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7424 biomass

A Python Framework for Modeling and Analysis of Signaling Systems

http://biomass-core.rtfd.io Apache-2.0 Hiroaki Imoto 15% Badge level for project 7424 is 15%
7425 biomass https://github.com/biomass-dev/biomass Hiroaki Imoto 3% Badge level for project 7425 is 3%
7426 pasmopy

Patient-Specific Modeling in Python

https://pasmopy.readthedocs.io Apache-2.0 Hiroaki Imoto 16% Badge level for project 7426 is 16%
7427 pass-along

Easy and secure way of sending secrets

https://github.com/Gaardsholt/pass-along Lasse Gaardsholt 13% Badge level for project 7427 is 13%
7428 Project Veraison

Project Veraison builds software components that can be used to build an Attestation Verification Service.

https://github.com/veraison Apache-2.0 SimonFrost-Arm 91% Badge level for project 7428 is 91%
7430 learndev-foundation https://learndevfoundation.vercel.app BSD-3-Clause Adeoluwa Agbakosi 13% Badge level for project 7430 is 13%
7431 verbose-fiesta https://github.com/diegohj66/verbose-fiesta Apache-2.0 DUYSTARS 15% Badge level for project 7431 is 15%
7432 PEPC - The Pretty Efficient Parallel Coulomb Solver

The PEPC project (Pretty Efficient Parallel Coulomb Solver) is a public tree code that has been developed at Jülich Supercomputing Centre since the early...

https://www.fz-juelich.de/ias/jsc/pepc LGPL-3.0-or-later Dirk Brömmel 81% Badge level for project 7432 is 81%
7433 peass-ci-plugin

Jenkins plugin for peass to support performance measurement in CI

https://github.com/jenkinsci/peass-ci-plugin AGPL-3.0 DaGeRe 16% Badge level for project 7433 is 16%
7434 peass

Tool for Performance analysis of software system

https://github.com/DaGeRe/peass AGPL-3.0 DaGeRe 16% Badge level for project 7434 is 16%
7435 js-core

[Core] (Iron) Common libraries used at all layers

https://github.com/AlexAegis/js-core MIT Győri Sándor 16% Badge level for project 7435 is 16%
7436 mainframe-open-education-project https://open-mainframe-project.gitbook.io/mainframe-open-education-project Lauren Valenti 3% Badge level for project 7436 is 3%
7437 luisegar37

Config files for my GitHub profile.

https://github.com/luisegar37 luisegar37 10% Badge level for project 7437 is 10%
7438 ansible-leapp

Collection of Ansible roles for automating RHEL in-place upgrades using Leapp.

https://github.com/oamg/ansible-leapp MIT Bob Mader 2023-06-06 20:28:38 115% Badge level for project 7438 is 115%
7439 audit-scanner

Reports evaluation of existing Kubernetes resources with your already deployed Kubewarden policies.

https://kubewarden.io Apache-2.0 Kubewarden 76% Badge level for project 7439 is 76%
7440 kubewarden https://kubewarden.io Kubewarden 3% Badge level for project 7440 is 3%
7441 tornium-core

A website and Discord bot to assist with the playing of Torn City developed with love <3

https://tornium.com AGPL-3.0 dssecret 16% Badge level for project 7441 is 16%
7442 OldMutual.SmartCopierTool https://github.com/siphamandlakheswa/OldMutual.SmartCopierTool UNLICENSE siphamandlakheswa 13% Badge level for project 7442 is 13%
7443 caikit

Caikit is an AI toolkit that enables users to manage models through a set of developer friendly APIs.

https://github.com/caikit/caikit Apache-2.0 Nhan Hoang 2023-06-08 17:15:36 109% Badge level for project 7443 is 109%
7444 create-symlink

Create Symlink is a simple mac Automator workflow which provides a GUI for the symbolic links creation on macOS. There is an alternative...

https://github.com/ololx/create-symlink MIT Alexander A. Kropotin 16% Badge level for project 7444 is 16%
7445 quick-symlink

Quick Symlink is a Finder extension, which allows to quickly create a new symbolic links for the selected folders or files using mouse right-click. There is...

https://github.com/ololx/quick-symlink MIT Alexander A. Kropotin 16% Badge level for project 7445 is 16%
7446 moonshine

This is a java utils and extensions library

https://github.com/ololx/moonshine Apache-2.0 Alexander A. Kropotin 19% Badge level for project 7446 is 19%
7447 maven-lockfile

Lockfiles for Maven. Pin your dependencies. Build with integrity.

https://github.com/chains-project/maven-lockfile MIT Martin Wittlinger 82% Badge level for project 7447 is 82%
7448 Intersectional Fairness

Intersectional Fairness (ISF) is a bias detection and mitigation technology for intersectional bias, which combinations of multiple protected attributes...

https://github.com/intersectional-fairness/isf Apache-2.0 Koji Yamamoto 84% Badge level for project 7448 is 84%
7449 preprocess

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/preprocess (Fixed for python3)

https://github.com/Zaryob/preprocess MIT Suleyman Poyraz 15% Badge level for project 7449 is 15%
7450 fast-check

Property based testing framework for JavaScript (like QuickCheck) written in TypeScript

https://fast-check.dev MIT Nicolas DUBIEN 2023-06-08 22:21:12 145% Badge level for project 7450 is 145%
7451 TranscribeAI https://github.com/TranscriptAI/TranscribeAI TranscriptAI 3% Badge level for project 7451 is 3%
7452 TranscribeAI https://github.com/TranscriptAI/TranscribeAI TranscriptAI 3% Badge level for project 7452 is 3%
7453 template Remko Molier 10% Badge level for project 7453 is 10%
7454 homedash

HomeDash is a simplistic, centralized and dynamic dashboard application for your container based home network.

https://github.com/mvdkleijn/homedash MPL-2.0 Martijn 85% Badge level for project 7454 is 85%

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