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5786 java-microprofile-config

Demonstrates the features of the Eclipse MicroProfile Config API

https://developer.ibm.com/code/patterns/configure-your-app-using-eclipse-microprofile-config Apache-2.0 BJ Hargrave 24% Badge level for project 5786 is 24%
5787 ibm-spectrum-scale-bridge-for-grafana

This tool allows the IBM Spectrum Scale users to perform performance monitoring for IBM Spectrum Scale devices using third-party applications such as Grafana...

https://github.com/IBM/ibm-spectrum-scale-bridge-for-grafana Apache-2.0 Helene Wassmann 2022-11-07 21:43:17 111% Badge level for project 5787 is 111%
5788 alchemy-logging

Application logging libraries with consistent semantics across c++, python, typescript, and go

https://github.com/IBM/alchemy-logging MIT Gabe Goodhart 2022-03-28 21:52:41 105% Badge level for project 5788 is 105%
5790 kar

KAR: A Runtime for the Hybrid Cloud

https://github.com/IBM/kar Apache-2.0 David Grove 78% Badge level for project 5790 is 78%
5791 uni-resolver-driver-did-ibmdc

Digital Credential universal resolver docker image

https://github.com/IBM/uni-resolver-driver-did-ibmdc Apache-2.0 Marek 15% Badge level for project 5791 is 15%
5792 rust-sdk-core

The rust-sdk-core repository contains core functionality required by code generated by the OpenAPI SDK Generator.

https://github.com/IBM/rust-sdk-core Apache-2.0 Rogério Ferreira 18% Badge level for project 5792 is 18%
5793 microservices-miner

A mining tool for collecting microservices data from Github repositories

https://github.com/IBM/microservices-miner MIT Leonardo P. Tizzei 16% Badge level for project 5793 is 16%
5794 release-raccoon

A music release newsletter application powered by quarkus.

https://github.com/jaivalis/release-raccoon Apache-2.0 jaivalis 19% Badge level for project 5794 is 19%
5795 cp4d-deployment

These terraform scripts are developed to deploy CloudPakforData on the public cloud.

https://github.com/IBM/cp4d-deployment Apache-2.0 prsahoo 16% Badge level for project 5795 is 16%
5796 node-red-contrib-twc-weather

Node-RED nodes for The Weather Company and Weather Underground Personal Weather Station APIs

https://github.com/johnwalicki/node-red-contrib-twc-weather Apache-2.0 John Walicki 63% Badge level for project 5796 is 63%
5797 ibm-storage-odf-operator

ibm-storage-odf-operator provides a common operator for Red Hat ODF to connect IBM storage product drivers.

https://github.com/IBM/ibm-storage-odf-operator Apache-2.0 xuezhiy 88% Badge level for project 5797 is 88%
5798 Checksumr Agent

Agent to process the integrity of files on the target machine.

https://github.com/IBM/checksumr-agent Apache-2.0 Denys Xavier 36% Badge level for project 5798 is 36%
5799 japan-technology

IBM Related Japanese technical documents - Code Patterns, Learning Path, Tutorials, etc. This repository is designed for Japanese developer/IT engineer who...

https://github.com/IBM/japan-technology Apache-2.0 Akira Onishi (IBM) 96% Badge level for project 5799 is 96%
5800 ibm-qradar-ds8k-sgc-csm

Cyber resiliency solution, IBM DS8000 Safeguarded Copy with IBM Copy Services Manager

https://github.com/IBM/ibm-qradar-ds8k-sgc-csm Apache-2.0 Shashank Shingornikar (sha) 22% Badge level for project 5800 is 22%
5801 ibmcloud-object-storage-plugin

IBM Cloud Object Storage plugin is a Kubernetes volume plugin that enables Kubernetes pods to access IBM Cloud Object Storage buckets. The plugin has two...

https://github.com/IBM/ibmcloud-object-storage-plugin Apache-2.0 Ambika Nair 18% Badge level for project 5801 is 18%
5802 optimized-number-theoretic-transform-implementations

Optimized implementations of the Number Theoretic Transform (NTT) algorithm for the ring R/(X^N + 1) where N=2^m.

https://github.com/IBM/optimized-number-theoretic-transform-implementations Apache-2.0 Nir Drucker 75% Badge level for project 5802 is 75%
5803 z_ansible_collections_samples

Sample playbooks utilizing Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z

https://github.com/IBM/z_ansible_collections_samples Apache-2.0 Demetri 15% Badge level for project 5803 is 15%
5804 authenticate-users-on-your-chatbot-with-sms-otp

In this code pattern you will learn how to authenticate users on your chatbot with an SMS one-time passcode

https://github.com/IBM/authenticate-users-on-your-chatbot-with-sms-otp Apache-2.0 Muralidhar Chavan 16% Badge level for project 5804 is 16%
5805 store-and-access-documents-securely

Store and access sensitive and confidential documents in a secure way

https://github.com/IBM/store-and-access-documents-securely Apache-2.0 Muralidhar Chavan 15% Badge level for project 5805 is 15%
5806 gdpr-fingerprint-pii

Use Watson Natural Language Understanding and Watson Knowledge Studio to fingerprint personal data from unstructured documents

https://developer.ibm.com/code/patterns/fingerprinting-personal-data-from-unstructured-text Apache-2.0 Muralidhar Chavan 18% Badge level for project 5806 is 18%
5807 build-deploy-cloud-native-application-using-cp4a

This code pattern will showcase a complete lifecycle (Develop, Deploy and Manage) of a Cloud Native Node.js application.

https://github.com/IBM/build-deploy-cloud-native-application-using-cp4a Apache-2.0 Muralidhar Chavan 18% Badge level for project 5807 is 18%
5808 develop-a-cloud-native-java-application-using-codewind

This tutorial provides a quickstart guide to create a cloud native java application using Codewind

https://github.com/IBM/develop-a-cloud-native-java-application-using-codewind Apache-2.0 Muralidhar Chavan 15% Badge level for project 5808 is 15%
5809 image-recognition-and-information-extraction-from-image-documents

Image Recognition and Information Extraction from Image Documents using Keras and Watson NLU

https://developer.ibm.com/patterns/image-recognition-and-information-extraction-from-image-documents-using-keras-and-watson-nlu Apache-2.0 Muralidhar Chavan 15% Badge level for project 5809 is 15%
5810 node-red-contrib-ibm-mvi

A plugin for Node-RED which enables us to communicate with IBM Maximo Visual Inspection (MVI) Server and MVI Edge server, and create if-then-else flow with...

https://github.com/IBM/node-red-contrib-ibm-mvi MIT Takahide Nogayama 85% Badge level for project 5810 is 85%
5811 uni-resolver-driver-did-hpass

This universal resolver driver provides the code to integrate the IBM Digital Health Pass network into the system of decentralized identifier solutions and...

https://github.com/IBM/uni-resolver-driver-did-hpass Apache-2.0 JensJelitto 25% Badge level for project 5811 is 25%
5813 causallib

A Python package for modular causal inference analysis and model evaluations

https://github.com/IBM/causallib Apache-2.0 Yishai Shimoni 55% Badge level for project 5813 is 55%
5814 multi-tenancy

Multi-tenancy assets for IBM clients to build SaaS

https://ibm.github.io/multi-tenancy-documentation Apache-2.0 Alain Airom 25% Badge level for project 5814 is 25%
5815 k8s-storage-tests

Playbooks for validating a Kubernetes persistent storage for IBM Cloud Paks

https://github.com/IBM/k8s-storage-tests Apache-2.0 parthakom2 16% Badge level for project 5815 is 16%
5816 cpdctl


https://github.com/IBM/cpdctl Apache-2.0 Rafał Bigaj 15% Badge level for project 5816 is 15%
5818 cp4i-demos

Demo content for self-service Cloud Pak for Integration demos and hands-on labs

https://github.com/IBM/cp4i-demos Apache-2.0 James Hewitt 28% Badge level for project 5818 is 28%

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