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7219 MverseX

An open source Decentralized exchange for MverseX

https://dex.fntokens.xyz GPL-3.0 FN-TOKENS 24% Badge level for project 7219 is 24%
7220 openbrokerapi

A python package for the V2 CF Service Broker API

https://openbrokerapi.readthedocs.io MIT Maic Siemering 2023-04-26 09:57:32 109% Badge level for project 7220 is 109%
7223 metallumbot

A simple Telegram bot written in java to retrieve upcoming albums and random bands from Metal Archives

https://github.com/errebenito/metallumbot GPL-3.0 Raúl Benito 18% Badge level for project 7223 is 18%
7224 docs

Documentation Site

https://github.com/cloudforet-io/docs CC-BY-4.0 Choonho Son 13% Badge level for project 7224 is 13%
7225 image-processor-service

The service responsible for processing images.

Apache-2.0 Gergely Brautigam 18% Badge level for project 7225 is 18%
7226 Open-Source-Programs

A list of open source programs.

https://opensourceinternships.herokuapp.com MIT DUYSTARS 15% Badge level for project 7226 is 15%
7227 noDoubleClick

🖱️ Console app that detects and suppresses mouse double clicks

https://github.com/tnt10128/noDoubleClick GPL-3.0 TNT10128 15% Badge level for project 7227 is 15%
7228 dependabot-helper

An application that helps manage Dependabot updates across multiple repositories.

https://github.com/martincostello/dependabot-helper Apache-2.0 Martin Costello 2023-04-15 08:39:04 105% Badge level for project 7228 is 105%
7229 update-static-assets

A GitHub Action that updates HTML static assets

https://github.com/martincostello/update-static-assets Apache-2.0 Martin Costello 2023-04-15 09:39:09 104% Badge level for project 7229 is 104%
7230 update-dotnet-sdk

A GitHub Action that updates the .NET SDK

https://github.com/martincostello/update-dotnet-sdk Apache-2.0 Martin Costello 2023-04-15 09:45:18 104% Badge level for project 7230 is 104%
7231 Pseudolocalizer

Pseudo-localization tool for .NET

https://github.com/martincostello/Pseudolocalizer MIT Martin Costello 2023-04-15 11:03:29 104% Badge level for project 7231 is 104%
7232 apple-fitness-workout-mapper

Visualise multiple journeys from Apple Fitness on a map

https://github.com/martincostello/apple-fitness-workout-mapper Apache-2.0 Martin Costello 2023-04-15 11:08:21 104% Badge level for project 7232 is 104%
7233 alexa-london-travel

An Amazon Alexa skill for checking the status of travel in London

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01NB0T86R Apache-2.0 Martin Costello 2023-04-15 11:20:41 104% Badge level for project 7233 is 104%
7234 alexa-london-travel-site

The companion site for the London Travel Amazon Alexa skill

https://londontravel.martincostello.com Apache-2.0 Martin Costello 2023-04-15 11:26:14 104% Badge level for project 7234 is 104%
7235 httpclient-interception

A .NET library for intercepting server-side HTTP requests

https://tech.just-eat.com/2017/10/02/reliably-testing-http-integrations-in-a-dotnet-application Apache-2.0 Martin Costello 2023-04-15 12:45:57 167% Badge level for project 7235 is 167%
7236 pyxattr

A python module for accessing filesystem Extended Attributes

https://pyxattr.k1024.org LGPL-2.1 Iustin Pop 81% Badge level for project 7236 is 81%
7237 Code scanning with HLint

This is a GitHub action which scans Haskell code using HLint and uploads its suggested improvements to GitHub code scanning. It can serve as a status check...

https://github.com/haskell-actions/hlint-scan Apache-2.0 Yoo Chung 2023-04-16 23:59:29 173% Badge level for project 7237 is 173%
7238 eyesoar https://www.eyesoar.de Samuel Roberts 3% Badge level for project 7238 is 3%
7239 kubectl-pod-lens

kubectl plugin for show pod-related resources

https://pod-lens.guoxudong.io Apache-2.0 guoxudong 22% Badge level for project 7239 is 22%
7240 Viable North Sea (ViNoS): A NetLogo Agent-based Model of German Small-scale Fisheries

Viable North Sea (ViNoS) is an Agent-based Model (ABM) of the German Small-scale Fisheries. As a Social-Ecological Systems (SES) model it focusses on the...

https://codebase.helmholtz.cloud/mussel/netlogo-northsea-species Apache-2.0 Carsten Lemmen 2023-05-04 15:52:54 116% Badge level for project 7240 is 116%
7241 label-sleuth https://github.com/label-sleuth/label-sleuth Martín Santillán Cooper 3% Badge level for project 7241 is 3%
7242 balance

The balance python package offers a simple workflow and methods for dealing with biased data samples when looking to infer from them to some target...

https://import-balance.org GPL-2.0 Tal Galili 25% Badge level for project 7242 is 25%
7243 qrcode.react

A component for use with React.

https://zpao.github.io/qrcode.react ISC Paul O’Shannessy 84% Badge level for project 7243 is 84%
7244 skia.google

Worked on this coding with all the people in my group

https://github.com/Discovery-learning/skia.google Apache-2.0 Alexander Petree 2023-04-19 02:00:25 111% Badge level for project 7244 is 111%
7245 DeepRec

DeepRec is a high-performance recommendation deep learning framework based on TensorFlow.

https://github.com/DeepRec-AI/DeepRec Apache-2.0 Tongxuan Liu 15% Badge level for project 7245 is 15%
7246 DataLad

Keep code, data, containers under control with git and git-annex

http://datalad.org MIT Yaroslav Halchenko 28% Badge level for project 7246 is 28%
7247 MathJax plugin for Eleventy (11ty)

Eleventy plugin for supporting the MathJax library

https://github.com/sunt-programator/eleventy-plugin-mathjax MIT Victor Pogor 2023-04-19 15:28:51 105% Badge level for project 7247 is 105%
7248 label-sleuth https://github.com/label-sleuth/label-sleuth Martín Santillán Cooper 3% Badge level for project 7248 is 3%
7250 cronuseo

open-source full stack authorization solution

https://github.com/shashimalcse/cronuseo Thilina Shashimal Senarath 15% Badge level for project 7250 is 15%
7251 Obsidian Confluence Integration

Obsidian Confluence Integration Plugin is an open-source plugin for Obsidian.md that allows you to publish markdown content from Obsidian to Atlassian...

https://obsidian-confluence.com Apache-2.0 Andrew McClenaghan 25% Badge level for project 7251 is 25%

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