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7346 cinnamon

CInnamon provides React developers with reusable components that standardize system appearance, streamlining development and producing professional,...

https://github.com/CinCoders/cinnamon MIT Daniel Brandão 18% Badge level for project 7346 is 18%
7349 regex-but-with-words

a lightweight package with no user dependecies that allows users to chain a verbose function to create a Regular Expression. It can also be used to create a...

https://github.com/IBM/regex-but-with-words Apache-2.0 Jennifer Valle 2023-05-09 18:55:04 107% Badge level for project 7349 is 107%
7351 Media-Transport-Library

A real-time media transport (LibOS UDP and SMPTE ST 2110) stack based on DPDK and COTS hardware.

https://github.com/OpenVisualCloud/Media-Transport-Library BSD-3-Clause Frank Du 18% Badge level for project 7351 is 18%
7352 harp

Secret management by contract toolchain

https://github.com/zntrio/harp Apache-2.0 Thibault NORMAND 39% Badge level for project 7352 is 39%
7353 flutter_widget_from_html

Flutter package to render html as widgets that supports hyperlink, image, audio, video, iframe and many other tags.

https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_widget_from_html MIT Đào Hoàng Sơn 15% Badge level for project 7353 is 15%
7355 tackle2-operator

Konveyor Operator fully manages the deployment and life cycle of Konveyor (formerly Tackle) on Kubernetes.

https://github.com/konveyor Apache-2.0 Savitha Raghunathan 48% Badge level for project 7355 is 48%
7356 messenger

This is the repo where I will from now on write my messenger

https://github.com/benni347/messenger MIT Cédric Skwar 15% Badge level for project 7356 is 15%
7357 DPFS

DPU-Powered File System Virtualization over virtio-fs

https://github.com/IBM/DPFS LGPL-2.1 Peter-Jan Gootzen 15% Badge level for project 7357 is 15%
7358 relational-playground

An exploration of relational algebra

https://relationalplayground.com Michael Mior 10% Badge level for project 7358 is 10%
7359 jsonoid-discovery

Distributed JSON schema discovery

https://github.com/dataunitylab/jsonoid-discovery MIT Michael Mior 2023-05-18 16:42:19 153% Badge level for project 7359 is 153%
7361 rika2mqtt

Bridge to let you take control and monitor your RIKA firenet stove through MQTT

https://rika2mqtt.cookiecode.dev MIT Sebastien Vermeille 66% Badge level for project 7361 is 66%
7362 FedERA https://federa.readthedocs.io Apache-2.0 Akshat Bhandari 2023-05-24 16:56:44 109% Badge level for project 7362 is 109%
7363 FedERA https://github.com/anupamkliv/FedERA Akshat Bhandari 3% Badge level for project 7363 is 3%
7364 FedERA https://github.com/anupamkliv/FedERA Apache-2.0 Akshat Bhandari 2023-06-09 08:04:51 107% Badge level for project 7364 is 107%
7365 latest https://federa.readthedocs.io/en/latest Akshat Bhandari 3% Badge level for project 7365 is 3%
7366 FedERA https://github.com/anupamkliv/FedERA Akshat Bhandari 3% Badge level for project 7366 is 3%
7367 lime

Lime: Explaining the predictions of any machine learning classifier

https://github.com/akshatbhandari15/lime BSD-2-Clause Akshat Bhandari 16% Badge level for project 7367 is 16%
7368 Exosphere

A user-friendly interface for non-proprietary cloud infrastructure.

  • Empowers researchers and other non-IT professionals to deploy code and run services...
https://exosphere.app BSD-3-Clause Julian Pistorius 78% Badge level for project 7368 is 78%
7369 koji8crossfair https://github.com/koji8crossfair/koji8crossfair Koji Yamamoto 3% Badge level for project 7369 is 3%
7370 koji8crossfair Koji Yamamoto 10% Badge level for project 7370 is 10%
7371 koji8crossfairpriv Koji Yamamoto 3% Badge level for project 7371 is 3%
7372 learn-javascript

A book that teaches JavaScript

https://javascript.sumankunwar.com.np/en Apache-2.0 Suman Kunwar 42% Badge level for project 7372 is 42%
7373 circleci-docs

Documentation for CircleCI.

https://circleci.com/docs MIT kadir 15% Badge level for project 7373 is 15%
7374 Holiday-Activity

Christmas Tree commit activity from Working Copy.

https://github.com/nanis94/Holiday-Activity kadir 10% Badge level for project 7374 is 10%
7375 cdk-sops-secrets

CDK Construct that syncs your sops secrets into AWS SecretsManager secrets.

https://github.com/markussiebert/cdk-sops-secrets Apache-2.0 markussiebert 15% Badge level for project 7375 is 15%
7376 jobrunr

An extremely easy way to perform background processing in Java. Backed by persistent storage. Open and free for commercial use.

https://www.jobrunr.io OTHER Ronald Dehuysser 13% Badge level for project 7376 is 13%
7377 spoon

Spoon is a metaprogramming library to analyze and transform Java source code. is made with :heart:, and :sparkles:. It parses source files to build a...

http://spoon.gforge.inria.fr (MIT OR CECILL-C) Martin Wittlinger 94% Badge level for project 7377 is 94%
7378 laughing-train

A code refactoring tool for java created with jgit and spoon for small diffs.

https://github.com/MartinWitt/laughing-train MIT Martin Wittlinger 16% Badge level for project 7378 is 16%
7379 openfl

An open framework for Federated Learning.

https://openfl.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html Apache-2.0 Akshat Bhandari 16% Badge level for project 7379 is 16%
7380 LakeSoul

LakeSoul is an end-to-end, realtime and cloud native Lakehouse framework with fast data ingestion, concurrent update and incremental data analytics on cloud...

https://github.com/Ceng23333/LakeSoul Apache-2.0 Ceng 18% Badge level for project 7380 is 18%

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