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4752 pyABC

distributed, likelihood-free inference via ABC-SMC

https://github.com/icb-dcm/pyabc BSD-3-Clause Yannik Schälte 2021-03-18 13:24:14 109% Badge level for project 4752 is 109%
4753 lxd-compose

LXD Compose

https://mottainaici.github.io/lxd-compose-docs GPL-3.0 Daniele Rondina 78% Badge level for project 4753 is 78%
4754 PluginTest https://github.com/enrignagna/PluginTest enrignagna 10% Badge level for project 4754 is 10%
4755 asreview

Active learning for systematic reviews

https://asreview.ai Apache-2.0 Jonathan de Bruin 94% Badge level for project 4755 is 94%
4756 go-myanimelist

Go library for accessing the MyAnimeList API: https://myanimelist.net/apiconfig/references/api/v2

https://github.com/nstratos/go-myanimelist MIT Stratos Neiros 15% Badge level for project 4756 is 15%
4757 gittest https://github.com/junminahn/gittest junminahn 10% Badge level for project 4757 is 10%
4758 kraken

Kraken CI is a continuous integration and testing system.

https://kraken.ci Apache-2.0 Michal Nowikowski 88% Badge level for project 4758 is 88%
4760 label-maker

A minimal GitHub Action for automatically adding labels to your issues.

https://github.com/tjgurwara99/label-maker MIT Taj 15% Badge level for project 4760 is 15%
4761 Go

Algorithms Implemented in GoLang

https://github.com/tjgurwara99/Go MIT Taj 15% Badge level for project 4761 is 15%
4762 osmenrich

Enrich sf data with geographic features from OpenStreetMaps.

https://sodascience.github.io/osmenrich MIT Leonardo Vida 22% Badge level for project 4762 is 22%
4763 AD2SC: A tool for the Automatic Translation from UML Activity Diagrams to Statecharts

A tool for the Automatic Translation from UML Activity Diagrams to Statecharts. Reproducibility package for the ER 2012 conference best paper "Synthesizing...

https://github.com/pvgorp/AD2SC GPL-2.0-or-later Pieter Van Gorp 19% Badge level for project 4763 is 19%
4764 docs

The open-source repo for docs.github.com

https://docs.github.com OTHER AdminBlockGod 13% Badge level for project 4764 is 13%
4766 ssbak

SSPak asset and database backup tool for Silverstripe

https://github.com/axllent/ssbak MIT Ralph Slooten 90% Badge level for project 4766 is 90%
4767 screeps-scripts

TypeScript based Screeps AI scripts

https://github.com/jeykey/screeps-scripts Joschua 10% Badge level for project 4767 is 10%
4769 micro https://github.com/jon-codes/micro MIT jon-codes 42% Badge level for project 4769 is 42%
4770 COBOL Programming Course

Training materials and labs for a "Getting Started" level course on COBOL.

https://www.openmainframeproject.org/projects/cobolprogrammingcourse CC-BY-4.0 Sudharsana Srinivasan 2021-03-31 02:01:53 300% Badge level for project 4770 is 300%
4771 sequgen

Synthetic sequence generator

https://pypi.org/project/sequgen Apache-2.0 Jurriaan H. Spaaks 18% Badge level for project 4771 is 18%
4772 discourse

A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

https://www.discourse.org OTHER Chengwei Yang 18% Badge level for project 4772 is 18%
4773 HSClientR

R package for accessing the HydroShare API

https://hsclientr.justinsingh.me MIT Justin Singh-M. 2021-03-31 17:00:26 133% Badge level for project 4773 is 133%
4774 UNBK

Text to Speech Converter. This is a trial version and still under development.

https://github.com/Nanra/UNBK MIT Nanra Sukedy 15% Badge level for project 4774 is 15%
4776 lua-language-server

Lua Language Server coded by Lua

https://github.com/sumneko/lua-language-server MIT 最萌小汐 2021-04-02 08:13:16 104% Badge level for project 4776 is 104%
4777 binance-api

Binance-API is a fast and lightweight Golang implementation for Binance API, providing complete API coverage, and supports both REST API, WebSockets API,...

https://github.com/xenking/binance-api MIT Vladislav Khutorskoy 73% Badge level for project 4777 is 73%
4778 (Jina Halijulikani) Alen30 3% Badge level for project 4778 is 3%
4779 homelab https://github.com/jesmigel/homelab MIT jesmigel 18% Badge level for project 4779 is 18%
4780 kishell

Data visualization CLI for Elasticsearch

https://github.com/sidilabs/kishell Apache-2.0 SiDi Open Source Software 15% Badge level for project 4780 is 15%
4781 ScorpioBroker

NGSI-LD compliant context broker named Scorpio. Developed by NEC Laboratories Europe and NEC Technologies India

https://github.com/ScorpioBroker/ScorpioBroker BSD-3-Clause ScorpioBroker 2021-04-23 13:39:40 115% Badge level for project 4781 is 115%
4782 flux2

Open and extensible continuous delivery solution for Kubernetes. Powered by GitOps Toolkit.

https://toolkit.fluxcd.io Apache-2.0 Daniel Holbach 2021-04-07 11:07:59 191% Badge level for project 4782 is 191%
4783 flagger

Progressive delivery Kubernetes operator (Canary, A/B Testing and Blue/Green deployments)

https://flagger.app Apache-2.0 Stefan Prodan 2021-04-07 12:02:42 109% Badge level for project 4783 is 109%
4784 helm-controller

The GitOps Toolkit Helm reconciler, for declarative Helming

https://toolkit.fluxcd.io Apache-2.0 Daniel Holbach 2021-04-08 11:08:44 109% Badge level for project 4784 is 109%
4785 4656 https://bestpractices.coreinfrastructure.org/en/projects/4656 mpadhy132 3% Badge level for project 4785 is 3%

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