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6655 kjournal

kjournal is a lightweight kubernetes apiserver to serve longterm logging & events as kubernetes API

https://raffis.github.io/kjournal Apache-2.0 raffis 19% Badge level for project 6655 is 19%
6656 phnum-js

phnum-js is a free JavaScript library that automatically selects, from a list of given numbers, the best number to display for a visitor on your website in a...

https://github.com/aashish-joshi/phnum-js MIT Aashish Joshi 36% Badge level for project 6656 is 36%
6657 ansible-collection-alb

VMware Advanced Load Balancer (formerly Avi) Ansible Collection

https://github.com/vmware/ansible-collection-alb OTHER Chaitanya Deshpande 15% Badge level for project 6657 is 15%
6659 PyFR


https://github.com/WillTrojak/PyFR OTHER Will Trojak 15% Badge level for project 6659 is 15%
6660 platypus

Platypus Programming Language

Platypus, a programming language for Observability Data Pipeline, is mainly used for original and semi-structured data...

https://platypus.guance.io MIT Guance Cloud 2022-12-15 07:42:29 104% Badge level for project 6660 is 104%
6661 FluentFTP

An FTP and FTPS client for .NET & .NET Standard, optimized for speed. Provides extensive FTP commands, File uploads/downloads, SSL/TLS connections, Automatic...

https://github.com/robinrodricks/FluentFTP MIT Robin Rodricks 2023-10-12 06:52:52 113% Badge level for project 6661 is 113%
6662 zitadel

ZITADEL - The best of Auth0 and Keycloak combined. Built for the serverless era.

https://zitadel.com Apache-2.0 Florian Forster 2022-11-10 13:32:55 105% Badge level for project 6662 is 105%
6663 Symfony

The Symfony PHP framework

https://symfony.com MIT Nicolas Grekas 2022-11-04 17:01:46 105% Badge level for project 6663 is 105%
6664 JunitAEMPOC https://github.com/SharanGampa/JunitAEMPOC gitjay77 13% Badge level for project 6664 is 13%
6665 ethereum-org-website

Ethereum.org is a primary online resource for the Ethereum community.

https://ethereum.org MIT tata35tg 16% Badge level for project 6665 is 16%
6666 html2text

A simple, 0-dependency Go package to convert HTML to plain text

https://github.com/k3a/html2text MIT K3A 75% Badge level for project 6666 is 75%
6667 amp-embedded-infra-lib

EmbeddedInfraLib is a set of C++ libraries and headers that provide heap-less, STL like, infrastructure for embedded software development.

https://github.com/philips-software/amp-embedded-infra-lib MIT Ron 2022-11-09 19:09:48 136% Badge level for project 6667 is 136%
6668 arch-go

Architecture checks for Go projects

https://github.com/fdaines/arch-go MIT Francisco Daines 42% Badge level for project 6668 is 42%
6669 dynawo

Dynaωo is an hybrid C++/Modelica open source suite of simulation tools for power systems. It aims at providing power system stakeholders with a transparent,...

MPL-2.0 Benoît Jeanson 31% Badge level for project 6669 is 31%
6670 yap

Package software with ease 📦

https://github.com/M0Rf30/yap GPL-3.0 Gianluca Boiano 15% Badge level for project 6670 is 15%
6671 argon2-cffi

Secure Password Hashes for Python

https://argon2-cffi.readthedocs.io MIT Hynek Schlawack 2022-11-09 10:19:17 109% Badge level for project 6671 is 109%
6672 cv

My CV mirror repo

https://github.com/andrewb76/cv MIT Andrew Butov 15% Badge level for project 6672 is 15%
6673 fakeredis

fakeredis is a pure-Python implementation of the redis-py python client that simulates talking to a redis server. This was created for a single purpose: to...

https://github.com/cunla/fakeredis-py BSD-3-Clause Daniel M 2022-11-09 21:07:27 104% Badge level for project 6673 is 104%
6674 a8r-gitops-example https://github.com/daibaq0/a8r-gitops-example DaiBaQ 10% Badge level for project 6674 is 10%
6675 backplane

Desktop Agent bridge aka 'Backplane' is a component which allows different desktop agents to connect and communicate through websockets.

Where FDC3...

https://github.com/bankofapis/backplane manish-nwm 3% Badge level for project 6675 is 3%
6676 hub

Secure and Interoperable Internet of Things

https://plgd.dev Apache-2.0 Jozef Kralik 27% Badge level for project 6676 is 27%
6677 ChineseCheckers

This is a python library to use a fast implementation of the chinese checkers in C++, a graphic interface in Python and various solvers. The version of the...

https://github.com/alexicanesse/ChineseCheckers GPL-3.0 LeXee 96% Badge level for project 6677 is 96%
6678 tetra

A tool to ease Java software packaging

https://github.com/uyuni-project/tetra MIT Dominik Gedon 18% Badge level for project 6678 is 18%
6679 downforeveryone

checks if a site is down for everyone or just you, via isup.me

https://github.com/rpdelaney/downforeveryone Apache-2.0 Ryan Delaney 15% Badge level for project 6679 is 15%
6680 cloudflare-ddns

A small, feature-rich, and robust Cloudflare DDNS updater

https://github.com/favonia/cloudflare-ddns Apache-2.0 favonia 2022-11-11 00:45:26 198% Badge level for project 6680 is 198%
6681 cortex

A horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant, long term Prometheus.

https://cortexmetrics.io Apache-2.0 Cortex 2022-11-10 20:17:12 104% Badge level for project 6681 is 104%
6682 owlplug-registry

OwlPlug registry manifest repository

https://github.com/OwlPlug/owlplug-registry Arthur Poiret 10% Badge level for project 6682 is 10%
6683 openfero

OpenFero is intended as an event-triggered job scheduler framework for code agnostic recovery jobs.

https://payback159.github.io/openfero/# Apache-2.0 Alexander 69% Badge level for project 6683 is 69%
6684 spectrum

The ghosts always strike back, they never dead 👻

https://github.com/reallyslimy/spectrum MIT Slimy 16% Badge level for project 6684 is 16%
6685 tdci-analysis

The tdci analysis package

https://github.com/iulusoy/tdci-analysis MIT Inga Ulusoy 25% Badge level for project 6685 is 25%

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