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6617 Prime Generator Header

An example project implementing an Euler Sieve in C++20. Adapted from personal work on Project Euler problems.

https://gitlab.com/anadon/prime_generator_header AGPL-3.0-or-later Josh Marshall 93% Badge level for project 6617 is 93%
6618 The Apache Struts

Mirror of Apache Struts

https://struts.apache.org Apache-2.0 Lukasz Lenart 2022-12-14 08:47:26 113% Badge level for project 6618 is 113%
6619 mockgo-server

Mock-server for http requests with horizontal scaling.

https://github.com/alitari/mockgo-server Apache-2.0 Alexander Krieg 97% Badge level for project 6619 is 97%
6620 log2rbac-operator

Kubernetes operator that helps you to set up your RBAC rules correctly

https://github.com/jkremser/log2rbac-operator Apache-2.0 Jirka Kremser 2022-10-25 14:53:03 173% Badge level for project 6620 is 173%
6621 BasicAI https://github.com/nicozhan/BasicAI Nico Zhan 10% Badge level for project 6621 is 10%
6622 postcss-prefixwrap

A PostCSS plugin that is used to wrap css styles with a css selector to constrain their affect on parent elements in a page.

https://github.com/dbtedman/postcss-prefixwrap MIT Daniel Tedman 2022-10-25 09:25:27 109% Badge level for project 6622 is 109%
6623 uptime-kuma-helm

This Helm Chart installs Uptime-Kuma from @louislam to your Kubernetes Cluster.

https://github.com/dirsigler/uptime-kuma-helm GPL-3.0 Dennis Irsigler 15% Badge level for project 6623 is 15%
6624 ingress-whitelister

Controller that automatically adds annotations to Kubernetes ingress resources for CIDR/IP whitelisting based on labels

https://github.com/Moulick/ingress-whitelister GPL-3.0 Moulick Aggarwal 18% Badge level for project 6624 is 18%
6625 spdk

Storage Performance Development Kit

https://spdk.io BSD-3-Clause Jim Harris 96% Badge level for project 6625 is 96%
6626 policy-server

Webhook server that evaluates WebAssembly policies to validate Kubernetes requests

https://www.kubewarden.io Apache-2.0 Kubewarden 25% Badge level for project 6626 is 25%
6627 kwctl

Go-to CLI tool for Kubewarden users

https://www.kubewarden.io Apache-2.0 José Guilherme Vanz 52% Badge level for project 6627 is 52%
6628 vector-operator https://github.com/kaasops/vector-operator Vladimir 15% Badge level for project 6628 is 15%
6629 open-appsec

open-appsec builds on machine learning to provide pre-emptive web app & API threat protection against OWASP-Top-10 and zero-day attacks.

https://openappsec.io Apache-2.0 WrightNed 2022-10-26 17:27:35 104% Badge level for project 6629 is 104%
6630 Polywrap Toolchain

Polywrap is building a unified execution environment for the internet that is safe, open, and user-owned. Use Polywrap to create endlessly extensible...

https://polywrap.io MIT Jordan Ellis 87% Badge level for project 6630 is 87%
6631 portex-standard

OpenBytes Open Dataset Standard Format

https://github.com/Project-OpenBytes/portex-standard Apache-2.0 OliviaWQJ 15% Badge level for project 6631 is 15%
6632 portex

OpenBytes Dataset Schema Language

https://github.com/Project-OpenBytes/portex Apache-2.0 OliviaWQJ 82% Badge level for project 6632 is 82%
6633 MONAI

AI Toolkit for Healthcare Imaging

https://monai.io Apache-2.0 Wenqi Li 81% Badge level for project 6633 is 81%
6634 lunasec

LunaSec - Dependency Security Scanner that automatically notifies you about vulnerabilities like Log4Shell or node-ipc in your Pull Requests and Builds....

https://www.lunasec.io OTHER Chris 15% Badge level for project 6634 is 15%
6635 pathology_slide_drift https://github.com/lalmei/pathology_slide_drift Apache-2.0 Leandro G. Almeida 15% Badge level for project 6635 is 15%
6636 astro-reactive-library https://github.com/ayoayco/astro-reactive-library Munyaneza Armel 3% Badge level for project 6636 is 3%
6637 astro-reactive-library https://github.com/ayoayco/astro-reactive-library Munyaneza Armel 3% Badge level for project 6637 is 3%
6638 scapp

C++ app scaffolding tool

https://lyquid.github.io/scapp Apache-2.0 Alex CB 76% Badge level for project 6638 is 76%
6639 OpenClassrooms

Learning Community with OpenClassrooms

https://github.com/Aniketmishra0/OpenClassrooms MIT Aniket Mishra 79% Badge level for project 6639 is 79%
6640 efl

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries

https://github.com/Dimmus/efl LGPL-3.0+ Dmitri Chudinov 2022-10-29 16:37:59 105% Badge level for project 6640 is 105%
6641 node-automatic-release

Automatically generate a new releases for your node project.

https://github.com/aynp/node-automatic-release Apache-2.0 Aryan 15% Badge level for project 6641 is 15%
6642 dcs-js https://github.com/unfoldingWord/dcs-js MIT Abel Pérez 16% Badge level for project 6642 is 16%
6643 kserve

Serverless Inferencing on Kubernetes

https://kserve.github.io/website Apache-2.0 Dan Sun 2022-11-12 20:47:55 178% Badge level for project 6643 is 178%
6644 modelmesh

Distributed Model Serving Framework

https://github.com/kserve/modelmesh Apache-2.0 Dan Sun 18% Badge level for project 6644 is 18%
6646 starlite-saqlalchemy

Starlite API boilerplate abstraction and utilities.

https://topsport-com-au.github.io/starlite-saqlalchemy MIT Peter Schutt 2022-10-30 08:39:41 105% Badge level for project 6646 is 105%
6647 Core

Web framework for C++ (inspired by Flask, Java Spring, Express and many others)

https://github.com/WebFrame/Core GPL-3.0 Alex Tsvetanov 19% Badge level for project 6647 is 19%

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