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6560 structlog

Structured Logging for Python

https://www.structlog.org (Apache-2.0 OR MIT) Hynek Schlawack 2022-10-07 14:22:06 111% Badge level for project 6560 is 111%
6561 stac2dcache

Python tool to create and manipulate STAC catalogs on a dCache storage system

https://github.com/NLeSC-GO-common-infrastructure/stac2dcache Apache-2.0 Francesco Nattino 19% Badge level for project 6561 is 19%
6562 yaml-readme

A helper to generate the READE file automatically from YAML-based metadata files.

https://github.com/LinuxSuRen/yaml-readme MIT Zhao Xiaojie 25% Badge level for project 6562 is 25%
6563 kubegraph

Kubernetes resource graph generator

https://github.com/wwmoraes/kubegraph MIT William Artero 24% Badge level for project 6563 is 24%
6564 react-github-activity-feed

Turn-key Github activity feed React component. Great for portfolio sites of sporadic open-source developers.

https://github.com/CallumJHays/react-github-activity-feed MIT Cal Hays 15% Badge level for project 6564 is 15%
6565 inventario_vacunas

Prueba Técnica para desarrollador backend

https://github.com/cdvillegas1/inventario_vacunas Carlos Villegas 13% Badge level for project 6565 is 13%

Reto Kruger inventario de vacuna empleados

https://github.com/FranciscoSampedro/VACUNA-INVENTARIO Francisco Sampedro 10% Badge level for project 6566 is 10%
6567 reto-kruger

Reto Kruger Inventario Empleados Vacuna

https://github.com/FranciscoSampedro/reto-kruger Francisco Sampedro 10% Badge level for project 6567 is 10%
6568 deberPHPCRUD

php crud with MariaDB

https://github.com/FranciscoSampedro/deberPHPCRUD Francisco Sampedro 10% Badge level for project 6568 is 10%
6569 unit-extension

Some useful extensions for unit testings.

https://github.com/The-oGlow/unit-extension Apache-2.0 oLLi G. 60% Badge level for project 6569 is 60%
6570 siever

RFC5804-compliant ManageSieve client in pure Go

https://github.com/wwmoraes/siever William Artero 10% Badge level for project 6570 is 10%
6571 k8s-go-tool-example

this repo shows several k8s and container tools for golang used together for a development workflow

https://github.com/delineateio/k8s-go-tool-example MIT Jonathan Fenwick 15% Badge level for project 6571 is 15%
6572 abqpy

Type Hints for Abaqus/Python Scripting

https://abqpy.com MIT Hailin Wang 16% Badge level for project 6572 is 16%
6573 kernel_tuner

Kernel Tuner

https://kerneltuner.github.io/kernel_tuner Apache-2.0 Ben van Werkhoven 2022-10-10 07:49:25 145% Badge level for project 6573 is 145%
6574 svgomfg

Progressive Web App (PWA) for⚙ SVGO(ptimizer)

https://zkrew.red/svgomfg EUPL-1.2 Rychart Redwerkz 13% Badge level for project 6574 is 13%
6575 rocktrack

An aid to reminding me which songs are due to be played

https://github.com/nstoker/rocktrack MIT Neil Stoker 19% Badge level for project 6575 is 19%
6576 dependency-watchdog

This controller checks the status of etcd and restarts control plane components which are in a state of crashloop-backoff over an extensive period of time.

https://github.com/gardener/dependency-watchdog OTHER Madhav Bhargava 16% Badge level for project 6576 is 16%
6577 solve

API driven competitive programming system

https://github.com/udovin/solve Apache-2.0 Ivan Udovin 82% Badge level for project 6577 is 82%
6578 to-readable-stream

Convert a string/Buffer/Uint8Array to a readable stream

https://github.com/sindresorhus/to-readable-stream MIT Sindre Sorhus 15% Badge level for project 6578 is 15%
6579 FDC3

An open standard for the financial desktop.

https://fdc3.finos.org Apache-2.0 Rob Moffat 99% Badge level for project 6579 is 99%
6581 zlux

The top-level superproject for zLUX. zLUX includes the Zowe Desktop framework in addition to several built-in apps and an example server implementation.

https://github.com/zowe/zlux EPL-2.0 James Connelly 96% Badge level for project 6581 is 96%
6582 roundbox

A small lightweight framework for IoT applications.

https://soulraven.github.io/roundbox GPL-3.0 Zaharia Constantin 19% Badge level for project 6582 is 19%
6583 rdiffweb

A simplified backup management software for quick access to your archives through an efficient web interface.

https://rdiffweb.org GPL-3.0 Patrik Dufresne 96% Badge level for project 6583 is 96%
6584 oshi

Native Operating System and Hardware Information

https://oshi.ooo MIT Daniel Widdis 36% Badge level for project 6584 is 36%
6585 nodejs

Alternative StdLib for Nim for NodeJS/JavaScript targets, hijacks NodeJS StdLib for Nim

https://juancarlospaco.github.io/nodejs MIT Juan Carlos 97% Badge level for project 6585 is 97%
6586 ClearBank.DeveloperTest

ClearBank Developer Test

https://github.com/Netizine/ClearBank.DeveloperTest MIT James 15% Badge level for project 6586 is 15%
6587 Repository Service for TUF (RSTUF)

Repository Service for TUF is a system for securing content downloads from tampering between the repository and the client (for example, by an on-path...

https://repository-service-tuf.readthedocs.io MIT Kairo Araujo 2023-01-26 19:39:27 107% Badge level for project 6587 is 107%
6588 net.splitcells.network

We provide an open source ecosystem centered around optimization and operations research.

https://splitcells.net/net/splitcells/network/README.html EPL-2.0 or MIT Martins Avots 79% Badge level for project 6588 is 79%
6589 go-github

Go library for accessing the GitHub v3 API

https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/google/go-github/v47/github BSD-3-Clause Theofilos Petsios 15% Badge level for project 6589 is 15%
6590 github-security-auditor

A tool to check the security settings of Github Organizations.

https://github.com/crashappsec/github-security-auditor Apache-2.0 Theofilos Petsios 18% Badge level for project 6590 is 18%

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