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2430 glacio

Multi-level Gherkin-like language

Apache-2.0 Loïc Ledoyen 18% Badge level for project 2430 is 18%
2431 SuperPeregrine

BD to downsampled / transcoded MP4 via the magic of Docker

https://github.com/007/SuperPeregrine UNLICENSE Ryan Moore 16% Badge level for project 2431 is 16%
2433 sol-verifier

Verify solidity contracts on etherscan

https://github.com/Aniket-Engg/sol-verifier MIT Aniket 15% Badge level for project 2433 is 15%
2434 landscapeapp

Upstream landscape generation application

https://landscape.cncf.io Apache-2.0 Dan Kohn 2019-01-03 18:58:37 109% Badge level for project 2434 is 109%
2435 time-drift https://github.com/too-old-to-code/time-drift too-old-to-code 10% Badge level for project 2435 is 10%
2436 xbbg

Bloomberg data toolkit for humans

https://xbbg.readthedocs.io Apache-2.0 alpha-xone 16% Badge level for project 2436 is 16%
2437 xone

Frequently used functions for python time series analysis

https://xone.readthedocs.io Apache-2.0 alpha-xone 16% Badge level for project 2437 is 16%
2438 robin-hood-hashing

Fast & memory efficient hashtable based on robin hood hashing for C++14

https://github.com/martinus/robin-hood-hashing MIT Martin Ankerl 18% Badge level for project 2438 is 18%
2439 event-sourced-bank

Sample event-sourced app which allows to create&modify account and transfer money in an eventually consistent state.

https://github.com/kamilgregorczyk/event-sourced-bank MIT Kamil Gregorczyk 87% Badge level for project 2439 is 87%
2440 libhttpserver

C++ library for creating an embedded Rest HTTP server (and more)

https://github.com/etr/libhttpserver LGPL-2.1 Sebastiano Merlino 99% Badge level for project 2440 is 99%
2441 Pytoolz

Module containing my python utilities/abstractions

https://pypi.org/project/pytoolz MIT Andrea La Scola 25% Badge level for project 2441 is 25%
2442 chessfor4

Chess for four players or chess doubles

https://github.com/team142/chessfor4 MIT Captain Justin 15% Badge level for project 2442 is 15%
2443 Detectron

FAIR's research platform for object detection research, implementing popular algorithms like Mask R-CNN and RetinaNet.

https://github.com/loki-ikol/Detectron Apache-2.0 Lucas.p 15% Badge level for project 2443 is 15%
2444 PRoot

chroot, mount --bind, and binfmt_misc without privilege/setup for Linux

https://proot-me.github.io GPL-2.0-or-later Lucas Ramage 2019-04-18 01:35:35 109% Badge level for project 2444 is 109%
2445 BlackArrow


https://gitlab.com/xXBlackMaskXx/blackarrow Adrian Marciniuk 3% Badge level for project 2445 is 3%
2446 cni

Container Network Interface - networking for Linux containers

https://github.com/containernetworking/cni Apache-2.0 Bryan Boreham 72% Badge level for project 2446 is 72%
2447 Hyperledger Ursa

A shared cryptographic library that enables people (and projects) to avoid duplicating cryptographic work across projects, increasing security in the process.

https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/ursa/Hyperledger+Ursa Apache-2.0 Dave Huseby 2020-09-22 20:12:29 184% Badge level for project 2447 is 184%
2448 infinito

data management software

https://github.com/KevinFrantz/infinito AGPL-3.0 KevinFrantz 69% Badge level for project 2448 is 69%
2449 shiftfile

Elasticshift Configuration file (Shiftfile)

https://github.com/elasticshift/shiftfile Apache-2.0 Ghazni Nattarshah 15% Badge level for project 2449 is 15%
2450 svg-autocrop

An NPM module to autocrop and slim down SVGs

https://l.cncf.io Apache-2.0 Dan Kohn 2019-01-13 00:36:53 105% Badge level for project 2450 is 105%
2453 ATS-Xanadu

Implementing ATS3 in ATS2

http://www.ats-lang.org GPL-3.0 Sami Zeinelabdin 31% Badge level for project 2453 is 31%
2454 python_video_stab

A Python package to stabilize videos using OpenCV

https://github.com/AdamSpannbauer/python_video_stab MIT Adam Spannbauer 28% Badge level for project 2454 is 28%
2455 mfl-api

Node.js API Wrapper for MyFantasyLeague.com

https://github.com/smcguinness/mfl-api Seth McGuinness 10% Badge level for project 2455 is 10%
2456 fiend solanpaa 3% Badge level for project 2456 is 3%
2457 atomic-react

A React & Redux boilerpalte following atomic design methodlogy

https://github.com/alexander-elgin/atomic-react MIT Alexander Elgin 15% Badge level for project 2457 is 15%
2458 ticketguardian-python

Python library for the TicketGuardian API.

https://ticketguardian.net MIT Patrick Zhang 2019-01-15 23:36:27 107% Badge level for project 2458 is 107%
2459 bitfun

http://bitfun.co/?ref= 88F295A5B694

https://github.com/artur5555/bitfun AGPL-3.0-or-later artur 16% Badge level for project 2459 is 16%
2461 skipper

An HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition, including use cases like Kubernetes Ingress

https://opensource.zalando.com/skipper Apache-2.0 Sandor Szücs 2019-01-16 13:36:35 193% Badge level for project 2461 is 193%
2462 bank-vaults

A Vault swiss-army knife: Go client with automatic token renewal, Kubernetes support, dynamic secrets, multiple unseal options and more. A CLI tool to init,...

https://banzaicloud.com/bank-vaults Apache-2.0 Nándor István Krácser 24% Badge level for project 2462 is 24%
2463 sikb-api

Attempt to build an Information System for Kin-ball® purpose

https://github.com/alexeil/sikb-api Apache-2.0 alexeil 28% Badge level for project 2463 is 28%

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