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2392 Style-Transfer-with-Deep-Neural-Networks

A style transfer method that is outlined in the paper, Image Style Transfer Using Convolutional Neural Networks, by Gatys in PyTorch.

https://github.com/enginBozkurt/Style-Transfer-with-Deep-Neural-Networks Engin Bozkurt 10% Badge level for project 2392 is 10%
2393 jenkins-npm-agent

Docker build

https://github.com/MarkAckert/jenkins-npm-agent Mark Ackert 10% Badge level for project 2393 is 10%
2394 resentiment

Proof of concept - a portable application in Scala/JVM, Scala.js & Scala Native

https://github.com/writeonly/resentiment MIT Kamil Adam Żabiński 18% Badge level for project 2394 is 18%
2395 fossology

FOSSology is an open source license compliance software system and toolkit. As a toolkit you can run license, copyright and export control scans from the...

https://fossology.github.io GPL-2.0-only AND LGPL-2.1-only Maximilian Huber 96% Badge level for project 2395 is 96%
2396 dvia https://github.com/kryptoknight13/dvia Akanksha 10% Badge level for project 2396 is 10%
2397 Mirza Yandex Translator

Mirza Translator For Laravel gives you the ability to easily translate and manipulate text using the Yandex.Translate API.

https://github.com/yak0d3/Mirza_Yandex_Translator MIT Raed Yak 16% Badge level for project 2397 is 16%
2398 anki


https://github.com/tan-c/anki Tan Chen 10% Badge level for project 2398 is 10%
2400 genius-discord-bot

Genius Deutschland Java Discord Bot with super useful features

http://discord.gg/6mam6Ae UNLICENSE Bemoty 15% Badge level for project 2400 is 15%
2401 xincproc

XInclude and XPointer java implementation

http://xincproc.etourdot.org LGPL-3.0 Emmanuel Tourdot 34% Badge level for project 2401 is 34%
2402 OpenSSE schemes

Implementation of some SSE schemes, including Sophos, Diana and Janus

https://opensse.github.io AGPL-3.0 Raphael Bost 93% Badge level for project 2402 is 93%
2403 jekyll-paginate-v2

Pagination Generator for Jekyll 3 (enhanced replacement for the old built-in jekyll-paginate gem)

https://rubygems.org/gems/jekyll-paginate-v2 MIT Sverrir Sigmundarson 18% Badge level for project 2403 is 18%
2404 DigitalRoosterGui

QT/QML internet radio, podcast player and alarmclock

https://www.digitalrooster.dev GPL-3.0-or-later Thomas Ruschival 39% Badge level for project 2404 is 39%
2405 Google-Tech-Dev-Guide

This Repository is used for tracking my progress through Google's Tech Dev Guide resources.

https://github.com/nikalomiris/Google-Tech-Dev-Guide Apache-2.0 Nikos Kalomiris 46% Badge level for project 2405 is 46%
2406 go-bus

a deadly simple thread-safe, zero-alloc event bus for Golang

https://github.com/zerjioang/go-bus GPL-3.0 Sergio 60% Badge level for project 2406 is 60%
2407 InActionSAP marcoET 3% Badge level for project 2407 is 3%
2408 CITest https://github.com/Elekhyr/CITest MIT Thomas Margier 15% Badge level for project 2408 is 15%
2409 go-lachesis

aBFT consensus for permission-less networks

https://github.com/Fantom-foundation/go-lachesis MIT Andre Cronje 2018-12-19 07:53:32 115% Badge level for project 2409 is 115%
2410 project

Tic-tac-toe server.

https://github.com/terzievk/project MIT Konstantin Terziev 21% Badge level for project 2410 is 21%
2412 drae

A RESTful API for el Diccionario de la Real Academia Española

https://github.com/squat/drae MIT Lucas Servén Marín 18% Badge level for project 2412 is 18%
2413 PGConnector

Plugin desenvolvido para fins de conhecimento para o jogo "SA-MP" que permite aos usuários a manipulação do SGBD PostgreSQL pela linguagem Pawn.

https://github.com/itoptb/PGConnector MIT Hugo Tomazi 19% Badge level for project 2413 is 19%
2414 A170

A sticker bot 🤖.

https://github.com/arianrhodsandlot/A170 MIT 魏郸 15% Badge level for project 2414 is 15%
2415 stream

A data stream algorithms library, written in Go

https://github.com/alexander-yu/stream Alex Yu 10% Badge level for project 2415 is 10%
2416 grease

Grease is a Static Site Generator built in Ruby

https://github.com/thecodechef/grease MIT Jeremy Bolding 25% Badge level for project 2416 is 25%
2417 Gwion

strongly-timed musical programming language

https://github.com/fennecdjay/gwion GPL-3.0 fennecdjay 2019-06-20 16:43:00 175% Badge level for project 2417 is 175%
2418 treeco

:palm_tree: Eco benefits in R

https://treeco.netlify.com MIT Tyler Littlefield 18% Badge level for project 2418 is 18%
2421 deliverat

Monorepo for the KataKafka

https://github.com/neokeld/deliverat MIT Arnaud Duforat 66% Badge level for project 2421 is 66%
2422 calert

Prometheus' Alertmanager - Google Chat Integration

https://github.com/mr-karan/calert MIT Karan Sharma 18% Badge level for project 2422 is 18%
2425 reactnd-project-myreads-starter

Starter Code for the React MyReads Project

https://github.com/joaobertacchi/reactnd-project-myreads-starter João Eduardo Ferreira Bertacchi 10% Badge level for project 2425 is 10%
2427 ansible-role-java

Ansible role to install and manage Java on RedHat/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu servers.

https://github.com/nuevolia/ansible-role-java MIT Fabien ZARIFIAN 19% Badge level for project 2427 is 19%
2428 qiskit-terra

Terra provides the foundations for Qiskit. It allows the user to write quantum circuits easily, and takes care of the constraints of real hardware.

https://qiskit.org Apache-2.0 Jay Gambetta 19% Badge level for project 2428 is 19%

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