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7252 dependency-watchdog

A watchdog which actively looks out for disruption and recovery of critical services. If there is a disruption then it will prevent cascading failure by...

https://github.com/gardener/dependency-watchdog Apache-2.0 Madhav Bhargava 64% Badge level for project 7252 is 64%
7253 perun

A Python library and command line tool to monitor energy consumption of MPI distributed applications.

https://github.com/Helmholtz-AI-Energy/perun BSD-3-Clause JuanPedroGHM 90% Badge level for project 7253 is 90%
7254 hmpps-incentives-api

HMPPS Incentives API

https://github.com/ministryofjustice/hmpps-incentives-api MIT Neil Mendum 15% Badge level for project 7254 is 15%
7256 mcpevent2hist

Contains software that is used to process the raw tpx3 data into hit and events.

https://github.com/ornlneutronimaging/mcpevent2hist BSD-3-Clause Chen Zhang 99% Badge level for project 7256 is 99%
7257 BasicLoginPage

Login page development with Flask and pentesting for the vulnerability

https://github.com/arzuozkan/BasicLoginPage arzuozkan 10% Badge level for project 7257 is 10%
7258 MyWalletApplication

HUAWEI AR-GE Kodlama Maratonu 2022 için geliştirilmiş uygulama

https://github.com/arzuozkan/MyWalletApplication arzuozkan 10% Badge level for project 7258 is 10%
7259 Academic-Online-Registration-System https://github.com/Ramsankar81/Academic-Online-Registration-System RAMSANKAR HAZRA 10% Badge level for project 7259 is 10%
7260 curl

A command line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting DICT, FILE, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, GOPHERS, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP,...

https://curl.se OTHER kadir 18% Badge level for project 7260 is 18%
7261 Artificial-Intelligence

Natural Language Processing Node.js App - Forecasting, Predicting, and Optimization Models

https://github.com/RONSYSTEMS/Artificial-Intelligence RONSYSTEMS CORP 10% Badge level for project 7261 is 10%
7262 s3-cisbench

A cmd line tool written in Go to analyse S3 bucket against CIS benchmark rules.

https://github.com/rollwagen/s3-cisbench Apache-2.0 rollwagen 33% Badge level for project 7262 is 33%
7263 ImageSupplyChainAnalyseSystem https://github.com/winniezzl/ImageSupplyChainAnalyseSystem BSL-1.0 Zhu Zhiling 97% Badge level for project 7263 is 97%
7264 hello-world

this is my first github project

https://github.com/winniezzl/hello-world Zhu Zhiling 10% Badge level for project 7264 is 10%
7265 VideoDownload

VideoDownload tool for Youtube/BiliBili/douyin/ixigua

https://github.com/dxsooo/VideoDownload Apache-2.0 Jiajie Han 75% Badge level for project 7265 is 75%
7266 ProyectoWEb https://github.com/victorpablo123/ProyectoWEb victorpablo 10% Badge level for project 7266 is 10%
7267 Sertch. https://github.com/Lyllt8/Sertch. Lyllt8 10% Badge level for project 7267 is 10%
7268 ryanair-py

This is an open source Python module which allows you to retrieve either:

The cheapest flights, with or without return flights, within a fixed set of...

https://github.com/cohaolain/ryanair-py MIT Ciarán Ó hAoláin 37% Badge level for project 7268 is 37%
7269 flapw https://www.flapw.de Daniel Wortmann 3% Badge level for project 7269 is 3%
7270 Microsoft OneFuzz

A self-hosted Fuzzing-As-A-Service platform

https://github.com/microsoft/onefuzz MIT George Pollard 91% Badge level for project 7270 is 91%
7271 The venti data visualization system

Venti is an open-source metrics and logs data visualization system.

https://github.com/kuoss/venti Apache-2.0 Jmnote 22% Badge level for project 7271 is 22%
7272 k8sgpt

Giving Kubernetes SRE superpowers to everyone

https://k8sgpt.ai Apache-2.0 Alex Jones 2023-04-26 07:26:34 107% Badge level for project 7272 is 107%
7273 kbom

KBOM - Kubernetes Bill of Materials

https://github.com/ksoclabs/kbom Apache-2.0 Steven Wade 93% Badge level for project 7273 is 93%
7274 witsml-explorer

Witsml Explorer data management tool.

Apache-2.0 Stein A Sivertsen 96% Badge level for project 7274 is 96%
7275 libdwarf-code

Contains source for libdwarf, a library for reading DWARF2 and later DWARF. Contains source to create dwarfdump, a program which prints DWARF2 and later...

https://www.prevanders.net/dwarf.html LGPL-2.1+ BSD-2-Clause BSD-3-Clause GPL-2.0+ David Anderson 2023-04-27 21:09:32 115% Badge level for project 7275 is 115%
7276 ccExplorer

ccExplorer (Cloud cost explorer) is a simple command line tool to explore the cost of your cloud resources. It's built on opensource tools like cobra,...

https://github.com/cduggn/ccExplorer MIT Colin Duggan 21% Badge level for project 7276 is 21%
7277 defradb

DefraDB is a Peer-to-Peer Edge Database. It's the core data storage system for the Source Ecosystem, built with IPFS/IPLD, LibP2P, CRDTs, and Semantic web3...

https://github.com/sourcenetwork/defradb Shahzad Lone 24% Badge level for project 7277 is 24%
7278 Fabric Gateway client API

Go, Node and Java client API for Hyperledger Fabric v2.4+

https://hyperledger.github.io/fabric-gateway Apache-2.0 Mark S. Lewis 2023-04-28 13:39:40 116% Badge level for project 7278 is 116%
7279 RIAssigner

RIAssigner is a python tool for retention index (RI) computation for GC-MS data.

https://github.com/hechth/RIAssigner MIT Helge Hecht 18% Badge level for project 7279 is 18%
7280 ManagerTk

Easily using Tkinter

https://github.com/DK404-main/ManagerTk DK404-main 10% Badge level for project 7280 is 10%
7282 composer

Dependency Manager for PHP

https://getcomposer.org MIT Speedmeup007 31% Badge level for project 7282 is 31%
7283 nemo

a Stellar Dynamics Toolbox (Not Everybody Must Observe)

https://astronemo.readthedocs.io GPL-2.0 Speedmeup007 91% Badge level for project 7283 is 91%

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