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2255 GroupButler

This bot can help you in managing your group with rules, anti-flood, description, custom triggers, and much more!

https://t.me/GroupButler_bot GPL-2.0 Yan Minari 19% Badge level for project 2255 is 19%
2256 Worldstone

Diablo 2 tools and engine reimplementation in c++

https://github.com/Lectem/Worldstone GPL-3.0 Lectem 61% Badge level for project 2256 is 61%
2257 tron-api

A PHP API for interacting with Tron (TRX)

https://iexbase.github.io/tron-api MIT Shamsudin 15% Badge level for project 2257 is 15%
2258 ansible-style-guide

A style guide for Ansible use in EGI

https://egi-foundation.github.io/ansible-style-guide Apache-2.0 Bruce Becker 16% Badge level for project 2258 is 16%
2259 ONAP Spike

ONAP Spike is a Microservice used to generate events describing changes to the graph data.

https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/admin/projects/aai/spike Apache-2.0 Gabriel 2019-05-15 13:31:36 184% Badge level for project 2259 is 184%
2262 svg-path

Parse, normalise and create polylines with SVG paths

https://github.com/larsgw/svg-path MIT Lars Willighagen 81% Badge level for project 2262 is 81%
2263 go-fm

A simple file manager library

https://github.com/chentex/go-fm MIT Vicente Zepeda 18% Badge level for project 2263 is 18%
2264 owlQuiz

Application for quizzes. App consist of timer module

https://github.com/vmpay/owlQuiz Apache-2.0 Andrew 15% Badge level for project 2264 is 15%
2265 psh

A fast, configurable and full featured bash prompt $PS1 generator in Go.

https://github.com/repejota/psh Apache-2.0 Raül Pérez 18% Badge level for project 2265 is 18%
2266 libwebsockets

Lightweight C library for websockets, h1 and h2 webserving and other protocols.

https://libwebsockets.org Andy Green 2018-10-08 11:31:23 151% Badge level for project 2266 is 151%
2267 fish-shell

The user-friendly command line shell.

http://fishshell.com GPL-2.0-only ridiculousfish 48% Badge level for project 2267 is 48%
2268 PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system that uses and extends the SQL language combined with many features that safely store...

https://www.postgresql.org PostgreSQL Licence Andres Freund 94% Badge level for project 2268 is 94%
2269 crinja

Implementation of Jinja2 template language in Crystal

https://straight-shoota.github.io/crinja Apache-2.0 Johannes Müller 97% Badge level for project 2269 is 97%
2270 JSON-Viewer

A JSON viewer plugin for Notepad++. Displays the selected JSON string in a tree view.

https://github.com/kapilratnani/JSON-Viewer MIT Kapil Ratnani 15% Badge level for project 2270 is 15%
2271 OpenArdFire

Open-source firing system based on arduino

https://github.com/storca/OpenArdFire GPL-3.0 storca 16% Badge level for project 2271 is 16%
2272 accio

Accelerated and compact binary IO library

https://github.com/rete/accio LGPL-3.0 Ete Remi 87% Badge level for project 2272 is 87%
2273 pgcenter

Command-line admin tool for observing and troubleshooting Postgres.

https://github.com/statgears/pgcenter OTHER statgears 16% Badge level for project 2273 is 16%
2274 gocpustat https://github.com/geethanjalieswaran/gocpustat GPL-3.0 GeethanjaliEswaran 15% Badge level for project 2274 is 15%
2275 helm-mirror

Helm plugin used to mirror repositories

https://github.com/openSUSE/helm-mirror Apache-2.0 Vicente Zepeda 18% Badge level for project 2275 is 18%
2276 Sql Validator

Minimalistic project for checking some rules in SQL script files written by third parties.

https://github.com/fjspitz/SqlValidator Fernando Javier Spitz 16% Badge level for project 2276 is 16%
2277 1-liners

Functional tools that couldn’t be simpler.

https://github.com/bugb/1-liners MIT bugb 16% Badge level for project 2277 is 16%
2278 go-four-in-a-row

A simple command-line implementation of the game four in the row

https://github.com/gokultp/go-four-in-a-row MIT Gokul T P 18% Badge level for project 2278 is 18%
2280 bolt

A variant caller

https://github.com/sakkayaphab/bolt MIT Sakkayaphab Piwluang 18% Badge level for project 2280 is 18%
2281 vtl-cli

Velocity Template Language (VTL) Command-line Interface

https://github.com/plavjanik/vtl-cli OTHER Petr Plavjanik 24% Badge level for project 2281 is 24%
2282 sandeepseeram-CII https://github.com/epicorsoftware/sandeepseeram-CII epicorsoftware 10% Badge level for project 2282 is 10%
2283 cmdlnphish

Command line tool for creating phishing emails

https://github.com/marctjones/cmdlnphish Marc Jones 10% Badge level for project 2283 is 10%
2285 osx-bootstrap-homebrew

Ansible role for Mac OS X bootstrapping.

https://github.com/0x4e3/osx-bootstrap-homebrew MIT Alexander Lebedev 52% Badge level for project 2285 is 52%
2286 react-lite-ui

Set of components which can be customizable / themeable and extendable.

https://github.com/Codebrahma/react-lite-ui Sai Krishna Prasad Kandula 13% Badge level for project 2286 is 13%
2288 OpenTimelineIO

Open Source API and interchange format for editorial timeline information.

https://opentimeline.io Apache-2.0 Joshua Minor 82% Badge level for project 2288 is 82%
2289 sip

Small infrastructure project

https://github.com/ossman11/sip MIT ossman11 21% Badge level for project 2289 is 21%

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