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950 spring-grow

Maven Archetype which can generate a secured Spring MVC Web Application (XML Configuration)

https://github.com/alexander-perucci/spring-grow Apache-2.0 Alexander Perucci 18% Badge level for project 950 is 18%
951 pietsmiet_android

Eine App für alle, die Neuigkeiten rund um Team PietSmiet möchten!

https://github.com/l3d00m/pietsmiet_android GPL-3.0 l3d00m 15% Badge level for project 951 is 15%
952 Angular TypeScript Wrapper for Facebook SDK http://zyra.github.io/ngx-facebook MIT Ibby Hadeed 15% Badge level for project 952 is 15%
953 dymport.py

Dynamically import (abitrary names from) arbitrary files in Python.

https://github.com/ErwinJanssen/dymport.py MIT Erwin Janssen 15% Badge level for project 953 is 15%
954 Hyperledger Sawtooth

Sawtooth is an enterprise distributed ledger (aka blockchain) project. Our design philosophy targets keeping distributed ledgers distributed and making smart...

https://www.hyperledger.org/projects/sawtooth Apache-2.0 - 2017-05-23 19:00:58 118% Badge level for project 954 is 118%
955 Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is a platform for distributed ledger solutions, underpinned by a modular architecture delivering high degrees of confidentiality,...

https://www.hyperledger.org/projects/fabric Apache-2.0 Christopher Ferris 2021-05-25 19:45:22 171% Badge level for project 955 is 171%
956 cebutaxidriver

Cebu taxi driver for 10years I give guide for travelers and tips

https://github.com/jackass0528/cebutaxidriver Apache-2.0 cebutaxidriver 21% Badge level for project 956 is 21%
957 maintainer

:octocat: :man_technologist: :whale: Generate AUTHORS, CONTRIBUTING, and CHANGELOG for your GitHub repository.

https://github.com/gaocegege/maintainer Apache-2.0 Ce Gao 16% Badge level for project 957 is 16%
958 criteria_operator

This gem provides classes to create arbitrary complex conditions, by building an expression tree.

https://github.com/TheFlow0360/criteria_operator MIT Florian Koch 73% Badge level for project 958 is 73%
959 SPARK 2014

SPARK 2014 is the new version of SPARK, a software development technology specifically designed for engineering high-reliability applications. It consists of...

https://github.com/AdaCore/spark2014 GPL-3.0 Yannick Moy 2018-07-02 09:39:05 195% Badge level for project 959 is 195%
960 Hyperledger Iroha

Iroha is a simple and straightforward DLT platform for asset and identity management. It has client libraries for mobile and web application development;...

https://github.com/hyperledger/iroha Apache-2.0 2017-06-11 02:59:07 187% Badge level for project 960 is 187%
961 API to convert Cello UCF to SBOL https://github.com/CIDARLAB/CelloUCF2SBOL BSD-2-Clause Prashant Vaidyanathan 15% Badge level for project 961 is 15%
962 Genetic circuit design automation http://www.cellocad.org BSD-2-Clause Prashant Vaidyanathan 16% Badge level for project 962 is 16%
963 Ui Component for the criteria_operator gem. https://github.com/TheFlow0360/criteria_operator-ui_component MIT Florian Koch 69% Badge level for project 963 is 69%
964 eventd

A simple daemon to track remote or local events and do actions the user wants to

https://www.eventd.org (GPL-3.0+ AND LGPL-3.0+ AND MIT) Quentin Glidic 64% Badge level for project 964 is 64%
966 acme

Your Linux-based data center in a box

https://github.com/infrascloudy/acme MIT Allan 27% Badge level for project 966 is 27%
967 matador

matador is a ORM framework written in C++. It aims to encapsulate all database stuff (database backends, sql statements, serialization of objects) and...

http://zussel.github.io/matador GPL-3.0 Sascha Kühl 25% Badge level for project 967 is 25%
968 ctnorth

CTNorth "Customize The North" is a modding framework and an online multiplayer modification for old Rockstar North games, such as GTA San Andreas, in an...

https://github.com/ctnorth/ctnorth MIT iFarbod 16% Badge level for project 968 is 16%
969 Crawler for leboncoin.fr https://github.com/rfussien/leboncoin-crawler MIT Remi 78% Badge level for project 969 is 78%
971 GNU Astronomy Utilities (Gnuastro)

The GNU Astronomy Utilities (Gnuastro) is an official GNU package consisting of various programs and library functions for the manipulation and analysis of...

https://www.gnu.org/software/gnuastro GPL-3.0+ Mohammad Akhlaghi 97% Badge level for project 971 is 97%
972 A library for exploring persistent homology

Aleph is a C++ library for facilitating the integration and implementation of topological data analysis—mostly based on persistent homology—into...

https://github.com/Submanifold/Aleph MIT Bastian Rieck 2017-07-05 10:33:27 109% Badge level for project 972 is 109%
973 Hello-world


https://github.com/benyfeter/hello-world beni feter 12% Badge level for project 973 is 12%
974 Open vSwitch

Software switch for virtual environments

https://www.openvswitch.org Apache-2.0 Ben Pfaff 2018-10-03 16:52:35 124% Badge level for project 974 is 124%
975 benifeter-rongsenk

Foto-foto dan video

http://benifeter-rongsenk.com AGPL-3.0+ beni feter 99% Badge level for project 975 is 99%
977 null

A compact null-reference library for C++

https://github.com/gardhr/null MIT - 24% Badge level for project 977 is 24%
978 id https://www.id.net Mothomang Elias Mafaesa 1% Badge level for project 978 is 1%
979 e3-core

Core framework for developing portable automated build systems

https://github.com/AdaCore/e3-core GPL-3.0 Olivier Ramonat 2020-01-18 19:53:50 178% Badge level for project 979 is 178%
980 C++ client for Google Maps API https://github.com/Alex-Tsvetanov/Google-Maps-API-cpp GPL-3.0 Alex Tsvetanov 88% Badge level for project 980 is 88%
981 Web SSH Client

Web SSH Client using ssh2, socket.io, term.js, and express

https://github.com/billchurch/WebSSH2 GPL-3.0 Bill Church 66% Badge level for project 981 is 66%
982 pullcord

A reverse proxy that allows scaling down a cloud service to zero servers without sacrificing (eventual) availability.

https://github.com/stuphlabs/pullcord AGPL-3.0+ Charles Southerland 18% Badge level for project 982 is 18%

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