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7284 guava

Google core libraries for Java

https://github.com/ali963sy/guava Apache-2.0 AliAAli 18% Badge level for project 7284 is 18%
7285 interview-app-srv

Interview app

https://github.com/RafalSalwa/interview-app-srv MIT Rafał Salwa 15% Badge level for project 7285 is 15%
7286 Kareem-jadou https://github.com/k53a48/Kareem-jadou Kareem jadou 10% Badge level for project 7286 is 10%
7287 pywikibot

A Python library that interfaces with the MediaWiki API. This is a mirror from gerrit.wikimedia.org. Do not submit any patches here. See...

MIT xqt 21% Badge level for project 7287 is 21%
7288 stable https://doc.wikimedia.org/pywikibot/stable xqt 3% Badge level for project 7288 is 3%
7289 stable https://doc.wikimedia.org/pywikibot/stable xqt 3% Badge level for project 7289 is 3%
7290 guard-action

A repo containing KSOC Guard GitHub Action

https://github.com/ksoclabs/guard-action Apache-2.0 Steven Wade 93% Badge level for project 7290 is 93%
7291 charts

Applications catalog compatible with KubeApps

https://beluga-cloud.github.io/charts Apache-2.0 Alexandre NICOLAIE 15% Badge level for project 7291 is 15%
7292 matcha https://github.com/cloudretic/matcha Jake Nichols 3% Badge level for project 7292 is 3%
7293 matcha

Matcha is an HTTP router designed for maximum flexibility at low cost.

Apache-2.0 Jake Nichols 19% Badge level for project 7293 is 19%
7294 WoW-Integration https://github.com/MiekoHikari/WoW-Integration Mieko Hikari 10% Badge level for project 7294 is 10%
7295 xRegistry

xRegistry is an extensible registry definition that allows for easy management and discovery of resources.

https://xregistry.io Apache-2.0 Doug Davis 2023-05-03 14:35:49 105% Badge level for project 7295 is 105%
7296 spec

xRegistry related specifications

Doug Davis 12% Badge level for project 7296 is 12%
7297 charset_normalizer

Truly universal encoding detector in pure Python

https://charset-normalizer.readthedocs.io/en/latest MIT TAHRI Ahmed R. 2023-05-07 04:16:03 109% Badge level for project 7297 is 109%
7298 power-grid-model

Python/C++ library for distribution power system analysis

https://github.com/PowerGridModel/power-grid-model MPL-2.0 Tony Xiang 2023-05-04 11:23:41 105% Badge level for project 7298 is 105%
7299 flame Klaus Ma 6% Badge level for project 7299 is 6%
7300 EIPs

The Ethereum Improvement Proposal repository

https://eips.ethereum.org CC0-1.0 Sascha Ronnie Daoudia 13% Badge level for project 7300 is 13%
7301 GitHubActions.Gates.Samples

GitHub Actions protection rules sample gates

https://github.com/tspascoal/GitHubActions.Gates.Samples MIT Tiago Pascoal 2023-05-04 17:22:43 107% Badge level for project 7301 is 107%
7302 osi4kjb-embed-checkout-form

A utility script that embeds Kajabi checkout forms inside any Kajabi site pages and product pages of the same Kajabi site.

https://github.com/jasongodev/osi4kjb-embed-checkout-form MPL-2.0 Jason Go 15% Badge level for project 7302 is 15%
7303 cobra2snooty

Generate cobra docs compatible with the snooty docs tooling

https://github.com/mongodb-labs/cobra2snooty Apache-2.0 Gustavo Bazan 18% Badge level for project 7303 is 18%
7304 go-client-mongodb-atlas

Go Client for MongoDB Atlas

https://www.mongodb.com/docs/atlas/reference/api-resources-spec Apache-2.0 Gustavo Bazan 19% Badge level for project 7304 is 19%
7305 mongodb-atlas-cli

MongoDB Atlas CLI and MongoDB CLI enable you to manage your MongoDB in the Cloud

https://www.mongodb.com/docs/atlas/cli/stable Apache-2.0 Gustavo Bazan 18% Badge level for project 7305 is 18%
7306 terraform-provider-mongodbatlas

Terraform MongoDB Atlas Provider: Deploy, update, and manage MongoDB Atlas infrastructure as code through HashiCorp Terraform

https://registry.terraform.io/providers/mongodb/mongodbatlas MPL-2.0 Gustavo Bazan 19% Badge level for project 7306 is 19%
7307 redditPHP

3 random Redditors decided to make a framework in PHP!

https://github.com/redditPHP/redditPHP MIT Garrett W. 15% Badge level for project 7307 is 15%
7340 Talos Linux

Talos Linux is a modern Linux distribution built for Kubernetes.

https://www.talos.dev MPL-2.0 Andrey Smirnov 99% Badge level for project 7340 is 99%
7341 roblogic-codespace-template

Roblogic Codespace Template: A customizable and comprehensive template for machine learning and deep learning projects with Python backend and React frontend...

https://github.com/genome21/roblogic-codespace-template MIT Robert Wilkins III 2023-05-06 00:14:03 300% Badge level for project 7341 is 300%
7342 Kevin-Bell

Kevin Bell

https://github.com/bell-kevin/Kevin-Bell AGPL-3.0 Kevin Bell 15% Badge level for project 7342 is 15%
7343 sanna

Conver common software bill of material (SBOM) formats to HTML

Brent Redmon 3% Badge level for project 7343 is 3%
7344 webscp

A graphical frontend for scp (Linux & MacOS)

https://github.com/marekful/webscp Apache-2.0 Marcell Fülöp 52% Badge level for project 7344 is 52%
7345 moysklad

MoySklad (МойСклад) SDK JSON API v1.2

https://github.com/arcsub/moysklad MIT ʏᴜʀʏ 15% Badge level for project 7345 is 15%

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