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831 Simply Done

Helping people be more productive by helping you manage your tasks and meet deadlines.

https://github.com/DMeechan/Simply-Done Apache-2.0 Daniel Meechan 18% Badge level for project 831 is 18%
833 eventbrite-checkins

A nifty npm module that will return the list of attendees, in a json format , of a particular eventbrite event.

https://github.com/indcoder/eventbrite-checkins MIT Augustine Correa 28% Badge level for project 833 is 28%
834 Bare Metal demos using Ada and ravenscar runtimes https://github.com/lambourg/Ada_Bare_Metal_Demos GPL-3.0 Lambourg Jérôme 18% Badge level for project 834 is 18%
835 "Time is Space" programming language https://github.com/raviqqe/tisp MIT My name is 15% Badge level for project 835 is 15%
836 Just a blog. https://github.com/RedL0tus/RedL0tus.github.io MIT Kay 13% Badge level for project 836 is 13%
837 krowa https://github.com/pjona/krowa MIT Marek Skiba 16% Badge level for project 837 is 16%
838 npmlogger

Write your logs natively from npmlog with minor changes in your application

https://www.npmjs.com/package/npmlogger ISC Antoine Pous 16% Badge level for project 838 is 16%
839 A Knockout plugin for Aurelia https://github.com/code-chris/aurelia-knockout MIT Christian Kotzbauer 16% Badge level for project 839 is 16%
840 extended-listbox

A simple to use jQuery plugin as powerful alternative to the HTML tag

https://github.com/code-chris/extended-listbox MIT Christian Kotzbauer 16% Badge level for project 840 is 16%
841 jsperformance

JavaScript Performance tests - https://code-chris.github.io/jsperformance/

https://github.com/code-chris/jsperformance Christian Kotzbauer 10% Badge level for project 841 is 10%
843 OWASP dependency-check

OWASP dependency-check is a software composition analysis utility that detects publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in application dependencies.

https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Dependency_Check Apache-2.0 Jeremy Long 2017-06-19 11:00:16 124% Badge level for project 843 is 124%
846 App Store for Nextcloud

Nextcloud App Store served at https://apps.nextcloud.com

https://apps.nextcloud.com AGPL-3.0 Bernhard Posselt 2017-04-16 18:57:21 113% Badge level for project 846 is 113%
847 nucleus

atomic library for C applications

https://gitlab.com/m1ke.v4n.dyke/nucleus - 3% Badge level for project 847 is 3%
849 Zabbix API Client

Simplified Zabbix API Client with Promise support.

https://github.com/sumitgoelpw/zabbix-promise MIT Sumit Goel 18% Badge level for project 849 is 18%
851 Sick of nova? this is your tool. https://github.com/UpsetPelican/nonova GPL-3.0 Uriel Coria 31% Badge level for project 851 is 31%
852 gtni

Install your all npm dependencies recursively with gtni while you are doing git clone, fetch or pull

https://nmrony.github.io/gtni MIT Nur Rony 15% Badge level for project 852 is 15%
853 federalbrickroad

Federal Brick Road, a polymer prototype of a concept to provide support from peers for skills

https://github.com/mehmetcodes/federalbrickroad - 10% Badge level for project 853 is 10%
854 A headless metadata scraper for media. https://github.com/MrTimscampi/metascrape Julien Machiels 10% Badge level for project 854 is 10%
855 Ruby port of some Scala's monads

Either, Option and Try monads implemented on Ruby.

https://github.com/bolshakov/fear MIT Tema Bolshakov 25% Badge level for project 855 is 25%
856 JavaAutolab

Adoption of autolab for Java labs

https://github.com/prasadtalasila/JavaAutolab GPL-2.0 Prasad Talasila 43% Badge level for project 856 is 43%
857 keygraph-rs https://github.com/xd009642/keygraph-rs Apache-2.0 - 13% Badge level for project 857 is 13%
858 Web-analisys https://github.com/Perkir/Web-analisys Kirill Persionov 6% Badge level for project 858 is 6%
859 Elixir wrapper around erlang Basho Webmachine https://github.com/shopping-adventure/ewebmachine MIT Jean Parpaillon 16% Badge level for project 859 is 16%
862 Iceberg

Front-End Boilerplate built with React + Babel + Webpack + SASS

https://kevinpy.com/Projects/Iceberg MIT Kevin 13% Badge level for project 862 is 13%
866 Marketcloud javascript client for browsers http://www.marketcloud.it MIT Mattia Alfieri 15% Badge level for project 866 is 15%
867 Moodle testide haldussüsteem http://www.moodlebox.us MIT Karl Veskus 12% Badge level for project 867 is 12%
869 KumbiaPHP Framework PHP

Kumbia PHP Framework is a full-stack MVC framework written in PHP for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern...

https://www.kumbiaphp.com BSD-3-Clause Joan Miquel 72% Badge level for project 869 is 72%
870 Remarker


https://github.com/bigfish-hu/remarker MIT Adam Naday 13% Badge level for project 870 is 13%
871 parrot-manager

A simple password manager, intended to securely share password databases across machines.

https://github.com/limpygnome/parrot-manager Marcus Craske 15% Badge level for project 871 is 15%
872 MoodOfTheSong https://github.com/pchmielowski/MoodOfTheSong Piotr Chmielowski 12% Badge level for project 872 is 12%

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