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Kitambulisho Jina Maelezo Tovuti Leseni Mmiliki Mpato wa mwisho ulikua Vipimo% Badge
646 Instagram filters with math (?) http://fsck.com.ar/imgexpr Roger 9% Badge level for project 646 is 9%
647 SudokuGroup2 https://github.com/J4BB3R/SudokuGroup2 J4BB3R 13% Badge level for project 647 is 13%
648 moto https://github.com/shreyas-a/moto Shreyas Agarkar 10% Badge level for project 648 is 10%
649 lda

Topic modeling with latent Dirichlet allocation using Gibbs sampling

https://github.com/ariddell/lda MPL-2.0 Allen Riddell 18% Badge level for project 649 is 18%
650 PHPWebSockets

A PHP 7.0+ library to accept and create websocket connections

https://github.com/WarriorXK/PHPWebSockets MIT Kevin Meijer 15% Badge level for project 650 is 15%
651 Jenkins Tray https://github.com/zionyx/jenkins-tray EPL-1.0 Tuk 15% Badge level for project 651 is 15%
652 A systems language implemented in a flow graph using LLVM

A beginner's programming language that is an intuitive flow graph. It's fast, easy, safe, and even fun!

It's developed in modern C++ and uses LLVM for...

https://github.com/chigraph/chigraph Apache-2.0 Russell Greene 39% Badge level for project 652 is 39%
653 GSSIPU extractor implemented using C++ https://github.com/akshit-sharma/ggsipuExtractor Akshit Sharma 15% Badge level for project 653 is 15%
654 Embedded Multicore Building Blocks (EMB²)

C/C++ library for parallel programming of embedded systems

https://embb.io BSD-2-Clause Tobias Schuele 2017-02-22 21:20:19 122% Badge level for project 654 is 122%
655 A better way to use HTML.

A simple HTML framework.

https://custommarkup.ml MIT Talon Bragg 24% Badge level for project 655 is 24%
656 A web publishing system written in Ruby http://nanoc.ws MIT Denis Defreyne 94% Badge level for project 656 is 94%
657 The OpenNES project. https://github.com/panda-emu/OpenNES GPL-2.0 John Dengis 18% Badge level for project 657 is 18%
658 :doughnut: Mainly doughnut emojis & a few OS related stuff https://github.com/klauscfhq/os-x-ntua MIT Klaus Sinani 15% Badge level for project 658 is 15%
659 Create new files from templates interactively. https://github.com/haavard/templateman ISC Håvard Pettersson 15% Badge level for project 659 is 15%
660 Free enterprise Java/Kotlin CMS http://ncms.one OTHER Adamansky Anton 15% Badge level for project 660 is 15%
661 homebridge-brematic

Homebridge plugin for Brennenstuhl Brematic Gateway and compatible devices

https://www.npmjs.com/package/homebridge-brematic MIT Christoph V. 15% Badge level for project 661 is 15%
662 sos-importer

Application to import observation data into a running SOS instance using the T-interface.

https://wiki.52north.org/SensorWeb/SosImporter GPL-2.0 - 16% Badge level for project 662 is 16%
663 Download apks from Google Play Store

Download apks from Google Play Store

https://github.com/yeriomin/YalpStore GPL-2.0 Sergey Yeriomin 64% Badge level for project 663 is 64%
665 docktartar

Docker container for periodically and recursively taring docker volumes.

https://github.com/Gmentsik/docktartar MIT - 16% Badge level for project 665 is 16%
666 Periodically push your rancher configs to git. https://github.com/Gmentsik/ranch2git MIT - 19% Badge level for project 666 is 19%
667 monica https://github.com/djaiss/monica MIT Régis 15% Badge level for project 667 is 15%
668 badge-program https://www.coreinfrastructure.org/programs/badge-program Julia 15% Badge level for project 668 is 15%
669 luoshi https://github.com/tanyan2004/luoshi - 10% Badge level for project 669 is 10%
670 we love https://github.com/tanyan2004/hello-world - 10% Badge level for project 670 is 10%
671 tuxy-ai

:robot: Artificially intelligent bot with a personality that will get you the virtual :oncoming_taxi: taxi you always wanted

https://github.com/klauscfhq/tuxy-ai MIT Klaus Sinani 37% Badge level for project 671 is 37%
672 aiengine

AIEngine is a next generation interactive/programmable Python/Ruby/Java/Lua network intrusion detection system engine with capabilities of learning without...

https://bitbucket.org/camp0/aiengine GPL-2.0 Luis 2017-05-12 20:18:29 118% Badge level for project 672 is 118%
673 code_lister

List/filter files based on simple concept like 'find' command in Linux/Unix based system

https://github.com/agilecreativity/code_lister MIT Burin Choomnuan 19% Badge level for project 673 is 19%
674 C++ Implementation of SOTA Client

This is an implementation of an OTA download client to the RVI SOTA Server ( https://github.com/advancedtelematic/rvi_sota_server )

https://github.com/advancedtelematic/aktualizr MPL-2.0 Arthur Taylor 63% Badge level for project 674 is 63%
676 man2be-front-end https://gitlab.com/kieronqtran/man2be-front-end Trần Hữu Quang 3% Badge level for project 676 is 3%
678 yii2-balance https://github.com/Tapakan/yii2-balance Alex 10% Badge level for project 678 is 10%

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