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Kitambulisho Jina Maelezo Tovuti Leseni Mmiliki Mpato wa mwisho ulikua Vipimo% Badge
5331 artifacts-spec https://github.com/SteveLasker/artifacts-spec Apache-2.0 Steve Lasker 16% Badge level for project 5331 is 16%
5332 Reflow

Golang based replacement for the technic solder server

https://github.com/Zaprit/Reflow MIT Zaprit 15% Badge level for project 5332 is 15%
5333 oracle-prometheus


https://github.com/diogenesravaglia/oracle-prometheus MIT Diogenes Ravaglia 18% Badge level for project 5333 is 18%
5335 HFSM2

High-Performance Hierarchical Finite State Machine Framework

https://hfsm.dev MIT Andrew Gresyk 96% Badge level for project 5335 is 96%
5337 content

Security automation content in SCAP, OSCAL, Bash, Ansible, and other formats

https://www.open-scap.org/security-policies/scap-security-guide OTHER Matthew Burket 18% Badge level for project 5337 is 18%
5338 Boba

An open source password manager utilizing the RSA encryption algorithm.

https://github.com/an-prata/Boba an-prata 10% Badge level for project 5338 is 10%
5339 Akri

Akri is A Kubernetes Resource Interface for the Edge. It removes the work of finding, using, and monitoring the availability of the IoT devices around...

https://docs.akri.sh Apache-2.0 Kate Goldenring 99% Badge level for project 5339 is 99%
5340 eggo

Eggo is a tool built to provide standard multi-ways for creating Kubernetes clusters.

https://gitee.com/openeuler/eggo Eager.Zhang 3% Badge level for project 5340 is 3%
5341 kernel

openEuler 内核是 openEuler操作系统的核心,是系统性能和稳定性的基础,是链接芯片、设备与业务的桥梁。openEuler 内核致力于打造成最具活力的产业Linux平台,成为信息产业基础设施的可靠基石。

https://gitee.com/openeuler/kernel GPL-2.0-or-later Eager.Zhang 2021-10-28 07:09:47 296% Badge level for project 5341 is 296%
5342 openstack https://gitee.com/openeuler/openstack Chen 3% Badge level for project 5342 is 3%
5343 gdock

Protein-Protein Docking using Genetic Algorithm

https://www.gdock.org 0BSD Rodrigo V Honorato 27% Badge level for project 5343 is 27%
5344 nokogiri

Nokogiri (鋸) makes it easy and painless to work with XML and HTML from Ruby.

https://nokogiri.org MIT Mike Dalessio 2021-10-27 16:20:01 115% Badge level for project 5344 is 115%
5345 currency2text

convert currency to text

https://github.com/dtanphat9388/currency2text Duong Tan Phat 10% Badge level for project 5345 is 10%
5346 security-slacker

Pokes users about outstanding security risks found by Crowdstrike Spotlight or vmware Workspace ONE so they secure their own endpoint.

https://github.com/hazcod/security-slacker MIT Niels Hofmans 18% Badge level for project 5346 is 18%
5347 vue-segment-analytics

Vue plugin for Segment.io analytics.js

https://github.com/Kapiche/vue-segment-analytics MIT Cameron 97% Badge level for project 5347 is 97%
5348 idp-scim-sync

Keep your AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) groups and users in sync with your Google Workspace directory

https://github.com/slashdevops/idp-scim-sync Apache-2.0 Christian González Di Antonio 2022-04-20 08:07:22 105% Badge level for project 5348 is 105%
5349 Vatsimphp

Vatsimphp - VATSIM data parser

http://skymeyer.github.io/Vatsimphp Apache-2.0 Jelle Vink 19% Badge level for project 5349 is 19%
5350 shopyo

A web framework built on flask providing flask users with super powers

https://shopyo.readthedocs.org OTHER Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer 2022-11-27 06:06:27 105% Badge level for project 5350 is 105%
5351 cloudFunctions https://gitlab.com/beerxp/cloudFunctions Gustavo Baptista 7% Badge level for project 5351 is 7%
5352 beerxp

BeerXP App/Web - Flutter

https://github.com/BeerXP/beerxp Gustavo Baptista 10% Badge level for project 5352 is 10%
5353 parcels

Main code for Parcels (Probably A Really Computationally Efficient Lagrangian Simulator)

http://www.oceanparcels.org MIT Erik van Sebille 93% Badge level for project 5353 is 93%
5354 stefanbischof.github.io

Personal website

https://www.stefanbischof.at Stefan Bischof 10% Badge level for project 5354 is 10%
5355 FAIRDataPoint https://www.fairdatapoint.org MIT kburger 19% Badge level for project 5355 is 19%
5356 totp-cli

Authy/Google Authenticator like TOTP CLI tool written in Go.

http://yitsushi.github.io/totp-cli MIT Balazs Nadasdi 15% Badge level for project 5356 is 15%
5357 go-misskey

Misskey Go SDK

https://github.com/yitsushi/go-misskey GPL-3.0 Balazs Nadasdi 19% Badge level for project 5357 is 19%
5358 feast

Feast is an open source feature store for machine learning. It was developed as a collaboration between Gojek and Google in 2018. Feast aims to: – Provide...

https://feast.dev Apache-2.0 Danny Chiao 2021-11-02 17:20:51 107% Badge level for project 5358 is 107%
5359 waltz-dev

Architecture on the Wire -

https://khartec.github.io Apache-2.0 David Watkins 46% Badge level for project 5359 is 46%
5360 ipfs-desktop

An unobtrusive and user-friendly desktop application for IPFS on Windows, Mac and Linux.

https://docs.ipfs.io/install/ipfs-desktop MIT User-agent Satoshi 16% Badge level for project 5360 is 16%
5361 digital-copyright

source tarball to stamp your code with a trackable digital copyright

https://github.com/JudeSafo/digital-copyright MIT Jude 15% Badge level for project 5361 is 15%
5362 chess_cv

Computer Vision + Chess

https://github.com/mwizasimbeye/chess_cv Apache-2.0 Mwiza Simbeye 15% Badge level for project 5362 is 15%

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