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8762 oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN)

oneDNN is an open-source cross-platform performance library of basic building blocks for deep learning applications. oneDNN project is part of the UXL...

https://github.com/oneapi-src/oneDNN Apache-2.0 Vadim Pirogov 2024-04-08 19:23:37 164% Badge level for project 8762 is 164%
8763 inspectds

A CLI utiltiy to print the metadata of datasets in various formats (NetCDF, zarr, etc)

https://github.com/pmav99/inspectds UNLICENSE pmav99 16% Badge level for project 8763 is 16%
8764 cyrus

A simple initiative tracker for d&d and other ttrpgs

https://github.com/BreeDurbin/cyrus GPL-3.0 Bree Lynne Durbin 18% Badge level for project 8764 is 18%
8765 cloud.vmware_ops

Ansible roles for managing VMware resources

https://github.com/redhat-cop/cloud.vmware_ops GPL-3.0 Ondra Machacek 18% Badge level for project 8765 is 18%
8766 ree-hdsc

REE-HDSC reseach project of the Radboud University Nijmegen en the Netherlands eScience Center

https://github.com/ree-hdsc/ree-hdsc Apache-2.0 Erik Tjong Kim Sang 55% Badge level for project 8766 is 55%
8767 OpenLLaMA

A Rust project for LLM, inspired by https://github.com/ggerganov/llama.cpp and https://github.com/ollama/ollama. Welcom to join our conversations on Zulip:...

https://github.com/ComputeIO/OpenLLaMA MIT Cloorc 15% Badge level for project 8767 is 15%
8768 pathvalidate

A Python library to sanitize/validate a string such as filenames/file-paths/etc.

https://pathvalidate.rtfd.io MIT Tsuyoshi Hombashi 36% Badge level for project 8768 is 36%
8769 bfdev

bfdev is a high-performance, aesthetically pleasing, and portable infrastructure provisioning library. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive and streamlined...

https://github.com/openbfdev/bfdev Fredrik Anderson 7% Badge level for project 8769 is 7%
8770 llvm

Intel staging area for llvm.org contribution. Home for Intel LLVM-based projects.

https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/developer/tools/oneapi/dpc-compiler.html OTHER William Huhn 13% Badge level for project 8770 is 13%
8771 serghei https://gitlab.com/serghei-model/serghei Daniel Caviedes-Voullième 3% Badge level for project 8771 is 3%
8772 VulnerabilityHeatmap

Heatmap displaying vulnerability data over time

https://github.com/secureIO-GmbH/VulnerabilityHeatmap MIT Michael Wager 18% Badge level for project 8772 is 18%
8773 secrets-loader

Load secret values from SSM and Secrets Manager into environment variables for Bref Lamba Functions

https://github.com/f-lombardo/secrets-loader MIT Franco Lombardo 69% Badge level for project 8773 is 69%
8774 IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

IntelliJ Platform is an OSS platform developed by JetBrains for building IDEs and language-aware developer tools. It is used by IntelliJ IDEA, Android...

https://www.jetbrains.com/opensource/idea Apache-2.0 Yaroslav Russkih 90% Badge level for project 8774 is 90%
8775 webforj

webforJ is a robust and flexible web framework that allows you to easily create a modern and engaging user interface using Java.

https://documentation.webforj.com MIT Hyyan Abo Fakher 2024-04-11 13:20:48 105% Badge level for project 8775 is 105%
8776 mytestbed

My Test Repo

https://github.com/lehors/mytestbed Arnaud J Le Hors 10% Badge level for project 8776 is 10%
8777 AI-Illustrator https://github.com/basedanarki/AI-Illustrator Anarki 10% Badge level for project 8777 is 10%
8778 level-zero-tests

oneAPI Level Zero Conformance & Performance test content

https://www.oneapi.io MIT Lisanna Dettwyler 96% Badge level for project 8778 is 96%
8779 z/OS Open Tools

The z/OS Open Tools community provides popular Open Source tools to the z/OS platform. We currently host 190+ z/OS Open Source projects, including ports of...

https://zosopentools.github.io/meta Apache-2.0 IgorTodorovskiIBM 84% Badge level for project 8779 is 84%
8780 hash2curve

Go implementation of RFC 9380 - Hashing to Elliptic Curves

https://github.com/bytemare/hash2curve MIT Bytemare 2024-04-17 18:40:29 195% Badge level for project 8780 is 195%
8781 hash

Generic Cryptographic Hash Functions in Go

https://github.com/bytemare/hash MIT Bytemare 2024-04-17 17:40:52 195% Badge level for project 8781 is 195%
8782 packer-plugin-scaleway

Packer plugin for Scaleway Builder

https://www.packer.io/docs/builders/scaleway MPL-2.0 Rémy Léone 21% Badge level for project 8782 is 21%
8783 gammalearn https://gitlab.in2p3.fr/gammalearn Tom FRANCOIS 3% Badge level for project 8783 is 3%
8784 GammaLearn

Deep Learning for Imaging Cherenkov Telescopes data analysis

https://gammalearn.pages.in2p3.fr/pages MIT Tom 64% Badge level for project 8784 is 64%
8786 intellij-community

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition & IntelliJ Platform

https://jetbrains.com/idea Apache-2.0 Grigorii Liullin 19% Badge level for project 8786 is 19%
8787 poutine

poutine is a security scanner that detects misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in the build pipelines of a repository. It supports parsing CI workflows...

https://github.com/boostsecurityio/poutine Apache-2.0 François Proulx 93% Badge level for project 8787 is 93%
8788 rymdport

Cross-platform application for easy encrypted file, folder, and text sharing between devices.

https://rymdport.github.io GPL-3.0 Jacob Alzén 19% Badge level for project 8788 is 19%
8789 k8s-hard-way-ansible

🐄 Provisioning of Kubernetes the hard way with Ansible

BSD-3-Clause Sergij Boremchuk 16% Badge level for project 8789 is 16%
8790 dmjone

Join a vibrant digital realm where students explore, learn, and grow. The frontend of dmj's education initiative is a world of accessible knowledge, powered...

https://dmj.one OTHER Divya Mohan 13% Badge level for project 8790 is 13%
8791 podsalsa

PodSalsa is a simple web application that only displays information about the release version of the application, the Git commit and the build date. The...

https://github.com/janfuhrer/podsalsa Apache-2.0 Jan Fuhrer 2024-04-17 17:40:55 107% Badge level for project 8791 is 107%
8792 django-rest-tsg

A typescript code generator for Django Rest Framework.

MIT 亦念 15% Badge level for project 8792 is 15%

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