5991 is 16%
5992 topic-modeling-toolkit

Facilitate research operations on Topic Modeling, through an easy-to-use cli.

https://github.com/boromir674/topic-modeling-toolkit GPL-3.0 Konstantinos Lampridis 15% Badge level for project 5992 is 15%
5993 music-album-creator

Build a digital music library by downloading and segmenting youtube videos.

https://github.com/boromir674/music-album-creator GPL-3.0 Konstantinos Lampridis 16% Badge level for project 5993 is 16%
5994 cloud-agent https://github.com/pPrecel/cloud-agent MIT Filip Strózik 18% Badge level for project 5994 is 18%
5995 Portal-Drug-System

Spring Boot + Security + MyBatis + Thymeleaf + Activiti +LayUI Drug management system

https://github.com/Cisurm/Portal-Drug-System MIT Cisurm 2022-04-25 06:13:35 107% Badge level for project 5995 is 107%
5996 dcbot

一个 Python QQ机器人

https://github.com/SkyzcYou/dcbot AGPL-3.0-only SkyzcYou 2022-04-25 06:42:37 104% Badge level for project 5996 is 104%
5997 mortar

Mortar is a GO framework/library for building gRPC (and REST) web services.

https://go-masonry.github.io MIT Tal 96% Badge level for project 5997 is 96%
5998 selenium

A browser automation framework and ecosystem.

https://selenium.dev Apache-2.0 Harmandeep Singh 18% Badge level for project 5998 is 18%
5999 pyCSM

Python library for IBM Copy Services Manager

https://github.com/IBM/pyCSM Apache-2.0 blearandy 85% Badge level for project 5999 is 85%
6000 Fledge

An open source platform for the Industrial Internet of Things, it acts as an edge gateway between sensor devices and cloud storage systems.

https://www.lfedge.org/projects/fledge Apache-2.0 Daniel Lazaro 2023-05-31 18:11:24 104% Badge level for project 6000 is 104%
6001 dataset-license-metadata

Summary of dataset license schema and explanation

https://github.com/dataset-license/dataset-license-metadata MIT Gopi Krishnan Rajbahadur 15% Badge level for project 6001 is 15%
6002 test

A project for AI dataset metadata and license compliance that can guide users to avoid compliance risks to some extent.

https://github.com/ZichengQu MIT Zicheng Qu 2022-04-26 08:06:54 85% Badge level for project 6002 is 85%
6003 weewx-docker

Docker container for WeeWx weather station server

https://hub.docker.com/r/felddy/weewx CC0-1.0 Mark Feldhousen 88% Badge level for project 6003 is 88%
6004 Get-BigYanggo


https://github.com/SkyzcYou/Get-BigYanggo SkyzcYou 10% Badge level for project 6004 is 10%
6005 NodeMCUProject

Some NodeMCUProject...

https://github.com/SkyzcYou/NodeMCUProject MIT SkyzcYou 15% Badge level for project 6005 is 15%

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